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Church of St. Nicholas in Pyzhi in Moscow


Church of St. Nicholas in Pyzhi
Photo from wikimapia.org

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Patriarchy Bridge and Cathedral of Christ the Savior at Spring TwilightKotelnicheskaya Embankment Building in Golden HourIMG_5382IMG_5374IMG_5384IMG_5381Reflections of Moscow Landmarks in Park Zaryadye at Nightin the centre of old city (new buildings)Kremlevskaya Embankment / Moscow / モスクワKremlevskaya Embankment / Moscow / モスクワKremlevskaya Embankment / Moscow / モスクワKremlevskaya Embankment / Moscow / モスクワZamoskvorechye, MoscowVolkhonka Street, MoscowMoscow, Church of Saint Antipas of Pergamum in Kolymazhny Dvor.Church of St. Nicholas in Pyzhi - photo 16

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21.10.2016 Aleksandra
Mentally, quietly, I want to get back there again.
04.09.2016 Dmitriy
Nice temple
16.07.2016 Anna
Beautiful church, but sometimes there are creeps hanging out here. So I asked mom for money to go ahead and buy tickets at the nearby art gallery... But I noticed this beggar/weirdo watching too closely. Not a bad area at all, just churches are good business for beggars. Now I always have a good eye for trouble, so when he followed me to the exit I went back to join my family. There was, after all, street construction right outside, and therefore very bad visibility due to fences. He then followed our family outside, but I quickly managed to outmaneuver and outdistance him.
Lesson learned. Just don't take out large sums of money (any sum bigger than 500 rubles) in Russia, talk about money r take out purse etc. The money transfer from my mother to me was all that got me into the potential picketing/(mugging?)/begging/money harassing zone.
06.06.2016 Aleks
Great service, the Holy Father, the Holy Spirit is always there. Christ Is Risen!!!
18.02.2016 Firewolf
Very beautiful place, like
01.04.2015 Ivan
We love children's Sunday school (for preschool and primary school age), the presence of the community and community activities.
12.11.2012 Eugenia
Built in 1672 the Musketeers of the order Pyzhova. A traditional 17th-century five-domed temple with rows of semicircular corbel arches.
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