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Novodevichy Convent
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Novodevichy Convent, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, also known as Bogoroditse-Smolensky Monastery is a well-known cloister of Moscow. The Novodevichy Convent was founded in 1524 by Grand Prince Vasili III in commemoration of the conquest of Smolensk in 1514 at a curve of the Moskva River. It was captured by a Polish unit under the command of Aleksander Gosiewski in 1610-1611. It was liberated by the tsar in 1616 with deployment of 100 Streltsy in that year and 350 soldiers in 1618. Once the Convent was a shelter of ladies from the Russian royal families and boyar clans. In the 17th century, nuns from other Ukrainian and Belarusian monasteries were transfered to this Convent

The Filatyev brothers donated money for a shelter-school for the orphans of "ignoble origins" in 1871. The Bolsheviks closed down the Novodevichy Convent in 1922 but the cathedral was the last to be closed, in 1929 and turned it into the Museum of Women's Emancipation. In 1926, the monastery was transformed into a history and art museum and was affiliated with the State Historical Museum in 1934.

Theological Courses at the convent were started by Stalin in 1943 and the program was transformed and became the Moscow Theological Institute in 1944. In 1994, nuns returned to the convent, which is currently under the authority of the Metropolitan of Krutitsy and Kolomna. Some of the churches and other monastic buildings are still affiliated with the State Historical Museum. In 1995, they resumed service in the convent on patron saint's days.

The oldest structure in the convent is the six-pillared five-domed cathedral, dedicated to the icon Our Lady of Smolensk. It was formerly ringed by four smaller chapels, in an arrangement reminiscent of the Annunciation Cathedral in the Kremlin. Its frescos are among the finest in Moscow. The blood-red walls and crown-towers, two lofty over-the-gates churches, a refectory, and residential quarters were all designed in the Muscovite Baroque style, supposedly by a certain Peter Potapov. In the old cathedral, a new bowl for holy water and gilded carved iconostasis were installed in 1685. Its four tiers contain 16th-century icons endowed by Boris Godunov. The fifth tier displays icons by leading 17th-century painters, Simeon Ushakov and Fyodor Zubov.

The belltower commissioned by Sophia, was built in six tiers to a height of 72 metres, making it the second highest structure in 18th-century Moscow after Ivan the Great Bell Tower. In 1898, the Novodevichy Cemetery was opened without monastery walls. It was turned into the most high-profile cemetery in Russia.

Novodevichy Convent is probably the best-known cloister of Moscow. Unlike other Moscow cloisters, it has remained virtually intact since the 17th century. In 2004, it was proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Novodevichy Convent - photo 1Novodevichy MonasteryAssumption Church and Smolensk Cathedral@Novodevichi Convent (New Monastery of the Virgin), Moscow_22 May 2008cúpulas del monasterio de novodevichy-moscú 1987.Novodevichy Convent / Moscow, RussiaNovodevichy MonasteryMoscow - Novodevichy Convent, Москва - Новодевичий монастырьAlexander N. Scriabin@Novodevichy Cemetery, Moscow_22 May 2008Северные воротаНоводевичий монастырьNovodevichy MonasteryNovodevichy MonasteryCúpulas de la Catédral Smolensk, Monasterio de Novodevich, Moscú,RusiaRientro dalla funzione ....Novodevichy ConventNovodevichy-Kloster  Turm von 1690  -  Новодевичий монастырь башня 1690Novodevichy ConventМосква. Новодевичий монастырь. Башенка над палатами царевны Евдокии Милославской. Октябрь 2011г.Покровская надвратная церковь - Gate Church of the IntercessionНоводевичий монастырьNovodevichy Convent. Smolensky Cathedral. Новодевичий монастырь. Смоленский соборNostra Signora di NovodevichMonastero di NovodevichiyНоводевичий монастырь в морозный зимний деньMOSCA. Monastero delle VerginiMoscow - Novodevichy Convent, Москва - Новодевичий монастырьМосква. Новодевичий монастырь.Новодевичански манастир или Манастир Смоленске Богородице -  Новоде́вичий монасты́рь, Богоро́дице-Смоле́нский монасты́рь - Москва - Звоник - КолокольняНоводевичански манастир или Манастир Смоленске Богородице -  Новоде́вичий монасты́рь, Богоро́дице-Смоле́нский монасты́рь - МоскваAndrei Andreyevich Voznesensky -  Андре́й Андре́евич Вознесе́нский2011 год. Москва. Успенская церковь...Москва. Новодевичий монастырь.Москва. Новодевичий монастырь.Напрудная башняСмоленский собор и колокольняСмоленский собор и колокольняНоводевичий монастырь   16 векМариинские палаты и Надвратная Покровская церковь

