Ilya Repin's Memorial Home "Penates"


Ilya Repin is a famous Russian realist painter

Ilya Repin 

The estate of the great Russian artist Ilya Repin "Penates" is located on the Gulf of Finland, about 45 kilometers from St. Petersburg on seaside road.

Repin was 55 years old when he married a second time and purchased in the name of the second wife (Natalia Nordman) land in the village of Kuokkala in Finland, where he built a house and spent the last thirty years of his life. (The village Kuokkala after the October revolution was abroad, as part of an independent Finland). By that time Repin was already a renowned artist and rector of the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. It was convenient to get to the Academy from Kuokkala, at the same time the place is quite secluded and picturesque suited to the artist's life perfectly.

The name "Penates" meant gods, guardians, and patrons of the hearth. In ancient Rome, each family usually had two Penates, images of which were made of wood, clay or stone, were stored in a locked Cabinet near the hearth, where they gathered all the family members. Everything had its own names - gazebos, paths, ponds. For example - at the end of the alley Pushkin's glade "Homer" pavilion "Temple of Osiris and of Isis". There were two pavilions "Booth Italy" and "Rembrandt" near the hill. Even the tracks and parts of the park had its names in honor of friends or relatives, and the mood of the names changed. Artesian well Poseidon gave clean water with such a large expense that was enough even for the flowage of ponds and ditches. The water was clean, drinkable with a slight taste of iron. Repin thought the water healing and drank until his death. There were planted lilies in a big pond at the well. Here was launched on a small boat, ibid arranged fireworks on holidays. In winter on the ice of the pond was arranged carousel, and Chaliapin even skated.

Пенаты зимой

The main house and all other buildings in the estate were built by the artist's sketches. The house was single storey at the beginning. Then it acquired additional floors and extensions - porches, balconies. Second floor with glass tents, weathervanes, carvings, made the drawings of the owner, gave a lot of light and air for work and the artist's life.

During the World War II, the house was burned down. After it 10 rooms were restored, including a winter veranda. Octagonal topped with a transparent hipped slab porch almost two-thirds of the glass is the brightest room of the house, facing the park. Here hosted guests, drank tea and organized house concerts. In 1905 it was converted into a workshop and is named veranda busts along the walls were sculptured works of Repin.

Amazing place - a workshop and an enclosed balcony next to it, overlooking the park and bay shore. Here, on the couch Repin slept in the summer. In winter — in a special sleeping bag up to -20 degrees; when it was lower, the artist went down to his house.

Museum-estate of Repin is included in the List of UNESCO world heritage



Directions: bus 211 from the Chernaya Rechka metro station or by train from the Finland station to station Repino (then 10-15 minutes by foot by the coastal road)
Hours of operation: daily, except Mondays and Tuesdays from 10:30 to 16:00 (between 15 of May and 15 of September) or from 10:30 to 17:00 (between 15 of September and 15 of May)

There is an excursion in English, about 30-40 minutes.

May, 27 - birthday of the estate
August, 5 - birthday of Ilya Repin
September, 29 - the Day of memory of Ilya Repin


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Ilya RepinПенаты зимойIlya RepinГлавный дом усадьбы РепинаIlya RepinRepin's HouseRepin's Penaty  - GazeboPenaty  - Repin's graveRepino列宾故居Поздняя осень в Пенатах.Усадьба Репина "Пенаты"Répino - L"entrée de la maison du peintre RépineRépino - Maison du peintre RépineRépino - Maison-musée de RépineRépino - la tombe de RépineПенатыХрам Озириса и ИзидыМостик через канал в усадьбеПарк ПенатыМостик через канал в усадьбеThe museum and manor of RepinДом-музей РепинаДорожка в парке ПенатыПенатыПенаты, последние весенние морозы...в парке репинаПенаты, морозный день начала весны

