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Bed & Breakfast «Gromada» in Olsztyn, Poland

Poland, Pl. Konstytucji 3-Go Maja 4, 10-589 Olsztyn, Gietrzwald
Distance from centre: 500 m, ~8 min by foot
Contacts: Phone: +48 89 534 58 64 official website:
Coordinates: 53.7842, 20.4961 Show on map


The cheapest price in the city Olsztyn.


This is the favorite part of the city Olsztyn among our guests, according to independent reviews of Booking. There is Parafia Chrystusa Króla in 810 m, ~12 min by foot from the hotel. The most interesting sights are located within walking distance, which is very convenient if you are going to walk here.

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Near the hotel there are: Parafia Chrystusa Króla, Parafia Prawosławna, Parafia Św. Józefa.

Check in time: 14:00. Check out time: 12:00.

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Services and facilities

Parking: Car parking
General: 24h. Reception, Restaurant, Bar
Room: TV

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12.05.2015 Mr.
To assess this, we first need to call, and with this problem, failure.
01.07.2013 Magdalena
I just recommend this Hotel.
I all liked it very much of good service, good food and room decor .
28.06.2013 Jarus
Everything is beautiful, clean, the service is very good, the food is very good. With a clear conscience recommend this hotel :)
26.11.2012 Grzegorz
The hotel is super. One of the nicest in Olsztyn. Only, apparently, has until February 2013 - th may to sell it and die
25.09.2012 Jakub
Lovely hotel. I spent the weekend, and I am very happy. The food is very tasty, service good, room good, also I strongly recommend all, of course, I'll go back there.
14.09.2012 Beata
I would highly recommend this hotel!The place is quiet, the interior is gorgeous, the food is very tasty and, in addition, the service is very professional. Ladies at the front Desk was very helpful. One word rewelaca. Of course, I'll be back there.
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Cafe and Restaurants near hotel

Restaurant «Restauracja McDonald's» (240 m, ~4 min by foot)
Address: B, Lubelska 10, 10-404 Olsztyn, Poland Phone: +48 694 496 055
Website: www.mcdonalds.pl
Restaurant «Pod Żaglami» (260 m, ~4 min by foot)
Address: Marii Zientary-Malewskiej 20, 11-041 Olsztyn, Poland Phone: +48 89 526 97 93
Website: www.podzaglami.pl
29.01.2016 Dariusz
Defeat! Never again! To get around in a large arc!
14.06.2014 Piotr
Below is the description of one of them had something to do with this restaurant, and it's true.


While traveling on weekends to different parts of Poland like to look in places serving local or after the revolutions of Magda Gessler. Being in Hawaii, we decided to visit the restaurant Maritime and taste the local fish soup. A bit difficult to find this place, when all will, only the appearance does not encourage visitors - Buda covered sidingiem is reminiscent of the hardware store, not a fancy restaurant. But in search of taste I are ready for more.

The restaurant lasts party, so service not interested other guests. Not zrażamy. After some time we get bored waitress and casually gives us maps. On the question of what fresh fish is all also the Baltic cod. The answer surprised cod is not caught in July and August! Finally, we ordered a fish soup with cod and pike-perch in mushroom sauce. Fish soup, which appeared on the table in 25 minutes (sic!) it is on the walls with cream, koprem and fried pieces of fish of unknown origin. Without taste, flavor, gross. We turned her down, she was niejadalna. The fish is obviously frozen looked like a Panga from the supermarket. Something terrible. Very hungry and disappointed we left the room, paying for lunch as for bread.

I do not recommend!
Restaurant «Krys-Stan» (300 m, ~4 min by foot)
Address: Marii Zientary-Malewskiej 2A, 11-041 Olsztyn, Poland Phone: +48 89 526 94 67
Website: www.krys-stan.com.pl
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