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Wind: east, 5 m/s
Humidity: 93 %
Pressure: 761 mm Hg
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Hotel «Pansionat "Energetik"» in Gagra, Abkhazia

Abkhazia, Gagra, ulica Abazgaa, d. 50
Distance from centre: 1.6 km
Contacts: official website:
Coordinates: 43.2719, 40.2664 Show on map


This Guesthouse is located in the heart of New Gagra, in its own Park on the shore of the sea. Seasonal, from may to September.

Built: 1990

Restored: 2015

Location: 22 km from Adler city, 36 km from the international airport.

Consists of 15-storey and 3-storey buildings.

Only 630.

Beach: private pebble beach 50 m from the pension, the first coastal line. Rental of beach equipment, pleasure boats, catamarans, inflatable mattresses, shower room.

On the hotel territory: night cafe, bar, restaurant, massage, Barber, beauty shop, free Parking, Jogging track, Park with pool, Spa

Attractions: Billiards, table tennis, badminton, volleyball court, cinema, disco

The distance to the nearest airport is 36 km.

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2 guests
Children under 170+
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Services and facilities

Parking: Car parking

The hotel also has aquapark.

From seashore 50 m, ~1 min by foot. The beach is private, peeble. The hotel is located on first line from the shore.

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16.01.2017 Mihail
Sovdep in room, bar, crap, there's no beach. The only thing good is the sea, the sun, the mountains and the air is the fact that the pension is not affected.
12.11.2016 Aleksey
Put the three points only out of a sense of nostalgia for the old days. And this place and one point is not drawn, all the obvious reasons.
 Not bad
11.10.2016 Dmitriy
Complete crap. For the money it is better to rent an apartment in a mini hotel and eat in cafes. Will not return there ever! Scoop!
19.09.2016 Pavel
Want to see what is a contemporary concentration camp - welcome to energy, it applies to accommodation and catering, and the ratio of staff to guests. 1 star has to be earned, I would not give. ABKHAZIA NEVER, greedy, arrogant, lazy Abkhazians, nothing neumeyuschih and nehotyaschih to do.
18.09.2016 TsUNAMI
The horror of poisoned everywhere gnats Camara spiders Stalowa awful all protoclo.
30.08.2016 Arina
The Guesthouse is good, the atmosphere evokes good memories about the USSR
16.08.2016 Vladimir
A dump with a bucket, dirty rooms, rude and lazy staff. Lift works through time. and it is 4000 a day. Do not dwell here!!
13.08.2016 Irina
A stranger in the place not to go, had to go very far. Even the area of the waterfront is blocked. Not lived there but place of residence was not very good. Far away from the area, next only to the sleeping area.
 Not bad
15.03.2016 Adrew
I liked it. As if plunged into the past. Three. Yes, torn curtains, holes vitalty to the Palace, no TV,the bathroom with rusty pipes))).. but the sea!!! It is blue as a child! If you want air conditioning and plasma in the room, please to San Marino, but when you open the door to the balcony and see that it seems to take a step and you're in the sea, then to hell with civilization!!! In General, for ascetics, of course.. well, for the romantics))). Nostalgic for the Soviet Union.
 Not bad
12.11.2015 Rustem
Had a rest in 2013 in the pension you can rent a movie from the 80 e wasn't the furniture is very old , the hotel is constantly riding the local lads on the car look to run over and try to say that , at night, these automatic gunfire hesitated ,I do not know now but I didn't like
21.07.2015 Anna
dear guests, you go around by this hotel.The living conditions are disgusting, the rooms are not so cozy, the furniture very old, no TVs, refrigerator is noisy so not possible to sleep. From power to 5 day heartburn, all poisoned shaft.The Elevator constantly breaks down or it is simply not possible to get during peak hours ie Breakfast, lunch, dinner.For the money, complete lack of service! Of the advantages of white linen and the location of the sea and the market
19.06.2015 Milena
08.04.2015 Olesya
The overall impression of being in the Soviet Union. Furniture at least 30 years. Of the benefits only splitsistemy and the proximity of the clear sea. We rested on the 12th floor. There are no TVs in General, a refrigerator is also the Soviet era, the bathroom is big. We were sorry we gave 1,500 per day. Took a trip and in many ways cheated.
09.09.2012 MarsEl
this is the worst Guesthouse in the history of mankind
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