Ehrenberg Castle in Reutte


Ehrenberg Castle
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Ehrenberg Castle is a castle located in Reutte in Tyrol, Austria.


In 2014, the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge was completed to connect the Ehrenberg Castle ruins to Fort Claudia, spanning the strategically important pass that these two structures were in part meant to guard. The length of the bridge is 1,322 feet (403 meters), with a height of 360 feet (110 meters). Tickets for access to the bridge can be bought at the Ehrenberg Castel ruin’s visitor center, or at a ticket vending machine.

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Fort Claudia (Hochschanz)Ruine EhrenbergBurgruine Ehrenberg mit SchloßkopfDer Lech bei Reutte  in TirolSegelflugzeug vor Ruine EhrenbergEhrenberg Burg-Museum Reutte Tirol ÖsterreichBurgruine EhrenbergRuine EhrenbergBlick auf Reute TirolEhrenburg, AustriaEhrenberg Castle Summer 2009Klause ArenaRuine EhrenbergEhrenberg BurgenweltMuseum shopEhrenberger KlauseFoggy Afternoon at EhrenbergEhrenberg KlauseEhrenberg BrunnenChristus am SteinBurgruine Ehrenbergстарый замокEhrenberger Klause, TiroltiroloMuseum Burg EhrenbergKlause ArenaBlick auf die GehrenspitzeZwischentorenRuine Ehrenberg bei Reutte in TirolBlick auf Ehrenberg und Schloßkopf

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29.12.2016 Radek Ulrich
There is not much to see, but still worth to visit. It is a nice place with own spirit...
06.11.2016 amit shinde
Just perfect place for 2-3 hrs, on the way to your other journey.
21.10.2016 Frank Richter
Top Location - Highline 179 is impressive - just good.
06.10.2016 Vitor Agarez
Top also just for children. It is a puzzle is sold adventure. Expensive, but suitable for the event. Physical Fitness is an advantage. The view is beautiful! Gorgeous. The suspension bridge, a second Top experience! The Ritter - Museum "to touch" is managed and, in particular, for small and big children an absolute Highlight. However, very entertaining and extremely high prices! That's why a star less in the rating.
04.10.2016 khmys lm`wly
Nice place to visit
29.08.2016 Tommaso Vitale
Beautiful day out in the trails to get to the castle at the top of the mountain and the thrill of overcoming the suspended bridge. You leave the car in the parking lot with comfortable walking shoes you can choose various goals to reach for all ages.
27.08.2016 Aleksej Meinhardt
The destination is very exciting and interesting, even for kids. I have only noticed 2 defects 1. There is no way for waste disposal 2. The only vending machine is broken. We had a GREAT trip! It was missing only at the water stations, such as, for example, a well with spring water, or the like. Many, many thanks for this great opportunity to experience Austrian Alps, and even with children. We can recommend the visit sincerely.
27.08.2016 Miki Nikki
The ruin itself is a feast to a eyes. A great Pity nothing is but what is made of it.... You could almost say, the ruin stands in the no man's land and waiting for their discovery. Meter-high weeds and wild growth everywhere, obstruct and destroy is still Preserved, Fecal droppings, no trash (in Austria, not yet been invented), and no hedging of accessible trails (watch your children!), wild XXL-prohibition signs and grit screwed on the Steep Trails make the impression that you should stay of the tourists here prefer to. On the Whole, the theme is exploited Commercially, 4€ for Parking are Ok, 5,20€ for the children of the temple, pass a joke. The large suspension bridge is right next to it, you can get over safely: 8€, for once, to run over it is a bad joke.
12.07.2016 Khalid Aldawsari
Nice place I really enjoyed it recommend to visit as well ??
25.10.2013 Ksenia
Tsarevich Aleksei 1716 hiding here. Sorry, the French destroyed...
05.10.2013 Gleb
There's a harder but much nicer trail to it that starts at a huge STRABAG sign and ends at the castle's gunpowder storage.
15.08.2013 Chris
Beautiful treasure hunt for children


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