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Tsiolkovsky State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics in Kaluga


Tsiolkovsky State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics
Photo from panoramio.com

The Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics (Russian: Государственный музей истории космонавтики имени К.Э.Циолковского) is the first museum in the world dedicated to the history of space exploration. It was opened on 3 October 1967 in Kaluga, and is named after Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, a school master and rocket science pioneer who lived most of his life in this city. The driving force behind the creation of the museum was Sergei Korolyov, chief designer of RKK Energiya. The building was designed by Boris Barkhin, Evgeny Kireev, Nataliya Orlova, Valentin Strogy and Kirill Fomin, and the cornerstone was laid by Yuri Gagarin on 13 June 1961. The museum has over 100,000 visitors per year and has 127 employees, of whom 43 are curators.

Main exposition

The exposition of the museum consists of two parts. The first part is dedicated to the ideas and research of Tsiolkovsky, and shows a model of the rocket designed by Tsiolkovsky as well as copies of his scientific work. The second part contains mock-ups of space craft like Sputnik 1 and samples of moon dust. Just outside the museum is a rocket park, which contains amongst others a R-7 rocket.

Tsiolkovsky house

In the outskirts of Kaluga is the wooden house in which Tsiolkovsky lived. In 1936, one year after his death, this house was turned into a memorial house museum and is now part of the museum organization.

The museum also incorporates a scientific effort to study the life and works of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. The Annual Tsiolkovsky Readings and Conference is organized by the museum.

Photo (34)

Калуга, музей космонавстикиКалугаMuseum of CosmonauticsМузей истории космонавтикимузей космонавтикиМузей КосмонавтикиКалугаКалугаМузей космонавтики зимойНа старте.Ракета "Восток"Types of KalugaКалуга.Музей истории космонавтикиПланетарий музея космонавтикикопия ракеты "Восток"Памятник Юрию ГагаринуЛуноход 2Экспозиция музеяКрасная отвёртка орбитальной станции "МИР"Спускаемый аппарат "Восток""New Russians"Музей космонавтики в КалугеKaluga, State Museum of Cosmonautics balancing actНачало строительства II очереди Музея Космонавтики в КалугеRU, Kaluga, State Museum of Cosmonautics, Spaceship VostokГагаринМузей космонавтикиМакет ракеты-носителя ВостокМузей Циолковского, KalugaАллеяАМО -3 (ЗИС-3 с 1931г)КалугаKaluga Museum Panorama

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Street view


Website: www.gmik.ru
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at 10:00-18:00, Wednesday at 11:00-21:00, Saturday, Sunday at 10:00-19:00


