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February+1 °C-7 °C
March+5 °C-4 °C
April+10 °C+1 °C
May+19 °C+8 °C
June+22 °C+13 °C
July+29 °C+16 °C

Excursions in Saint Petersburg: Private day tours

Blanket visa (tour ticket) for cruise (only!) passengers
Private day tours
Price: 3500 ₽ Shared
Duration: 72 hours
What is blanket visa? Blanket visa allows you to spend 3 days in St Petersburg without applying for a regular visa. You will be able to pass the customs without any documents except your valid passport, a migration card that you will be given on board and a Sputnik tour ticket. This works for cruise passengers who travel with a group of at least two people. All the passengers should stay on the ship over night and have a tour program for the day. Please, make sure to order your blanket visa at least one week in advance. How to book? Choose one of our one-day tours. According to visa policy rules you have to be guided by a tour guide and have a prepared tour program. So, let’s choose the guide, arrange a tour program and book it online. As soon as you are done with 1st step you can start a process of applying for Blanket visa: Please, book online as many blanket visas as you need using a form in a right sidebar at this page Check your email. After paying you will get a confirmation letter with a link to a questionnaire. Click on the link and fill in all the fields carefully as we will use this information for issuing you a visa. Submit a questionnaire for every person who wants to enter the country. On the next day you will get your tour tickets via email. These are your main documents for the Russian customs. Please, print them! In a couple of days your entry permission will be confirmed by Russian authorities. When it is done you’ll get an email with the rules of disembarkation. After that, please, send a message to your guide to remind about your arrival and make all the points about time and place of meeting clear. Then you just arrive, meet your guide and spend your wonderful days in St Petersburg. What if? I want to wander by myself? Unfortunately, it is not allowed to wander by your own without a guide accompanying you. So, you need to book a full day trip for all the time you are on the shore. If you don’t feel like attending a guiding tour, we’d like to offer you a non-guiding companion on the shore. You can book it here I travel alone? To get off the ship you should be a part of a tour group. The smallest tour group consists of 2 people. So, the easiest way to arrange it is to find somebody who is willing to spend time on the shore with you and participate in your tour. I want to attend some other tours, for example, a rooftop tour? Feel free to choose whatever tour you want on our website. Remember, it’s up to you to organize your schedule and communicate it to your day-guide. If you’d like to attend an additional tour, follow this procedure: book a full-day tour and get in touch with the guide, tell them that you’d also like to attend an additional tour (with another guide) by Sputnik. Then choose an additional tour, arrange its time with the its guide and book it on the website. Don’t forget to let you day-guide know about it. On the magic day on the shore start your day with your day-guide, he/she will let you out for some time for your additional tour and pick you up after it. That’s it! I don’t understand how to arrange the time and the program of the trip? As Sputnik is a service for independent travelers you have to arrange your tour schedule yourself. You are free to choose any tours you like but be sure you follow the rules of staying on the shore. More information on Blanket Visa Visa-free travel to St Petersburg by ferry or cruise Blanket visa in St. Petersburg Rules on disembarkation
Two-day individual tour: The Hermitage and Saint Petersburg downtown
Private day tours
Price: 3000 ₽ Shared
Duration: 16 hours
On the first day we are going visit the Hermitage and walk around the surrounding area. After that (if you feel like) we might visit several famous St Petersburg cathedrals. In the Hermitage the tour usually starts from main staircase and state rooms of the Winter Palace and follow the route of the Zar's ceremonial procession toward the church. So you can compare changes of style from original baroque, typical to Empress Elisabeth's court architect Rastrelli, to classical which was Catherine's favorite style. Along the route I'll tell you about every highlight of the collection including history of its creation, acquisition and authentication. We'll see the Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Flemish, British and French sections and you'll learn about socio-economic progress of each country in conjunction with the development of its art. Along this route we talk about the history of rooms and their former royal owners. On the second day I'd like to show you the city. We can explore both sides of the Neva and walk in a complete loop the city center. We can start from any place, for example on Nevsky or any of those streets radiating from it. Nevsky is main thoroughfare of St. Petersburg stretched like a string between two major points on the bow of Neva river - Admiralty and Alexandr Nevsky monastery, certainly one of the must see places in the city. We could go towards the Neva embankment along any canal that flow from Neva and empty back into it. You'll learn about the Fontanka river, the Catherine canal, the Moika river that are the channels built during the 18th-19th centuries and about major buildings on their banks and events happened in them. You'll hear the stories about St. Michael castle, Summer Garden, Field of Mars, Church on a Spilt Blood, Michael palace (Russian Museum), Marble palace and many more of those historical buildings that create unforgettable iconic image of St.Petersburg and directly connected with the Russian history for the last 300 years. After we cross Neva river we get to the historical nucleus of the city and visit the main spots connected with its foundation such as Peter and Paul fortress and cathedral. You'll also see the Trinity square and Kshesinskaya mansion. Then we'll walk along the embankments to check out the grand Duke's magnificent palaces and spit of Vasilievskii Island (promontory of land created for former city port and latter used as official city center). We'll continue our rout along the Neva embankment, the only place where you could see first museum, first academy of science, first university, first military school, first art academy, first theater and first senate and synod (highest regulating body for Orthodox church). Impressive? All of those places are most recognizable images that gave St.Petersburg its brand name. On the St Isaak square with impressive bulk of the cathedral you'll hear about the history of political reforms in Russia and bloody events connected with the reign of those tzars. We'll wind up at Big and Small Maritime streets that originally were the first two streets in St.Petersburg and later became the most prestigious ones in Russia. A lot of banks, insurance agencies and jewelry shops (Faberge was one of them) appeared there in the end of the 19-th century. On our walk along the other canal we'll spot the mansions of the richest Russian families of the Usupovs, the Stroganovs, the Sheremetievs and the Demidovs. Each of them owned a land compared to any kingdom in Europe. You'll find out about their fortunes and their famous representatives influenced the history of Russia. Along the way you'll aslo see some places connected with history of Russian literature, music and ball room dancing; nodel salons that were frequented by famous Russian writes and poets such as Pushkin and Dostoevsky, famous musicians and composers like Chaikovsky and Rubinstein, ballet dancers from Mariinsky and Bolshoi Theater. We'll finish our trip at Nevsky prospect. So if you are interested to really dive into St Petersburg history and culture no need to look any further! I am your guide!
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