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Pyotr Tchaikovsky State House-Museum in Klin


State memorial musical Museum-reserve of Pyotr Tchaikovsky

Pyotr Tchaikovsky State House-Museum
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Russia's oldest memorial musical museum was founded in 1894 by Modest Tchaikovsky, brother of the composer.

Pyotr Tchaikovsky had taken this house for rent in May 1892 at the magistrate Sakharov after a trip to USA as conductor of his works, which had a sensational success. Tchaikovsky was looking for a house in a secluded quiet location in the suburbs of Moscow region after tiresome touring to be able to fully devote himself to music. In February, 1885 he opted for the estate Maidanovo close to Klin town and have lived here for two years and later moved to nearby Frolovskoe. The manor house was in solitude as the composer was looking for, among forests and meadows. It was the perfect place for creativity.

"I'm loving Frolovskoye. These places around seem to me to be a heavenly Paradise."

In Frolovskoe Tchaikovsky wrote "Fifth Symphony," the ballet "Sleeping beauty", the opera "Queen of spades".  But the house was dilapidated and required money for repair, with great regret he had to leave. For a year the composer returned to Maidanovo, and then moved to Klin, to the house on the edge of town on the Moscow highway.

"I feel good at home, and I can't work so comfortable in any other place as here."

Here he wrote his famous Sixth Symphony

"In this Symphony I have invested, without exaggeration, my whole soul,"

October 16, 1893, a few days before his death, Tchaikovsky first presented it in St. Petersburg.

After the death of the composer, the house was bought by the trusted servant of Tchaikovsky, Safronov and nephew of Pyotr — Davydov, who aimed to protect the heritage of the genius musician. Later it was bought by the brother of Pyotr - Modest, it started the beginning of the museum exhibition. 

With the beginning of the World War II the museum values were moved to the birth home of Tchaikovsky in Udmurtia, in the town of Votkinsk and returned back to Klin immediately after the war. In the house of the composer an extensive library is preserved. There were books, in addition to Russian, in six languages— French, German, Italian, English, Czech and Latin. The real atmosphere of the last years of life of the great composer was recreated in the rooms of the museum.

A modern concert hall was built on the territory of the reserve in 1958, where concerts and music festivals are held. The Honorary right to play piano is devoted to famous and young pianists - winners of International contest named after Pyotr Tchaikovsky. Members of the jury, participants and guests of competitions planted Avenue of beautiful trees in the Museum Park as a sign of deep admiration of genius.



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Дом-музей П.И.Чайковского_2Greatest Russian composer ChaikovskyiTchaikovsky House-Museum. Service yardTchaikovsky Memorial MuseumМузей ЧайковскогоДомик Чайковского в КлинуДом-музей П.И. Чайковского - концертный зал. мКонцертный зал Дома музея П.И.ЧайковскогоДом-музей П.И. Чайковского - концертный зал. мmonument of Tchaikovski near his house in Klin

Street view


Address: Tchaikovsky street, 48
All days except Wednesday, Thursday at 10:00-18:00


04.10.2017 Stas
Great museum
16.09.2017 Asher
Out of the way but worth it if you like his music
19.06.2017 itaehwi
Good place to visit
06.09.2016 Pavel
P. I. Tchaikovsky
(Pavel Egorov, Antler)
The great musical genius,
Whose writings adorn the life.
A wealth of wonderful creations,
What the soul inspires and lifts up.

The penetration of feeling and depth of emotion,
The graceful look of this fantastic game
Features of the Russian song traditions
Talented works heard.

Lifting to new heights of achievements
He's a musical art exalted,
To overcome the heavy path of doubt,
Found the answer to life the key issue.

Melody graceful paintings wrote
Masterpieces, the magnificent creation.
For contemporaries treasures created
And gave the legacy of generations.
28.08.2016 Dmitriy
A great Museum
21.08.2016 Pavel
Beautiful grounds, luxurious house. Stunning balcony for Breakfast :)
07.07.2016 Elena
Looked Google hours and days of operation of the Museum-came Thursday from St. Petersburg,and it was closed!Fix the schedule on the Google!Left an unpleasant aftertaste.
19.06.2016 Aleksey
I advise you to visit
12.06.2016 Sergey
Interestingly, histoiy, byi great man, how he lived, where he worked.
20.05.2016 Evgeniy
Liked it very much. A lot of information. All very good!
03.01.2016 Olga
Beautiful grounds, a real home, where he lived and worked the composer. Inside the exhibition with personal belongings. We got to the concert quite by accident, an incredible experience. Suggest to walk around the grounds after visiting the exposition for total immersion.
02.12.2015 Aleksandr
Great museum! Almost everything is original!
21.10.2015 Olga
Harmful the Museum's grandmother
01.10.2015 Alexandra
Nice and atmospheric place.
01.08.2015 FuiORas
Very interesting, educational-cultural place
24.06.2015 Aleksandr
Once lived nearby, opposite the estate on the street 67a. During Soviet times, with all the guys we visited here often, foreign visitors begged gum, sometimes changed the icons... it was Fun!
21.06.2015 Ice
The excellent Museum. For all fans of Peter Ilyich just a mast.
07.03.2015 Jane
Great Museum! All preserved exactly as in the Tchaikovsky. Audio guide take, do not be greedy
26.01.2015 Elena?
Be sure to take the audio guide, very interesting) 150 roubles not such big money.
14.12.2014 ?Natashenka?
Nicely, here might be living the soul and the cats)))
14.11.2014 Sasha
On the day of birth and day of memory of Pyotr Ilyich have a unique opportunity to hear the sound of his own piano!
20.08.2014 Anatoliy
Wife liked it
02.08.2014 Tatyana
Wonderful place, the Museum no one of the visitors. Quietly, calmly. Museum staff very helpful, especially excursed Daria.
29.06.2014 Olly
take the audio guide and go! amazing place! highly recommended!
13.06.2014 Natalia
Cards are not accepted!!! The ticket collector stared at, talk arrogantly... Disgusting in General.
10.05.2014 Aleksey
Credit cards are NOT accepted.
09.03.2014 Andrey
Staff is very helpful. Audioguide for twenty minutes, ten of which plays music.
10.11.2013 Uliya
Very intolerant of children aunt-matron. Chic and angry look?
03.08.2013 Andrey
200 holders for everything. If you're lucky join the tour. Without it all will pass in 5 minutes. With her 10. Nothing special to do. Genuine things Tchaikovsky is extremely small.
19.06.2013 Liza
Live in Klin area go there every holiday and each time a new experience!
04.05.2013 Olga
Granny polite not very good))
04.04.2013 Valeriy
Such is the handwriting of the President.
23.03.2013 Aleksandr
Suggest to visit this House Museum. There is Parking and audio guides.
15.09.2012 Olga
Opening hours
15.09.2012 Olga
The Monument To Tchaikovsky
13.06.2011 Sergey
This year the Museum for the first time participated in the world night of museums " and opened its doors for free admission
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