Weather in Naples now

+23 °C
Wind: north-west, 2 m/s
Humidity: 41 %
Pressure: 763 mm Hg
Average temperatures
April+22 °C+16 °C
May+25 °C+20 °C
June+30 °C+25 °C
July+34 °C+29 °C
August+33 °C+29 °C
September+29 °C+24 °C

Temples of Naples

San Domenico Maggiore
San Domenico Maggiore is a church in Naples, southern Italy, founded by the friars of the Dominican Order, located in the square with the same name. The square is bordered by a street/alleyway popularly called "Spaccanapoli" (presently labeled via Benedetto Croce at this particular section of its...
Santissima Annunziata Maggiore
The Santissima Annunziata Maggiore is a basilica church located in the quartieri Pendino near Forcella, in the historic center of Naples, Italy.
San Lorenzo Maggiore
San Lorenzo Maggiore is a church in Naples, Italy. It is located at the precise geographic center of the historic center of the ancient Greek-Roman city, at the intersection of via San Gregorio Armeno and via dei Tribunali. The name "San Lorenzo" may also refer to the new museum now opened on the...
Santa Chiara
Santa Chiara is a religious complex in Naples, Italy, that includes the Church of Santa Chiara, a monastery, tombs and an archeological museum. The Basilica church of Santa Chiara faces Via Benedetto Croce, which is the easternmost leg of Via Spaccanapoli. The church facade of Santa Chiara is...
Cappella Sansevero
The Cappella Sansevero (also known as the Capella Sansevero de' Sangri or Pietatella) is a chapel located on Via Francesco de Sanctis 19, just northwest of the church of San Domenico Maggiore, in the historic center of Naples, Italy. The chapel is more properly named the Chapel of Santa Maria della...
Naples Cathedral
Naples Cathedral (Italian: Duomo di Napoli, Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta or Cattedrale di San Gennaro) is a Roman Catholic cathedral, the main church of Naples, southern Italy, and the seat of the Archbishop of Naples. It is widely known as the Cattedrale di San Gennaro, in honour of Saint...