Чемпионат мира по футболу FIFA 2018

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Krestovsky Stadium in Saint Petersburg


Krestovsky Stadium
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The Krestovsky Stadium (Russian: Стадион «Крестовский»), also called Zenit Arena, is a retractable roof stadium in the western portion of Krestovsky Island in Saint Petersburg, Russia, which serves as home for FC Zenit Saint Petersburg. The stadium was opened in 2017 for the FIFA Confederations Cup. Initially, it was planned to be completed by December 2008, which was changed to late 2011 and was scheduled to open in 2017. As of May 2017, the stadium is 518% late and 548% over budget. The stadium has a capacity of 68,134 people. It is called Saint Petersburg Stadium during the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and 2018 FIFA World Cup. The stadium is currently the most expensive in the world.


The competition between architectural projects was won by Kisho Kurokawa's "The Spaceship". The design of the stadium is a modified and enlarged version of Toyota Stadium in Toyota City, Japan, which was also designed by Kurokawa. The stadium is being built on the location where the former Kirov Stadium used to stand before it was demolished.

In January 2009 The St. Petersburg Times reported that the project was now to be funded by the city government of St Petersburg, with Gazprom switching to build a separate skyscraper project. The City Hall had to step in after Gazprom declined to invest any further money into the stadium's construction.

On 25 July 2016 the general contractor, Inzhtransstroy-Spb, issued a statement that the city authorities have failed to pay 1 billion rubles ($15.8 million at the current exchange rate) worth of construction work and stopped the work. The next day the contract was terminated. On 1 August there were reports of wind damage to parts of the metal sheathing, and a flood.

In the end of August 2016, the new general contractor, Metrostroy, resumed construction works on the site.

On 17 June 2017, the first game was held on the stadium with the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup Group A match between the host Russia and New Zealand.

On 2 July 2017, the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup final match was held on the stadium between Chile and Germany.

2017 FIFA Confederations Cup

Date Time Team #1 Res. Team #2 Round Attendance 17 June 2017 18:00  Russia 2–0  New Zealand Group A 50,251 22 June 2017 18:00  Cameroon 1–1  Australia Group B 35,021 24 June 2017 18:00  New Zealand 0–4  Portugal Group A 56,290 2 July 2017 21:00  Chile 0–1  Germany Final 57,268

2018 FIFA World Cup

Date Time Team #1 Res. Team #2 Round Attendance 15 June 2018 B3 – B4 Group B 19 June 2018  Russia – A3 Group A 22 June 2018 E1 – E3 Group E 26 June 2018 D4 – D1 Group D 3 July 2018 Winner Group F – Runner-up Group E Round of 16 10 July 2018 Winner Match 57 – Winner Match 58 Semi-final 14 July 2018 Loser Match 61 – Loser Match 62 Third place match

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22.02.2018 damn
All in all good stadium with 60000 seats. But a pain in the ass to get home
07.02.2018 Ilya
Nice stadium. If you purchased VIP tickets you will be able to eat at buffet and you get the bests seats.
22.01.2018 J
One of the best places I stayed at, so for. With its own real fire place and a carpet art. . . Whaaaaaaat?!
02.12.2017 Arthur
Too far from metro station, roads are closed for cars, so you can't get to stadium by taxi.
All in all, the stadium are not much good, only pros is that it has closing roof.
 Not bad
27.11.2017 Milos
Cool stadium, totaly new , it was made for the cup of confederation and now for the world cup 2018. Perfect stadium with big restrooms and snacks on every floor. The stadium in enormous but its easy to find the exit or to go to your place. On every door ypu have staff that are always willing to help and are polite as well. Its litte expensive to buy snacks inside, but bringing your own food or drinks is not allowed. The security is on the high level. The surrounding sound is perfect. I think the most important thing that the stadium is closed. During the summer and non rainy days its open, but during the cold days its closed. I recomend you to come earlier, and to leave the stadium earlier like 10 mins before end because its difficult to go in the nearest metro station. So you have to go through the bridge to ther nearest metro station wich is on the other island. On the other hand the experience just being ther is amazing.
From the photos, you can see thet even the elder people are coming to see and support their team.
15.11.2017 Anton
As expensive as Colosseum, as famous as Pablo Escobar... This is a real face of modern Russia. If you are a football fan you will be here, and for sure you will enjoy
25.10.2017 Nemanja
Amazing stadium. Really amazing. Modern and new.
19.09.2017 Aleksandr
Awesome place! Best experience
30.08.2017 Zhenya
In the stands is great, the finish is in the inner rooms miserable. Did not like the location: far from the subway, in the pouring rain, which are frequent in St. Petersburg, to have very far to go and get wet. On match days to cover the roads in a fairly large radius from the stadium, this problem occurs with free Parking. From three subway stations there are free shuttles(buses). It would seem that when closed the roads they will drive up close to the stadium, but no they even further underground Krestovsky island. In General, in good weather the walk to the stadium did not cause a problem, the rain will come and wet and still have the same long way back.
 Not bad
25.08.2017 Artur
To watch at the stadium is nice. But the food sucks!
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