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Street view


All days except Monday, Tuesday at 10:30-17:00


17.09.2016 Olga
There is a free audioguide.
07.09.2016 Tatyana Kuznetsova
Nice place. Here, even the breathing is special. And next - the Gulf of Finland.... What could be better?
10.08.2016 Serafim Ovchinnikov
A wonderful Park. The Museum audio guide. Interesting.
27.07.2016 Dmitriy Cherepennikov
The nature of the estate beautiful, but as well as the entire area around it. There is a small artificial structures and ponds, paths, benches. Of grooming at a reasonable level, although the ponds would not hurt to clean. As for the Museum in the building. ATTENTION! Tours are held to an audio recording and at the end of a short video. For all time lasts approx. a 40 min. it is Unclear why such a decision. It is clear that the tour guides are bored to repeat the same thing every 40 mins every day but still so much better when you hear live speech. Although the content was all interesting, present yourself guides showing pointers during audio recording needs interior accents, paintings and other things. And were ready to professionally answer any questions. Some rudeness as stated in some reviews is not met. Maybe just lucky :) the Only thing forbidden to take pictures inside, you should have worn your sneakers and put in closet large bag (backpack for example). But overall still acceptable. To "4".
16.07.2016 Mr. Tip
Beautiful Park, interesting Museum of Ilya Repin
06.07.2016 Vyacheslav Chernopyatov
So nice to walk around the estate! A quiet and beautiful place
19.06.2016 Sergey Morozov
Lousy service! Idade excursions half an hour,after which we were again not allowed,they say,the group has been formed. Thank you,please, Manager for poor organization!
18.06.2016 Ron
this place is amazing! the magical territory, all well maintained, lots of flowers. the house is most impressed with the second floor with a glass dome. for students excursion - $ 100. visit, not regret ?
06.06.2016 Anastasia
Entrance for citizens of Russia without benefits 300 rubles. The tour takes about 40 minutes, the intervals between the beginning of the city in June, about 20 minutes. The inspiring atmosphere of the house of the artist, personal belongings,letters and photos
31.05.2016 Val Tar
Was a bus tour on the Karelian isthmus. The exhibition is very interesting. Unfortunately, our bus guide was not given to lead a tour inside the Museum, were forced to listen to the audio recording of that , which included\switched off as you move from room to room.
22.05.2016 Aleksey
Excursions to the estate on schedule. A lot of curious about Ilya Efimovich.
20.05.2016 Katy
The entrance to the grounds is free.You pay only for the house tour
27.03.2016 Veronika
Good Museum! Restorers managed the impossible - to recreate the atmosphere.
27.02.2016 Fernando
Ilya Repin's house in Kuokkola. Try to read the description of Curzio Malaparte 75 years ago: all is the same, carefully restored
05.02.2016 Petr Kudryavtsev
The Museum is interesting, the Park around is beautiful, but... you can see that he was less cared for. Buildings deteriorate, the garden is not looked after, the cricket field was overgrown... Sorry(
06.12.2015 DEAD XXX
Though go too far, worth a visit
13.11.2015 Rolando Profita
For the lovers of art to visit the museum named Penati is a particularly stunning experience. The prior visit to the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg will prepare the visitors to the art of the great painter Repin, who for many years lived in Kuokkala, a time the Finnish territory and then became territory of the Russian federation, taking the name of Repino is pronounced, however, Riepina. The beautiful house nestled in a park-rich but light, lets you relive the life of the famous painter, who is buried here and is one of the few residences of characters to Russian, nowadays a museum, which has managed to preserve intact the spirit of its illustrious owner. The guided tours are in Russian but also in other languages pre-recorded, including the Italian imperfect.From St. Petersburg you can reach the museum Penates in about 1 hour (with bus 211, from Chernaya Rechka) Repino with its forests and wide sandy beaches is a nice destination, especially during the summer when you can take advantage of the nearby golden sandy beach, fringed with fragrant pine trees, you will gaze out on the gulf of Finland. In the winter it's amazing to see the mountains of ice of the waters of the Baltic to reach right on the beach.
01.11.2015 Sonya
Beautiful spot. The house was wonderful. Now it guided adventures.
