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Bed & Breakfast «Champs Elysees Deluxe Rooftop Nest» in Paris, France

France, 4 Rue Marbeuf, Paris
Distance from centre: 3.2 km
Coordinates: 48.867, 2.30173 Show on map


Champs Elysées Deluxe Rooftop Nest offers accommodation in Paris, 900 metres from Arc de Triomphe and 1.1 km from Eiffel Tower. The unit is 1.8 km from Orsay Museum. Free WiFi is offered throughout the property.

The best price in the city Paris.


There is Triumphal Arch in 940 m, ~14 min by foot from the hotel. Champs Elysees Deluxe Rooftop Nest is located in 3.2 km from the center of Paris.

Near the hotel there are: Triumphal Arch, Eiffel Tower, Cabinet Dentaire Elysées Berri - Dr Sion Cohen.

Check in time: 14:00. Check out time: 12:00.

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2 guests
Children under 170+
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Cafe and Restaurants near hotel

Restaurant «La Fermette Marbeuf» (60 m, ~1 min by foot)
Address: 5 Rue Marbeuf, 75008 Paris, France Phone: +33 1 53 23 08 00
Website: www.fermettemarbeuf.com/?_ga=1.151342457.1348157694.1441617329
01.03.2016 lucke6556@gmail.com
Simply shameful!
28.01.2016 Herve-Pierre
Quality of the reception and of the unique place .meal very correct without extravagance but price adjusted. I will return with pleasure .
07.01.2016 Margaret
Delicious food - truffle and pomme puree cannot be beaten! The souffle and the steak were also big hits. My favourite part, however, was the decor. You feel like you are in an early 20th century French painting with the beautiful green stained glass and wood panelling. Such a great experience.
01.01.2016 Ivan
All very tasty, the service level. Before entering private chick fountain for dogs, so they could drink. Not much choice of dishes
30.11.2015 Guillaume
After considering different locations, I have to say that we are delighted with our choice, we have done the last week of our wedding reception.

The staff was very friendly, helpful, and very patient.
They have accepted to organise the room according to our specific expectations.

The meal was good, and the decorations particular lent itself perfectly to the event.
All the guests were conquered also, we small fry all a very good memory.

Their rates were more than reasonable for the quality of the service provided and although some guests have cancelled following the events of recent, they have revalued the note, which is rare when group booking.

I highly recommend, and thank you again to all the team !
Restaurant «Le Relais de l'Entrecôte» (160 m, ~2 min by foot)
Address: 15 Rue Marbeuf, 75008 Paris, France Phone: +33 1 49 52 07 17
Website: www.relaisentrecote.fr
23.02.2016 gimnamyeong
In Paris, best to find the least tourist destination to avoid! One to take a tour and don't matter, but if you go to the My offers is low. To you,a delicious steak de and. ^^
La plage
19 old neighbourhood located around a shabby dining room, but the bed is very hard for the steak offer
41 Quai de l Oise, 75019 Paris

•Entrecôte(250g/400g): 1 400 gram steak is recommended!
•Belle côte de boeuf(1kg200): 2 servings of steak, as the two went let!
•Magret de canard: duck steak
Tip: the steak to taste the meat that top restaurants as bake to. French is saignant accident just!.
20.02.2016 Aysun

An old parisian restaurant that owns his fame only to the touristic guides.... The POOREST service I have ever recieved. As a parisian I will NEVER EVER go back there again. I felt like in a refectory with waitresses who have nothing to do with the nice and smiling ones advertised.

Just because there are always 40-50 people waiting outside doesn't give you the right to treat us like animals. Being welcome in a restaurant means being greeted and given information when asked. But in le Relais de l'Entrecote the only greeting you receive is a waitress yelling the number of people she can get in, not even a bonsoir. When you ask for a clean plate the waitress coldly refuses ( a clean plate only!!!???). The food? well, you can definitely get better in an old parisian brasserie. The sauce is greasy, the meet is so thin and if you dare asking for a little more vinaigrette in your salad, the only response you get is "there is already enough in it, it is homemade madame!"

The place is OVER NOISY, the tables are so close to each other I could hear people chewing they're meet (because table is money, you know!), The big blond waitress is probably the one noted as "the german rude" one in some other reviews.

