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Berlin Apartment 7 in Berlin, Germany

Germany, Berlin, Torstra e 25
Distance from centre: 900 m, ~14 min by foot
Coordinates: 52.5281, 13.413 Show on map


This is one of the cheapest hotel in the city Berlin.


The tourists like the center of the city. Cathedral is located in 1.3 km from the hotel. The places of interest are located nearby, which is very convenient if you plan to walk around the city.

Near the hotel there are: Cathedral, Heilig-Geist-Kapelle i.d. Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fakultät der Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Every Nation Kirche Berlin.

Check in time: 14:00. Check out time: 12:00.

The nearest beach is Big Kahuna Island located in 2.2 km

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2 guests
Children under 170+
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Cafe and Restaurants near hotel

Cafe (240 m, ~4 min by foot)
Nocti Vagus - Dunkelrestaurant (250 m, ~4 min by foot)
Address: Saarbrücker Str. 36, 10405 Berlin, Germany Phone: +49 30 74749123
 Not bad
26.01.2016 David
Superb experience.
08.01.2016 Thangaaaaaa
The only Good thing was Moni, our waitress, and the atmosphere of the darkness. However, overall, we are mightily disappointed and to criticize very much!!!!!!!
118€ for two people are actually justifiable, but not for this Mini portions!! It was really, really, very little!!!! The flavor is Ok, but from all not much! To ensure that there was not much, we had to wait extremely long, so to us, the darkness made sometime very sleepy!!! The Program was initially really exciting, but very in the length, so that hardly any voltage left.

The sharpest but at the time of payment!!!! 1.5€ wardrobe is a better in the Restaurant!!!! Then after Pay for the meal, and, in addition, the expensive drinks, the cashier woman was very surly to the guests, because everyone was about 3/4€ tip, the other, they pointed even that you'd like to have drinking money for the operation!! Outrageously high ten! I'm sorry, we're really disappointed, although it all started well.. but here we go!
31.12.2015 Daniel
Today we were in the Nocti Vagus, and it is definitely an experience, that's for sure.
In a Restaurant,€ 1.50 per Person for the dressing room I was still not removed. 6€for four people.
The food tasted good, but was very very little and the quality is certainly not a half of the rich price value. A part of the side dishes (Potato with cheese) was already quite dry. Was probably, hopefully, just been too long under the heat lamp. The Macadamiaeis tasted of nothing, if not a little bit of chocolate and grilled plum would have been. I had seen the food like in the light, but I probably would give then not even a star. The prices for the drinks to come. 4,10€ for half a Liter beer, which had more of a flower.
The operation, Monika, was very nice and did her best and has my respect.
The musical accompaniment for the Romantic evening was only given about half of the Evening, and not quite to my taste. But tastes obviously differ.
The waiting time between the three courses was a little long, which I don't want to complain but really.
As we went, came the Please that how can give some tips if we liked the Service of the operation. You would get this then. A bit brash I think. I like to give a tip, but not according to a kind of prompt. Sorry!
As already said, it's not even an experience, but the price is not justified, in my opinion.
 Not bad
27.12.2015 Andy
Impressive, what the blind waiters in the Nocti Vagus.
It was an exciting experience, which was rounded off by good food and a really fun Show (Horrorshow). Logistically, sure to be a masterpiece.
An experience that we can recommend in any case.
A special thanks goes to Thomas, who looked after us really nurturing.

The Only thing that we can no longer complain that the food came so hot to us. Thomas explained to us that it is purely organizationally more complex, until the blind waiter, a food to the table.

We will come back!
26.12.2015 Linus
We are very disappointed. After a friendly welcome with a soup as a first course, we should for the wardrobe (at a total price of 165,-€ for 2 people with drinks) is€ 1.50 per Person. One of our four glasses was at the top of the edge of a big jump. That could've been painful. The salad as the first dark food tasted quite good - far from it, but nothing Special. To my surprise the main course was almost cold and it contained mainly zadderiges, easy-to-traniges and fat meat of the explanation of the waiter, according to a flank steak, but made up of several pieces of meat stock, a little Humus and zerkochtes vegetables. Our dessert of the two we tasted good. In between courses quite much time passed. The real Disaster, however, came only now. The so-called horror dinner, we were actually the Detective radio drama, because, contained as good as no action. In two sentences at the beginning about 40 Min followed. Shouts, vaguely luminous apparitions, scary sounds, and Abgrabbeln, similar to the Experience in a Ghost train. Too bad! We saw here ten years ago, a wonderful evening, we would like to have linked. The Load is slid in the level, unfortunately.
02.11.2015 Mathias
We have enjoyed a Mystery Dinner. The atmosphere was very relaxed and even funny. All the guests had fun. At the entrance you will be greeted warmly and hangs his coat in the free cloakroom. Then you choose a Menu and the first drinks. Then the greeting from the kitchen and the first impression of the food. The operation led to a then to the basement and handed over to us in the dark lock to our blind waiter, Wolfgang. This was friendly and immediately a great praise. The aisles were nice and fast. But we were always asked to the next gear. It is unusual to find in the absolute darkness. After a little stay, the works, but already very good and it even comes completely without fingers and uses Cutlery normally. After the meal, the Show followed. Two performers played by 4 people, as far as we could, and moved to sound in the room. Full of atmosphere, subtle lighting accents to underline the atmosphere. The whole was a very successful evening. We can highly recommend the Event and will definitely be back.
04.04.2012 A Google User
We had dinner at the Nocti Vagus restaurant last Saturday and expected a special experience. Unfortunately, a number of guests were unpleasantly loud, which created a tense atmosphere. The food was good, but not extremely special. Our waiter was a very friendly guy, Andreas. We decided to leave before the evening show started, after about 90 minutes in the dark. I commented to the owner (?) that we disliked the atmosphere and indicated that I decided not to tip. I was once more unpleasantly surprised when I found out afterwards that my credit card was billed for 10 Euros more than the price of the diner... At 154 Euro for two people, including drinks, I can't say it felt like good value for money. Maybe weekdays are better?
Restaurant «Fleischerei Berlin» (260 m, ~4 min by foot)
Address: Schönhauser Allee 8, 10119 Berlin, Germany Phone: +49 30 50182117
16.03.2016 Wolfgang
Doesn't look great from the outside but offers great tasting German food. Had Königsberger Klopse here once and they really tasted like my mom made them!
01.02.2016 Julika
The food is great! The fillet steak was really good and what restaurants often lack are well seasoned side dishes, and even those were super tasty.
I'm definitely coming again.
28.11.2015 Chiara
Nice and warm environment. Service is nice and friendly. Many good Austrian wines. Expensive to be Berlin :)
 Not bad
16.11.2015 Ash
Pleasant German style cafe with a set lunch menu, the website recommends booking in advanced however I've always found the place to have an available table. Meals are reasonably priced and situated between RosaLuxemburg and Senefelderplatz.
 Not bad
13.11.2015 Maria
I went with a friend for dinner last week and we had Caesar salad, Beetroot salad with goat cheese and steaks. The Caesar salad was nothing special, the beetroot salad was really amazing but we were waiting for a long time for our steaks even that the restaurant was not full. Also our steaks were not medium - rare as we asked but they were well done. We were really hungry to send them back and wait for new ones. Our waitress though was really nice and friendly. We were expecting more for these prices.
 Not bad
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