Cape Tarkhankut in Mayak


Cape Tarkhankut
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Cape Tarkhankut is a south-western cape of the Tarkhankut Peninsula, Crimea.

The Tarkhankut lighthouse is located on the cape.

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buildbuild3031DSC_4180Cape Tarkhankut - photo 6Cape Tarkhankut - photo 7Cape Tarkhankut - photo 8Ligthouse in OlenevkaTarhankut lighthouseОленёвка. Маяк-молния 2Оленёвка. Маяк-молнияОленёвка. Маяк-молния ч-бCape Tarkhankut - photo 14Cape Tarkhankut - photo 15Cape Tarkhankut - photo 16Cape Tarkhankut - photo 17Cape Tarkhankut - photo 18Cape Tarkhankut - photo 19Cape Tarkhankut - photo 20IMG_3864Cape Tarkhankut - photo 2225Берега ТарханкутаCape Tarkhankut - photo 25Cape Tarkhankut - photo 2632IMG_3861IMG_3862***

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