13.10.2017 Josep
Very nice… for understand the cosmos Russian industry. Perfect for children.
 Not bad
07.09.2017 Ilya
Must visit for all the foreigners!
19.01.2017 Evgeniy
Nice and informative Museum.
And well done that connected the 3D tour!
Was here in December 2015, and here was renovated, it was very interesting how it will all look like on the inside - and that while in Moscow, I saw this Museum hundreds of miles away.
When summer comes coming fishing on the Oka and don't miss the opportunity to visit this Museum!
06.01.2017 Alexandr
The Museum is excellent, I recommend! Despite the small room, the exposure of spacecraft large. Unfortunately, by the time of the visit the outdoor exhibition was closed. But the Museum is worth to visit.
19.09.2016 Irina
Great Museum! It is a pity that the adjacent cinems territory now under reconstruction
24.07.2016 Alexander
A unique place. The rich exposition, lots of fun. You can hang out for 2-3 hours.
20.07.2016 Tatyana
Very, very much! Young girl tour guide just done, spoke very interesting))) ??????
15.07.2016 Boris
A beautiful Museum! just great! a lot of interesting exhibits but the Museum staff are polite and always ready to tell stories from the life of the Museum, and space!
Was already twice! and I want! and all friends asking to take them there, and conduct tour..
Very glad that the Museum is expanding, after the updates are sure to come!
09.07.2016 Undoubted
The Museum is amazing and has left a very favorable impression. Was lucky to get on an exhibition devoted to Gagarin's flight. Knowing that you are genuine items directly attributable to human penetration into the unknown is a priceless feeling. There is a small note - the exhibits are obviously "close" in the last exhibition room, even if it creates a beautiful picture of the "clutter" unearthly things. But assessment, of course, to reduce stupid because now the Museum is in the process of active restructuring. Be sure to come to the opening of the second phase, already looking forward to the pleasure of visiting and watching the news about the construction.
22.05.2016 Evgeniia
Very cool museum. There are real size copies of space ships and history of its space travelling.
28.04.2016 Tatyana
Wonderful Museum!
09.04.2016 Daria
The rocket did not come to ( building ( the regular ticket price of 160 rubles for one adult, were all literally in 30 minutes... a whole Bunch of interesting but very little ;(
22.02.2016 Han
Intriguing astronautic documentary!
21.02.2016 AngelikaGr
Cool exhibits
14.02.2016 Sergey
Great Museum! When inside, immediately there is the impression that you're either a philosopher or a designer, or astronaut, or the architect. Wonderful Museum that can carry you back... the Staff is always friendly, find the approach to each visitor, can each be interested in what you skeptic!
This is the only place in Kaluga, where do I want to come back here again and again!
11.12.2015 Alexey
The planetarium!!! Beautiful!!
11.12.2015 Alexey
06.12.2015 Roman
Recommended. Very interesting, but take a guide, otherwise many will miss.
01.12.2015 Zachem
Well the scoop will certainly not disappear from these walls never) when to build the second phase of the Museum would not be surprised that it will move mummy with purple hair))
03.11.2015 Lex
Will go again when the Museum rekonstruiruet. It will be the largest space Museum in the world. Promise that everything will be even much cooler
18.10.2015 Mikhail
Great Museum and planetarium!
05.09.2015 Mihail
I'm a tour guide are not met. Pretty, nice and most importantly got the information he wanted. Thank you
23.08.2015 Anan
Interesting Museum
30.07.2015 Anna
Fantastic! An employee of the Museum on the 1st floor a lot and fascinatingly told, although the tour was not very interesting!
23.06.2015 Aleksey
Good town,a cool Museum!!I think to go once again!!!
17.05.2015 Alexey
Very interesting and beautiful Museum, great exhibits and friendly staff! Be sure to visit!
16.04.2015 Mos-Kate
Interesting Museum! The spacecraft had been in space, on other planets! It is better to take a guide (1800 - personally), you can join the group. The planetarium and touch a real meteorite!?
16.04.2015 Mos-Kate
Brave dogs!?
16.04.2015 Mos-Kate
Planetarium program "Mysteries of the earth of the sky" much better than "Return to the stars" planetarium! Although the scale is smaller, but beautifully done and interesting.
09.01.2015 kucka_deluxe
Like,almost all can touch it?
09.01.2015 Wolrone
One ticket for photos and video capture does not check.
09.01.2015 Onur
Very nice...
04.01.2015 Sergey
The cost of the ability to photograph 200 rubles - it is interesting , there are people who pay for this service ??? ))))))
21.12.2014 Aleksey
We liked it! The spirit of the USSR! Veit good!)) be sure to touch a meteorite!))
23.11.2014 Gera
Terrible staff, even fucked up. None of the Museum this is not. And indeed in Kaluga all evil.
15.11.2014 Tanya
Planetarium in comparison with the Moscow uninteresting, all fall asleep, but the Museum itself is very pleasant, large exposure, but be sure to take a guide! Then we'll visit the home of aviation!
04.11.2014 Anastasiya
Very interesting Museum, you can hang for a long time. There are not a large lecture hall, many interesting things you can hear. The children loved the planetarium. Sorry rocket under construction,seen from afar.
16.10.2014 Olga
Very interesting tours and exhibits.
13.08.2014 Anna
Closed for repairs
25.07.2014 Dmitriy
Last Friday of month - sanitary day in the Museum were not included
03.07.2014 Nataly
The Museum is interesting. The staff is rude and angry,and I want to give all the chocolate bars were so good! The suits,the food of astronauts,copies and originals of the elements of Cosmo.vehicles,satellites,Rovers, and more
05.06.2014 Nikolay
The Museum has very good collection of exhibits, good guides. If you are in the Museum for the first time in the beginning to go with a tour and then to walk by yourself.
29.05.2014 Oleg
Please check timetable before arrival. The Museum is very impressive.
04.05.2014 Olga
Good interesting Museum. In the planetarium watching an interesting program "the Study of the universe from Galileo"
27.04.2014 Daria
An incredible Museum. Here is obligated to visit everyone!
29.03.2014 Boyvolk
Saturday,11-00. Planetarium 250rub. 37минут promise of the starry sky....view.
09.03.2014 Leonid
Very interesting exposition
16.02.2014 Tatiana
Entrance 150r, 200R shooting, models, natural small. Was without a tour
08.01.2014 Anastasiya
Visited the Museum with a guided tour,told us lots of interesting and clearly demonstrated! Loved it! And the planetarium is boring,clippings transmission channel "Culture", etc. the Chairs do not recline
28.12.2013 Anton
Break all discrepancies on the working schedule: Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun - from 10 to 18, Wed 10 - 20, Mon - closed.
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