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Skip the line ticket to Hermitage Museum
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Входной билет в Эрмитаж. Приобретение электронного билета позволит вам избежать долгих очередей в кассы Государственного Эрмитажа.
Price: 1040 руб. Shared
Duration: 8 hours
With this ticket you will be available to skip the line for Hermitage. A simple entrance ticket to the State Hermitage allows you to visit the complex of Hermitage buildings located on Palace Embankment that contain the main exhibition halls. You will have access to the museum displays housed in five interconnected buildings (including Winter Palace), as well as the General Staff building. Entry ticket works all the day long. You can use it once for entrance to the museum. After booking we will send you voucher. Be sure you have your id (like passport) on the day of visiting museum. It is important as this voucher will be changed for entrance ticket with id only. You don't need to print this ticket. Just be ready to show it on the screen of your phone. To redeem complimentary tickets for children under 18, students, other visitors eligible for free admission (the quantity must be noted in the order, max.2 per order), please approach the Internet Ticket Booth or the Information desk; you will need to name the number of your order, the name it has been placed under, and present your ID and the documents proving free admission (none needed for children).
Roof top tour: panorama of river Neva
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Экскурсия на безопасную крышу с бортиками и не скользким покрытием. Вам откроется прекрасный вид на большую акваторию Невы и все главные достопримечательности Петербурга с высоты семиэтажного дома.
Price: 1590 руб. Private
Duration: 1 hour
If you want to feel all greatness and harmony of this city-you shold see it by the bird's eye view. One of the most picturesque and atmospheric places in St.Petersburg. You will visit safe flat roof. From that height you can enjoy panorama of city center,river Neva and see Peter and Paail fortress from unusial foreshortening. Our team can promise you that it will be unforgettable
Introduction to Uzbek food on Vasilievsky Island
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Я хочу рассказать всему миру о тех прекрасных блюдах, которыми славится узбекская кухня: плов, лагман, чучвара, самса и прочие! И не просто расскажу, но и накормлю в правильном месте. Это не экскурсия в классическом ее виде, а скорее путешествие в узбекский Петербург.
Price: 1000 руб. Private
Duration: 1.5 hours
Well. I love food therefore the countries where the food culture exists. One of these countries is Uzbekistan for sure. There is huge community of Uzbek immigrants in St. Petersburg. During the tour I will tell you stories about Central Asia and Uzbekistan. We will visit local market with traditional Uzbek bakery and Central Asian shops. Finnaly we'll go to a local Uzbek chaikhana. Don't expect a fancy restaurant. The place is mostly popular among immigrants. I want to show you ti try very authentic Uzbek food: plov, lagman, manti and many many other dishes. I'm originally from Kazakhstan. And I know how it should taste like. Food is quite cheap. You will be very full for 500 roubles! I live and work nearby, so I can conduct a tour any time. Just message me. p.s. all meals contain meat, no vegetarian options.
Red Bermuda Triangle: stories and mysteries of an old industrial district
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An off the beaten track historical/sociological walk around a scenic industrial district of Saint Petersburg
Price: 3500 руб. Private
Duration: 2 hours
An "off the beaten track" tour around and through the famous Red Triangle, one of the most spectacular historic industrial complexes of old Saint Petersburg, and surrounding working class areas of the end of 19th - first half of 20th century. Our trip will include a scenic (and somewhat gloomy) industrial district with an abandoned railroad, housing complexes of various styles, and several masterpieces of early Soviet architecture. Our space and time travelling will be accompanied by observations and anecdotes about those who witnessed the rise of Communist regime in Russia - and of their nowadays descendants.
Vasilievsky island: from the Spit to the Harbour
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An urban walk across the official facades and gritty greats of Vasilievsky island, a historical district where people of all walks of life - from University professors to dockers - live and share space with gryphons, sphinxes and other creatures. We'll see
Price: 3000 руб. Shared
Duration: 2.5 hours
This urban walk will take us through three centuries of Vasilievsky island. This historical district, remarkable for its regular grid of streets and avenues, was conceived as the finest example of Imperial urban planning by Peter the Great and one of the first parts of the city to be actively built over. All three centuries of development of Saint Petersburg have left their marks on this island shared between different notable groups of people – from celebrated statesmen of the XVIII and XIX century to heroes of counterculture of the late Soviet union, from university students and professors in university cluster at the Spit of the island to migrant labourers in the industrial areas. We will see the evolution of this part of town through centuries (from historical complexes in the Spit to late Soviet buildings in the western part of island, with some deviations from the East-West axis to see old industrial buildings) and also explore the enfilades of courtyards that form an alternative grid of walkways through the downside hidden behind the facades. We'll also touch a bit of mystical part of Vasilievsky island and see some of local fantastic beasts, like dragons, sphinxes and gryphons.
