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Bed & Breakfast «DOMUS MEMINI PALAZZO MARIGLIANO» in Naples, Italy

Italy, Naples, Via San Biagio Dei Librai 39
Distance from centre: 2 km
Coordinates: 40.8496, 14.2587 Show on map


This is one of the cheapest hotel in the city Naples.


San Lorenzo Maggiore is located in 150 m, ~2 min by foot from the hotel. DOMUS MEMINI PALAZZO MARIGLIANO is located in 2 km from the center of Naples.

Near the hotel there are: San Lorenzo Maggiore, Naples Cathedral, Cappella Sansevero.

Check in time: 12:00. Check out time: 08:00.

The nearest beach is Lido mappatella located in 3.1 km

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2 guests
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From seashore 650 m, ~10 min by foot.

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Cafe and Restaurants near hotel

restaurant photo
Restaurant (110 m, ~2 min by foot)
restaurant photo
Restaurant (120 m, ~2 min by foot)
restaurant photo
Restaurant «Pizzeria Di Matteo» (190 m, ~3 min by foot)
Address: Via dei Tribunali, 94, 80138 Napoli, Italy Phone: +39 081 455262
tourist photo
15.03.2017 Pedro
Full disclosure: I didn't tried the pizza. Stopped by this place at night after great reviews in a Guardian article as well as tripadvisor. I was on the go and really just wanted to try some of the street food fries they had there in front of the pizzaria. I had the worst service of my life. The guy ignored me for a long while even after I tried the "excuse me" in english and a few italian words "escuse", "prego" and whatever I remind to be polite. It took an older employer inside to point to me.. then after no effort whatsoever to try to explain me anything, i had to make my order by pointing into the things. Awful and completely arrogant attitude as I never experienced before. In top of that, don't be mislead by the advertising (again, didnt tried the pizza) but everything I had was basically fried food anyone can do at home by trowing things at oil. Not even worth the cheap price they sell it and I honestly have eaten much better fried food in Indian dumps. Never again and I'm so gutted with the service to the point of writing a review. Watch the space - not stoping here!
tourist photo
12.03.2017 Shone
I love this place the pizza is very tasty..thanks to matteo the pizza is very cheap and panzarotti is very tasty the service is very slowly but the food is awesome it is located near our house in Vico giganti.
tourist photo
20.02.2017 Justine
I tried so many pizza in Napoli, but the one i ate at Matteo's restaurant was the best one i had in my entire life ! sooo good
tourist photo
14.01.2017 Matt
Amazing pizza even for Naples, which is saying a lot. 2 levels with one for ordering to go and the second to sit. Try the fried pizza, if you survive the pending coronary attack, you can thank me later ;)
tourist photo
26.07.2016 Aditya
This place serves one of the best pizzas I've had. Located in the heart of pizza lane, the place doesn't look fancy, but the quality of the food is amazing.
The price is so cheap as well, 2 pizzas, starters and a bottle of wine for €20.
The staff are great and service is quick. Most speak enough English to be able to have a chat.
Highly recommended this place, since it doesn't get as busy as some of the other pizza joints.
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