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Apartment Ada in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia, Masarykov Put 4, Dubrovnik
Distance from centre: 2.2 km
Coordinates: 42.653, 18.0665 Show on map


Just 60 metres from the pebbly beach, Apartment Ada is located in Lapad Bay, 2 km from the UNESCO-listed Dubrovnik. Enjoying a quiet location surrounded by greenery, it offers self-catering apartment with air conditioning, a balcony and free Wi-Fi.

The cheapest price in the city Dubrovnik.


The city center is in 2.2 km from the hotel.

In rooms

The rooms of the hotel are equipped with air conditioning.

Check in time: 14:00. Check out time: 12:00.

The nearest airport to the hotel is Dubrovnik. The distance to it is 20 km

Prices on 2017 and booking

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2 guests
Children under 170+
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Services and facilities

Room: Air conditioning

From seashore 50 m, ~1 min by foot.

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Cafe and Restaurants near hotel

restaurant photo
Restaurant «Hotel Splendid» (120 m, ~2 min by foot)
Address: Masarykov put 10, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia Phone: +385 20 433 633
01.10.2016 Enrique
Ohh my god... amazing... don't have plugs... the bathroom is horrible... the shower curtains of shame... the salon or my grandmother... the dirty cups... definitely not recommended
tourist photo
16.09.2016 Herbert
For the location and the beach it would be 5 points, also the staff is knowledgeable and friendly;
BUT: our room in the 2. Floor (without Lift!) was winzigst, the Wi-Fi barely worked, a lamp was broken, the bathroom unpleasant smell came constantly
3 stars flatter, therefore, the Splendid
 Not bad
12.09.2016 Matthew
Very nice lunch. Bit expensive but to be expected from Dubrovnik old town.
21.08.2016 Borge
Good location, nice beach, a bit dated.
tourist photo
03.08.2016 Doug
12.06.2016 Jorma
I'll Tell You In Finnish.
Pretty pleased we are at this hotel.
Good Breakfast,evening food good.
Hotel civilized staff.
I can recommend
 Not bad
12.08.2014 Joe
If you have children do not stay at this hotel, it is totally in child friendly. No pool, rough surfaces, slippery concrete beach and electric sockets loose on wall. In addition out room had no bath, shower cubicle only and the child cot the hotel kindly provided was a complete death trap as the matress was to small for the cot and as such our 9 month old daughter almost suffocated.

Our room had adequate aircon but our friends and family who occupied 3 different rooms had no aircon and as such had to sleep with doors open and got eaten alive by Mosquitos.
Worse when they politely complained the reception staff were unhelpful verging on aggressive and implied it was their fault!!!'

Zero customer service skills.....

A few of the staff were friendly enough but the whole hotel is very tired and in need of a serious update.....

The food was sub standard too.

On the plus side if you are a fan of hot tub time machine and want to travel back to a hotel from the eighties then fill your boots.
Изменено: 2017-10-22 16:46