Forts and docks of Kronstadt
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A day-long exploration of forts and docks of Kronstadt, an authentic suburb with a rich history, and once the largest naval fortress of the Baltic sea. Abandoned docks, picturesque old fortifications located in the middle of a coastal reserve and an on-demand seaside picnic as a reward of a day's worth of walking and climbing across the living history of Russian military genius.
Price: 7000 руб. Private
Duration: 7 hours
A day-long exploration of Kronstadt, a historical suburb of Saint-Petersburg and the largest naval fortress of the Baltic sea. A town of officers, scientists, clergy and merchants, Kronstadt will capture your heart without you noticing it with its impressive docks and canals, authentic green streetscape, romantic ruins and a wonderful view on Neo-Byzantine Naval Cathedral built about a century ago. We will climb into a huge dry dock and explore a network of hydraulic installations in the historical center of Kronstadt (with a glimpse upon other scenic parts of town, of course) and then travel to other two abandoned forts located in a forest reserve in the western part of the island. An on-demand seaside picnic at Fort Reef and a charming overlook of Neva Bay from the dam that connects Kronstadt to the mainland will be a bonus.
Metro Palaces
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Price: 3750 руб. Private
Duration: 2 hours
The opulent metro system, decorated with the marble sculptures and frescos is a wonder, erected at a time when Leningrad was still healing its wounds inflicted by the Nazi siege. The tour is an exploration of the “palaces for the people” and the Soviet epoch. The earliest stations of the Leningrad metro show an extraordinary sense of taste in interior design. Besides purely aesthetic beauty, the underground “palaces for the people” reveal different aspects of life in the Soviet Union, such as the veneration of Russian literature or the religion of the socially significant deed. Discover the values of post-war Russia deep below the ground on the metro tour. This tour, dedicated to the post-war history of Leningrad and its citizens, takes you through the most opulent stations of the red line: from Avtovo to Ploshad Vosstaniya. The metro tickets are included in the price. You will see the decoration of both underground halls and surface vestibules of the oldest eight stations across the red line. _________________________________________ Read about Vladimir's tour in sptnik blog Experience Metro Palaces tour with Vladimir
Creative spaces in Saint Petersburg
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Price: 1400 руб. Private
Duration: 3 hours
I'm Olya Polyakova. I'm not a tour guide but social entrepreneur and activist working or relating with creative spaces and modern culture scene since 2012. I used to run a flower workshop in one place in 2012, then organized charity and social events there in 2013, then I worked there with communications. It was called 'Chetvert' and it was closed with a huge media buzz by the owner so we became kind of a legend. Then we run an art space with modern art galleries and pop-up cafe in old garage for summer 2014. Now my projects use to change locations and I still know everything about creative spaces in Saint-Petersburg. The tour is flexible according to the weather, your interests and events happening in the places. We might see the oldest art-center squatted by underground artists and musicians in early 90's, 10 year old space in the former bread factory, designers spot and modern creative spaces. I'll tell the last history of creative spaces, recommend some design shops and cozy cafe and bars. We can visit some exhibitions and sometimes events, try local streetfood. I will give you extra contacts and recommendations based on your interest. So I'll be your local guide in the scene. And we'd discuss politics, globalization and try to find something unique behind the global trends. If I can't host a tour I'd suggest you to explore yourself: 'Taiga' http://space-taiga.org/ (go any day since 1 to 9 p.m.) Time-cafe http://www.itsamiracle.ru/ Techno bars&clubs in former horsestables http://mosaique-space.com/, https://www.facebook.com/stackenschneider and non-techno Tancplowadka (weekend after midnight) Eat and have beer in the artsy yard: Kovenskii, 14, second yard (from midday till 9 p.m.) Design shops and bars Fontanka, 20, inside the yard (anyday, second half of the day, try something in 'Treska' bar, chill in Ziferblat) http://www.p-10.ru/en/, early postsoviet squat, any day http://www.loftprojectetagi.ru/en/, old and hot spot, crowdy now http://streetartmuseum.ru/, schedule on the website, strongly recommended