Excursions in Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad City Tour
The 4-hour tour includes a visit to the Cathedral, symbol of Kaliningrad and a chance to see the tomb of Immanuel Kant, the city’s most famous former resident. Our private guide will take you to the remains of the city walls and stop to look at some of the surviving gates. Then you may choose between visiting the Amber Museum, which introduces its visitors to the Baltic “gold” – amber, or one of the objects of the Museum of the World Ocean: King's Gate, Friedrichsburg Gate, Space Communications Ship...
4 hours, private
The Curonian Spit Tour
The Curonian Spit is rightfully considered to be one of the most unique places in Europe because it is the only reserve that features different biomes or natural landscapes all in the same place. It is a narrow sand dune spit, which stretches along the Baltic Sea all the way from Kaliningrad in Russia to Lithuania’s Klaipeda.The striking biodiversity is presented on a narrow strip of land (3.8 kilometers in the widest place and only 400 meters in the narrowest spot), however, the spit is 98 kilometers...
6 hours, private
По Калининграду и области
Друзья,имею возможность предложить вам индивидуальные и групповые экскурсии по Калининградской области и за её пределами.К сожалению большинство коллег ограничиваются тематикой Калининград и морское направление т.е Балтийск,Янтарный,Светлогорск,Зеленоградск,Куршская коса .На самом деле есть очень много достойных памятников истории,замков и просто интересных в плане краеведения мест не на морском направлении,не стану перечислять,т.к. это не имеет смысла, Вашу программу разработаем исходя из Ваших...
Kaliningrad city tour by passionate local
 I will be really glad to meet you in the airport and help to commute from airport to your hotel. Moreover, as an easygoing guide with a good command of English I suggest you a full-day tour of walking and visiting the most fascinating and breathtaking sights of Kaliningrad. I will give you the best recommendations of places to have lunch or coffee break in. Visit the city of Kaliningrad which is a perfect combination of stunning landscapes, sandy beaches with seagulls of the Baltic Sea and musicals...
6 hours, private
Amber Mine Tour
Yantarny is a small village in the Kaliningrad region, which is very important to the local economy because it is the centre of the world’s amber production. On this amazing 5 hour tour, our private guide will take you by car to several viewpoints of two open-caste mines, both of which actively produce amber. The factory visit will show you how raw material is polished, shaped and prepared to be sold.You can even try to find amber yourself and take it with you as a souvenir.
5 hours, private