19.10.2015 ekaterina maralova
17 Oct 2015 going with a friend to visit the Museum-estate of Ilya Repin "Penates". The day was Sunny, the mood is soulful. Arrived. But the Museum was close. On the threshold of the manor, we were rudely chastised the woman ( whether the janitor, or "hostess", if to judge by the tone) that we began to climb the stairs in the house and she was sweeping the veranda... the Mood was spoiled boorish tone. to go to the Museum no longer wanted. With difficulty I calmed myself only because of the picturesque Park of the estate and the warm weather... I would not like to and other visitors was met at the threshold of the Museum. the pensioner who has not visited the Museum, and Maralova E. G. Limarova
15.09.2015 Petr
Very nice museum with wonderful park. Excursion inside the house is very informative despite of soviet style.
27.08.2015 Konstantin <>
A place of my own childhood
26.08.2015 Barbara
Cozy and cute. The tour of the house takes 40 minutes. Nice aunt, all tell, show, any questions will be answered. Magical atmosphere! And then go coastal and go to the Finca!
23.08.2015 Eva
Was here when still at school! It is very nice and interesting!
15.08.2015 Peter Kudinov
This place is about famous russian painter Repin. He lived there for a long time and paint a lot of his pictures. House was destroyed during WW2 and was rebuild again by the photos. Now there are museum and park. Museum excursion will tell about life and work of the painter. Walking in the park allow to feel the soul of that place.
01.04.2015 Gleb Kalin
Interesting and educational for those interested in the works of Repin and in General painting
07.02.2015 Anastasia
Cozy and a good little Museum. Many original works of Repin, his personal belongings, household items. The estate is imbued with the inspiring personality of Ilya Efimovich. From visiting only positive emotions!
14.12.2014 Laifelcha
The house-Museum of Repin - a fine example of the estate of the artist. Despite the complete reconstruction of houses, all steeped in the atmosphere of the time, when the house master lived, worked, pondered, welcomed the guests.
04.10.2014 Varvara
Very nice !!!
22.09.2014 gogolongo
Very spiritual place, despite the fact that the estate was burned by the Germans in the war, and then rebuilt on the surviving photos.In the weekend's best to arrive early - sometimes the queue for the tour
14.09.2014 Olga
Lovely Museum, personal belongings and works of Ilya Repin, his family, environment, students.
07.09.2014 Vladislav
The estate was named Penaty in honor of Roman gods-the keepers of the hearth. The images of these gods, the Penates, can be seen on the painted wooden gates of the mansion, was designed by the Repin.
15.08.2014 Deer
Inside, everything is much more interesting than the outside)
09.08.2014 Imran
06.07.2014 Kirill
From 7 to 13 July 2014 the Museum will be closed.
15.06.2014 Aleksandra
Carefully mosquitoes.
23.04.2014 Kira
Especially comfortable and light in the artist's Studio on the 2nd floor!
12.04.2014 Olga
Nice Museum, a lot of personal things Repin. Now the entrance for Russian citizens 100R, 150r may. Tour do in audio and caretakers with pointers, but tolerable.. it is impossible to Photograph inside?
23.03.2014 Pavel
Recommend to know where to begin the tour and then only to go for a walk around the grounds, and not Vice versa.
16.02.2014 Alexander
To photograph inside the house is not allowed. Bring boots, local Slippers are not comfortable
16.11.2013 Ekaterina
Here is wonderful! Very clean air!!
26.10.2013 Dmitry
The wind and rain is a romantic weather
20.10.2013 Juli
Cool dining table, it should be home)) all very interesting, did not regret that he came.
28.09.2013 Elena
Yes dear I counted 6 keepers this tour is conducted with audio recording the guardians silently pointers show what was going on
08.09.2013 Raniya
Turret Scheherazade's still in the woods. Overall a very beautiful and interesting.
29.08.2013 Olga
Very comfortable, beautiful and happy!
26.08.2013 Vasily
Require "live" tour (probably for extra money): format pre-recorded tours does not hold water.
08.08.2013 Lena
Objective of the guide now to include a CD with the tour in each room and silently led pointer
04.08.2013 Alexey
A wonderfully serene place... a Lot of benches in the shade, in the sun...
31.07.2013 Eugene
Serene place!
15.07.2013 Anna Ivanova
Wonderful Museum, warm, filled with light and meaning to the house. The staff are friendly. A well-organized tour, briefly and succinctly. You can go with the kids.


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