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Humidity: 62 %
Pressure: 762 mm Hg
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April+17 °C+7 °C
May+23 °C+12 °C
June+29 °C+17 °C
July+31 °C+19 °C
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Hotel «Gostevoj dom "U Ruslana"» in Gagra, Abkhazia

Abkhazia, Gagra, Kolʹcevaa ulica, d. 15
Distance from centre: 2.3 km
Coordinates: 43.2679, 40.2756 Show on map


Hotel opened in 2010. In hotel 18 rooms, 4 floors.

Prices on 2018 and booking

Services and facilities

From seashore 750 m, ~11 min by foot.

Street view



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