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Hotel «Patio Del Sol» in St. Jean-de-Vedas, France

France, St. Jean-de-Vedas, 875 Route de Sète Sortie 32 Autoroute A9, Saint-Jean-de-Vedas
Distance from centre: 1.8 km
Contacts: Phone: +33 4 67 42 74 03 official website:
Coordinates: 43.5758, 3.84867 Show on map


Check in time: 15:00. Check out time: 11:00.

Hotel opened in 1975, renovated in 2005. In hotel 44 rooms, 2 floors.

Services and facilities

General: 24h. Reception, Restaurant, Bar
Services: Business center, Laundry service, Concierge

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14.10.2016 WILLENER
We spent good times in this hotel perfect home rooms are nice all with a personal touch we think of elsewhere to go back.
19.08.2016 Barta
Hotel to flee ! !!
We went there with children, the rooms are dirty, the bathroom is blocked by the hair, in the toilet there was no paper and mégos were present.
The photos are great of course, but just in the brochure.
The pool was disgusting.
The staff completely absent, especially with people who are very noisy.
The ultimate women of the household who dare to come at 7: 30 a.m. fortunately we had left the key on the door.
We paid a room pretty expensive and it comes to see you 3 times to ask you to vacate the room I've ever seen her.especially at the reception we were told to vacate the room by 12 noon.
Brief to finish we were devoured by mosquitoes and not talking about bed bugs.

Especially go your way !
23.05.2016 Romain
Hotel shabby state of the room said, like the maintenance of the exterior deserves no stars just the closure. C is shameful to hold an establishment as his
20.09.2015 sandrine
Room more than used, we are given a non-smoking room and when we came back inside smells smoky and musty. Hotel with swimming pool, you can swim, but be careful, you're not alone, frogs and tadpoles will be your hosts, pool green as possible, and the owner dares to tell you, if you want to swim it is up to 23h!!! it is 17: 30 one to thirst, I'm looking for 2 coke (in cans) 5.80€ the two!!!!!!!! pure flying!! I'm not talking about the lunch that was the worst 10€/person and crap to eat that I do not give, not even to animals!! Milk chocolate??? not a dye the color of chocolate in the water! a shame to pay such rates. For us this hotel will not stay open!! having regard to the maintenance, the price and the food ècoeurante!! do book definitely not here. HAS TO FLEE!!!!
14.07.2015 Dany
Saturday, July 11 2015, (2nd room) day of wedding of my brother-in-law and my sister-in-law, not better than the wedding below, frankly, if you want a marriage decayed, missed, disgusting, don't hesitate for a single second this is the place for you, but if you want to succeed then past your way there was not even a finger of feet !!!!!! But what do the hygiene controls ??????
For me not even a star !!!!!! and I haven't talked about the rooms !!!!!
I propose to honeymooners room 1 contact us.
13.07.2015 emilie
Saturday 11 July 2015.arrival at the hotel, who at first seems sympathetic.arrival in the rooms, big back to reality.canvas d spider on the wall and in the bathroom,mold,hole in the wall,stain on the was decided to make dead end and are we going to swim in a swimming wife appears to be relaxing bath hair green !!!!!! the next day the alarm alarming:my son, my wife and myself we find ourselves infested bite of bed bug ,not to speak of the feast offered to the mosquito!!! is not the patio del sol but del patio filthy !!!! for services extremely expensive for a slum to type!!!
12.07.2015 Thomas
Saturday 11 July 2015, the day of the wedding was supposed to be an unforgettable day became a day of nightmare for my sister, my brother-in-law and the guests. We had a meal that even the pigs are not ready-to-eat : three leaves of salad with a small piece of foie gras that had a taste for the fish, a gizzard in the middle of the plate. For the rest, a kind of roast (called a filet of beef) that cannot be cut, and a presentation to be ineligible. A cake that looked like everything (except a cake), sprouts akin to cardboard, and empty. But the bouquet, it is the children's meal : two sausage patties out of date with 1/2 slice of ham reconstituted. For the flat, 7 fries total on the plate, a nugget grey and a burger the size of a small palace breton, which I think would have had better taste. In the end, a meal which cost extremely expensive for the newlyweds; and for children, we have been forced to go out and buy on the outside, and I'm not even talking about the hygiene of the service. We shall be lucky if we do not have grabbed a dirt. Notice to customers : to change your booking to marriage because you will certainly be the same memory as we. Positive Point : the aperitif and petit fours made by a friend who saved our meal.
01.07.2015 Matt
These people are dishonest, and have tried to inflate the prices advertised once on the spot to pay the deposit ... result they made me lose valuable time in the search for hiring a room for 40 people...
They are two and return the ball on the pretext that it is neither the one nor the other, who is in charge and remained completely bleary-eyed in front of the indignation which I share.
I have never seen traders as outrageous in their way of dealing with the customer...

In short, it is a case that will not last long since their way of managing the business ... and it will be a good thing for all the people who will not have to undergo a negotiation with a salesman ...

Spend really your way ... you'll save time ..
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