Weather in Moscow now

+7 °C
Wind: north, 7 m/s
Humidity: 33 %
Pressure: 759 mm Hg
Average temperatures
April+12 °C+3 °C
May+21 °C+10 °C
June+23 °C+13 °C
July+26 °C+16 °C
August+24 °C+14 °C
September+17 °C+9 °C

Excursions in Moscow: Bus tours

Cold War: air defence system around Moscow. One-day-excursion by car!
Bus tours
Price: 8750 ₽ Private
Duration: 6 hours
Please discuss tha date and time of the tour before you book it. ___ In 1950 Stalin ordered to create the first anti-aircraft system around Moscow. In 1962 russian missles went to Cuba. It was the begining of the Cold War. We will visit several military bunkers and missile silos around Moscow. They were launched in USSR epoch and were ready to stop any nuclear attack. Now there is no big secret about them: they are safe and abandoned and Moscow is defended by the new version of anti-aircraft system. Standart tour is 250 kilometers, 6 hours, 2 abandoned military bases (60-100 km from Moscow). The long version of the tour (extra 3000 rubles) includes 300 kilometers, 10 hours, 4 bases. The price is one for the whole company. The group of 1-4 persons goes at the car of the guide. If you have a group of 5 to 8 persons, we can rent a minibus or take the second car with a driver. Extra pay is 7000 rubles. Let's go and fell special atmosphere of soviet anti-missle objects!
Customized city bus tour in Moscow
Bus tours
Price: 14440 ₽ Private
Duration: 2 hours
Moscow is a magical city- It keeps a lot of memories about history, legendary persons and tremendous cultural achievements. Our customized city bus tour covers all the remarkable places of the capital of Russia. We will pick you up and drop off at your hotel. We will provide you with a personal driver and guide.. This entire tour is conducted with the use of minibus and big bus. We make 3 stops in our journey to explore in more detail and give you time to make memorable photos: - Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, - Sparrow Hills - Poklonnaya Hill Our tour will be the best choice for you bacause it: - Covers all most important sites in short time - Comfortable in any weather - cold, hot or rainy - Pick up and drop off at your hotel - At the time most convenient for you, day or night - Easy for travelers with children or elderly Welcome in Russia!