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Weather in Bagrypsta now

+23 °C
Wind: west, 2 m/s
Humidity: 83 %
Pressure: 761 mm Hg
Average temperatures
May+20 °C+10 °C
June+25 °C+16 °C
July+27 °C+17 °C
August+29 °C+16 °C
September+26 °C+11 °C
October+20 °C+8 °C

Hotel «Dom otdyha "Solnecnyj"» in Bagrypsta, Abkhazia

Abkhazia, Bagrypsta, poselok Bagrips, Gagrskij rajon
Distance from centre: 1.3 km

Prices on 2018 and booking


The holiday house is designed for families and groups of friends who love nature and silence. Beautiful grounds and scenery allow you to relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is recommended for clients with medium budget travelers. Area reserved for a place of rest, occupies more than 100 hectares, and a private beach 300 m is a great place for youth and family pastime. The combination of sea air and pure coniferous mountain air gives it these medicinal properties. Thanks to some distance from the city bustle where you can relax and enjoy the silence. Very close, in the city of Gagra, located market where you can buy all the necessary things and Souvenirs, shops and great entertainment venues – a Park, a restaurant and a bar, where the evenings thundering popular music. On the large adjoining territory, the river flows Baharata. The air is saturated with volatile production and strolling through the Park, tourists are never thirsty or exhausting heat. With mountainous terrain to own the Park can be accessed by equipped the tracks or on a special Elevator. In addition to forest walks for tourists are sea travel and sightseeing tours to the historical places: Gagra, Sukhum, lake Ritsa, etc.

Built: 1963

Renovated: 2007

Location: 12 km from Adler and 14 km West of the city of Gagra, on the slopes of the Gagra range in a pine forest on extensive areas in 400 m from the sea. Infrastructure in the city of Gagra city market, shops, a water Park, a promenade with cafes, bars, discos, restaurants. The centre of the town of Gagra is 14 km away.

Consists of 12-storey building.

All 450 rooms.

Total surface: 1050000 m2.

Beach: own pebble beach 400 m from the holiday home (descent by lift or on foot along the path), the second coastal line. There are cabanas, daybeds, sunshades.

On the hotel territory: dining, barbecue, bar, Luggage storage, free Parking, wi-fi for a fee

Attractions: dance floor

The distance to the nearest airport is 40 km.

Services and facilities

Activities: Swimming Pool

From seashore 400 m, ~6 min by foot. The beach is private, peeble. The hotel is located on second line from the shore.



25.08.2013 Denis
The sea is a five minute walk
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