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Apartment «Studia na Tavriceskoj» in Gechripsh, Abkhazia

Abkhazia, Gechripsh, Tavriceskaa ul., d. 13
Distance from centre: 2.9 km
Coordinates: 43.3922, 39.9865 Show on map


Located 30 km from Sochi, Studio Apartments at Tavricheskaya offers accommodation in Veseloye. The air-conditioned unit is 8 km from Adler. Free WiFi is available . The unit is equipped with a kitchen.

The best price in the city Gechripsh.


Studia na Tavriceskoj is located in 2.9 km from the center of Gechripsh.

Check in time: 14:00. Check out time: 09:00.

The nearest beach is Самый южный черноморский пляж России located in 1000 m

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2 guests
Children under 170+
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From seashore 1 km.

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Cafe and Restaurants near hotel

restaurant photo
Cafe (40 m, ~1 min by foot)
Phone: +7 918 165-65-40
Website: cafe-stolovay.business.site
restaurant photo
Restaurant (70 m, ~1 min by foot)
27.10.2016 Katarinn
Terrible location, not good restaurant menu. Spoils the whole image of the updated Adler.We brought spoiled meat(beef) from which stunk up the whole cafeteria. At the same time trying to disguise your jamb, all piled into the common dish and lamb skewers, and the skewers of beef and mushrooms. Although the waiter questioned us in detail what to whom. The soup in the restaurant menu for 200p is the same as the filling in the morning for 70R. Hachapuri, has the taste of overcooked oil. We refused to pay for the meat,although we tried to include in the bill)) In Europe for a school the whole receipt would be at the expense of the restaurant. Wanted to talk with the owner,but his place was not there. Although I'm sure if he was in the workplace, and the tables would be clean and the staff privetlivye and the food is delicious. Need to show sample work,their employees,as is customary in Europe. Plus the prices are, what they consist of? 1kg of shish kebab costs 3000!!! If I had to pay for anything,not that it would be a pity. And that shit brings. The cost of beef 300 well, max 500r. Cap.attachments(such as comparing the Lalune)-no-very cheap and simple. Salaries, too, penny. The maximum price of a kebab 1500P (with a premium of 200%)what to pay 3000 - is not clear. And this price in all the local "restaurants". Learn to cook meat!!!
tourist photo
29.07.2016 Diana
Vermicelli is divided into a dining room and café. As for the dining room - no complaints: Thistle 120, 50 smoothie , juice, tea,coffee 30,a huge number of the second choice,and first too. Should come with the 9-11 and 16-17 in the evening so as not to catch in long lines. The dishes are all fresh,as a huge cross. Plus more is the change in the course of the day: in the morning there is porridge,scrambled eggs, casseroles. Soups and the second is always there.

But as a cafe-there is a less pleasant impression: Julien is not like Julien,Japanese cuisine is missing, the salads were so-so,the tables next to the roadway,grill there,but on the table lay the napkin always. The kitchen in the cafe is a little expensive, the range is poor. Barbecue there is delicious,of course,and a beer. But the rest of C grade.
24.06.2016 Polina
The cafe is super! Very tasty kebab, sushi, beer, etc. In the evenings very nice to sit in a street cafe. Turn...Yes, there! but sawnee is not with other Cutlery.
tourist photo
19.06.2016 Elena
Delicious. There is a choice. At dinner-very crowded queue. The prices are moderate. Lacking a feeling of comfort. Due to the large flow of people is not that clean wiped tables.
 Not bad
tourist photo
16.05.2016 Ulyana
A great cafe. Reasonable prices. Tasty and quality food. Friendly staff. We recommend you to visit))
tourist photo
29.04.2016 Vladimir
everything is delicious ? Suggest
restaurant photo
Restaurant (90 m, ~1 min by foot)
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