Palais des Papes in Avignon


Palais des Papes
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This was the home of the Catholic pope from 1309, when Avignon became the residence of the Popes when the Gascon Bertrand de Goth, as Pope Clement V, unwilling to face the violent chaos of Rome after his election (1305), moved the Papal Curia to Avignon. The papacy moved back to Rome in 1377, and this became the subsequent seat of antipopes during the Schism (known as the Western Schism or Great Schism).

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14.01.2017 Kelsey Luu
A historic must see when you are in Avignon. Make sure to take your time to walk the hill to get a panoramic view of Avignon and the surrounding country. Very beautiful and pleasant view. Might not be good for children because of a lot of walking up and down.
07.01.2017 Franklin Miranda
The outside alone is well worth the photo op. A MUST VISIT. Especially for catholics. I not religious and I dont care too much castles when I have seen others in europe that really impress.
29.12.2016 Paul Hemmelhemstead
Beautiful place. Very grande palace. Well worth a visit. The audio guide was useful too although most of the signage contains English.
06.12.2016 Sergey Prokopenko
Very recommend taking the audio guide (it is in Russian). Excellent exposition of the chronology, history and details of the life of the Avignon popes.
25.11.2016 E.
Great visit. Get the audio guide, worth the 2 Euros!
14.11.2016 Aida Toporek
Interesting and beautiful place to visit. Amazing views from the terrace near the coffee shop.
22.09.2016 Olga Perepelitsa
Awesome place. Although after the revolution left only the walls, but with a wonderful audio guide and multimedia the Palace come to life before your eyes
17.09.2016 erick schneider
Great spot, fewer people early in the morning. Inner courtyards are lovely. We took a stroller but checked it at the entrance, easier to walk around that way. Write-ups in English.
23.08.2016 J
It's impressive and huge but visit gets a bit boring as interiors are mostly empty.
07.08.2016 Robertao
Church cisma in XIII
10.07.2016 Denis
It is a part, being at avignon, have to visit.
09.07.2016 Sergii Nykonenko
Impressive! The Palace is huge!
11.06.2016 James
Well worth the ticket price.
07.06.2016 Larisa Zobneva
Very interesting. There is an audio guide in Russian
08.04.2016 pedro
Large the way they pitch is different and they connect to the ladder-like stairs were an interesting building. The medieval grandeur of the and depression at the same time felt.
08.03.2016 carolinec
The audioguide is pretty grim. If you take it, go on the main tracks (such as 3, 8, 16) and prefer the tracks annexes (3 digits), less annoying
01.02.2016 Ora
Architecture and numerous history
31.12.2015 Rasha
It's a very nice historical site but nothing to compare to the Vatican. You must take an audio guide and watch different videos.
06.12.2015 Oceane
Christmas and day telethon. Very beautiful palace and decoration. In the city centre.
30.08.2015 Alexandre
Main landmark and attraction in Avignon
15.08.2015 Max
Beautiful historical place to visit without hesitation.
04.08.2015 Murad
Amazing...imposing structure which makes you shudder...a must see
26.07.2015 Maureen
Unesco site; world's largest Gothic palace.
02.07.2015 Helena
Amazing place to be!! ?
25.05.2015 Pelin
magnisificant building but I had more expectations of the inside.
11.05.2015 Marina
Wonderful place to visit, even if you're not religious. If you are visiting during the summer, DO NOT MISS the spetacle "les luminessences". Most beautiful and impressive thing I've ever seen
26.04.2015 Wouter
The halls are empty, unfurnished and most frescos are faded away. Still, the building itself is impressive.
06.04.2015 Aniol
A fortress with a construction which is rather strange. The museum is well worth it.
12.03.2015 Sergio
Mandatory visit. The beautiful history of the popes in his passage through Avignon. Worth getting the audio guide.
20.01.2015 Yana
Very interesting historical place
18.01.2015 Grazyna
Impressive. You will understand once you are there. Worth a visit.
01.12.2014 Ze Renato
The papacy in France.
31.10.2014 Emmanuel
Make a turn around too the small place behing and the cinema La Manutention are very nice
31.10.2014 Emmanuel
A visit yes, but also do the trick
24.09.2014 Nick
ausblick vom turm über avignon ist klasse / allround view from the tower over avignon is great
24.09.2014 Thom
It's difficult to get across quite how huge this place is. Its halls are vast. Follow the signs to the 'cafe and panoramic view' to get some great photos of the area.
10.09.2014 Fred
go all the way to the top for fantastic views of the Rhone River and the famous bridge
08.09.2014 Alfons
Very well preserved place to be!
28.08.2014 Lena
This is certainly not the Vatican with its villages of Raphael. Inside the watch is almost nothing. The cost of entry much too high for this state of the world heritage site.
11.08.2014 Laura
Skip the extremely long row by booking online. Don't forget dress fresh and carry a pai-pai; it's very hot inside in the summer
05.05.2014 Mariela
Magnificent place!!! I am speechless! :)
15.03.2014 Gxg
Nice view from the tower
03.01.2014 Oleg Rudakov
Beautiful place. If you find yourself in the middle ages. If you take the audio guide, you will learn many interesting about the history of the Palace and the personalities who lived in the buildings. Attraction #1 in Avignon!
19.09.2013 Panyukhina
Impressive size of the Palace, especially at night!
09.09.2013 Yoann
Show luminessences beautiful !
30.06.2013 Hugo
Learn all about Catholics killing each other.
20.06.2013 Maxim
The papal Palace is the largest in the world monument of medieval Gothic.
10.05.2013 Petya
It's worth seeing it if you have enough time but still think that the gardens are much more beautiful and you can stay 2 hours there instead :)
26.02.2013 European Parliament
The natural focal point of the Avignon Capital of Culture festivities in 2001, as the stage for the Avignon theatre festival - and of Avignon reaffirming itself as the World Theatre Capital.
30.08.2012 Natalia
Beautiful view from Palais des Papes! Avignon in December 2011


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