So you made me live the most shameful moments in my life with my foreigner friends who will keep this as the last memory of there parisian week... I don't even eat meet and came with them just because they had heard about the "great Relais de l'Entrecote". I wouldn't recommand this place even if you are starving. There are tons of other restaurant when you can eat entrecote without being afraid...

17.02.2016 Jef
Huge cock, no reservation possible, but the sirloin steak is divine ! And fortunately, because it is the only dish served.

You want a sirloin steak, this is the place to be !
03.02.2016 ganghada
Manual one but as per the stake 26 Euros and a drink for 5-6 Euro. Steak and potato that was once a refill.
The taste is popular, the service is important, price is average I think. I need to go where.
 Not bad
30.11.2015 Szeki
I am very disappointed with the restaurant. There were many people waiting outside but people arrived after us could get a table before us. When we want to take photos of the restaurant, the waitress told us to delete the photos and she said we couldn't take photos of the staff-_-(we are just taking photos of the restaurant but not the staff)The is no menu because the only main course is steak. The steak is so so and it is overcooked. The portion of steak and fries were really small but they cost 26euro! It is totally not worthy to have steak and fries with 26 euro. I have eaten steaks that are better than this restaurant with a much lower price. Besides, when we want to order dessert and told the waitress to give dessert menu to us, she gave the bill to us...then we saw the steak cost 26euro so we gave up to order desserts. This restaurant is completely not worthy to try.
Maison Blanche Restaurant (180 m, ~3 min by foot)
Address: 15 Avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris, France Phone: +33 1 47 23 55 99
Website: www.maison-blanche.fr/fr/index.html
14.03.2016 Marina
we dined on Saturday and have felt a sense of frustation....! amount very minimal and restricted disproportionate price !!... prices that are too exaggerated, really it is abused, the scallops on celeriac not the best taste to get a feel for the flavor of the st jacques !! when the mouse of lamb with three grains, but it really is ridiculous and borderline disgusting !!!
yes, of course, the welcome is perfect and the service also, when the context clearly quite remarkable .
13.03.2016 Nathalie

What a great disappointment as this dinner would have had to stay unforgettable!!!!
Put it in your mouth quite means, Entries that are served warm for soups, dishes served cold and returned to the kitchen, wine is not terrible, service is deplorable !!! Waiting, error in dishes,...
Really I am very disappointed and I am very unhappy.
28.10.2015 Thomas
A simple menu which lack nevertheless of variety.
Service at the top (it was on a terrace, sun in the eyes while they brought us glasses of sun)

Breathtaking view on the Eiffel Tower !

16.08.2015 jean-marie
We took the menu Degustation and were not disappointed. The price is high, but the quality is at the rendezvous. We loved every dish served and the staff was very caring with us.
It is a restaurant that I would recommend for celebrating special occasions. Ask to be placed on the terrace to enjoy the beautiful view of Paris.
22.02.2015 Morgan
You don't go to the White House by chance. I went there on 2 occasions to celebrate great moments of my life in a small committee.

The Maison Blanche restaurant enjoys an exceptional location at 2 steps from the Champs-Elysees with a magnificent view over Paris.

In the evening, several menus are proposed : a la carte, tasting menu at 120€ for 6 dishes and 145€ for 7 courses (without the wine) and a Gourmet menu of 3 courses at€ 69 (without the wine)

The frame is majestic even if it's regrettable that a majority of large tables of business. Fortunately, this is compensated by 2 parts : the one close to the front with the splendid view to the small tables and the back of the restaurant and the mezzanine for diners business.

We share a great tasting of dishes superbly crafted with beautiful products and very well presented. The service is very attentive, it is, in a large restaurant.

We have tested, among others :
- Gravlax of Scottish salmon in hot and cold quinoa flavored with dill
- Terrine of foie gras of duck, fondant quince in syrup saffron
- Cream of pumpkin, French toast with forest mushrooms, lard of Colonnata
- Fillets of sea bream in bread crust, hazelnut, buttered sprouts, gnocchi with chestnuts
- Filet of beef Black Angus, crispy potatoes with porcini mushrooms
- Biscuit hot chocolate " Araguani ", vanilla whipped cream, ice Caramel

We relish in a framework that throws. A book of exceptional moments.
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