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30.12.2016 Oscar Benitez
16.10.2016 Svetlana Aleksandrova
Very nice Park area along the river. Spring and summer are just ideal for walks and beautiful shots.
16.10.2016 Denis Yaskevich
Cozy place, quiet Park, beautiful monastery, monument, duck with ducklings. Very nice place, recommend for walking.
05.10.2016 Yuriy Volovikov
Beautiful monastery. Quiet place with its pleasant atmosphere. A walk in the Park is a special treat, you will not regret.
12.09.2016 Andrey Rybin
Very beautiful pond, at night everything looks very romantic
26.08.2016 Paola C.
not easy to reach by walk
19.08.2016 Traveller Hints
Orthodox women's monastery in Moscow draws attention to the architectural masterpieces of Russian Baroque. The current convent interesting lots of historically significant buildings – the Mariinsky chambers, the chambers of the Princess Sophia, a Church complex.
15.08.2016 Svetlana Morf
A very beautiful place! In the Park, on the shore of the pond, a group of students paint on canvases monastery. Along the shore is lowered into the water the willow branches, forming a cap, inside which you can go) a lot of tourists, young boys and girls have run. Someday I want to visit the territory of the monastery.
13.08.2016 Sergey Golosov
One of the most beautiful places of Moscow with a special atmosphere. The best time to visit - may (lilac blooms) and "Zolotaya osen" (see photo). Best as I know of the monuments which still belong to the state. Unfortunately, so it is often in the woods. But inside is very cozy and tidy. It makes little sense to describe the sights. More importantly, after visiting this place I have a light peaceful atmosphere.
09.08.2016 Marina V
One of my favorite places in the world!! Make sure to go inside the monastery, it is spectacular!❤
06.08.2016 Kondaba Deshmukh
Nice to see
25.07.2016 First Last
good place
05.07.2016 Igor Kuzn
Historical place , beautiful and quiet Park. Hopefully mad enough not to spoil.
18.06.2016 Petr Didenko
Very cool and free.
05.06.2016 Svetoslav Rezenkov
Very beautiful and peaceful. Especially when there are no tourists=)
29.05.2016 Olga Ozik
Read the story, if you walk there. Very nice and with more information walk more interesting!
11.04.2016 Stephen Pack
Wonderfully scenic and peaceful place. Very well preserved buildings. Perfect example of a religious retreat, but in the center of the city.
28.03.2016 Mihail Muravev
The area is not landscaped. The place is gorgeous.
13.03.2016 Ilya Komissarenko
A pleasant place for walking, beautiful architecture, the pond, the feeling of being somewhere outside the city
19.01.2016 Anton Bazhanov
Memorial place of the christening. Quiet and beautiful.
16.01.2016 Dmitriy Korolev
A terrific place for walking. Very cute and friendly species around a small pond. On the evening of good architectural lighting.
12.01.2016 Aleksandr Shchugorev
One of the symbols of Moscow. Beautiful white stone wall was the backdrop for a large number of historical films.
09.01.2016 Ruben
Safe from the point of view of pathogenicity cemetery.
15.11.2015 Anya
Currently there is restoration and this peaceful place turned into a noisy construction site. Suggest to temporarily refrain from visiting. But the outside is almost all finished - beautiful!
31.10.2015 Anastasia
Leaning against Sofianou tower you can make a wish. What I do when I'm here.
20.10.2015 Freddy
Repair exterior wall.
11.10.2015 Larissa
Beautiful place! Adorable walk here + cemetery and some coffe around for a lovely and peaceful afternoon
12.08.2015 Natalie
10.08.2015 Alice
Best place to quietly reflect and to make an important decision. And just to get my thoughts in order. Beautifully and emotionally here.
30.06.2015 Igor Serebryakov
Novodevichy monastery founded by Grand Prince Vasili in 1524 Vozniknovenie the return of Smolensk to Russia after the victory in the war with Lithuania and Poland. The amazing beauty of the monument of architecture, history and culture of Russia.
12.06.2015 Elena
Restoration is in full swing, everywhere is stacked the forest, or already mounted.Scurry builders, but not annoying. At the grave of abbess Leonida irises overwhelming size and beauty.
25.03.2015 Nelly
Very quiet and peaceful , but all is not best:( all shabby and unkempt
10.11.2014 Alexandra
The legend about the tower Sofiino - bullshit answer. This legend has 6 years old, and I live here since my childhood and nothing like this before! Only the monument of architecture of the ruin, fools.
01.11.2014 Paul
Visited this monastery several times and I have the impression that it is under construction always, but hanging out here is great - the monastery is very beautiful and photogenic. Always a lot of tourists.
27.10.2014 Natalia
Quiet, deserted, but there is a duty priest who communicates with all
21.10.2014 Anastasiya
The peace and quiet. In the Church you can put candles. The tower of Sophia to write her wish, saying that will come true.
03.10.2014 Regina
It's worth a stroll not only a huge territory, but also to go inside(often historical exhibitions inside)
28.09.2014 Jana
Beautiful, quiet and pleasant for walks place. Don't forget to make a wish at the tower of Sofiysky, it helps..
21.09.2014 Irina
With the holiday!!!!!
30.08.2014 Anastasiya
A very beautiful place. The walls of the outdoor swimming pool create an extraordinary mood. :-)
16.08.2014 Evgeniya
Such an amazing place:quiet,cozy,you can feel the presence of God! Unfortunately,not all people understand it, surprised when I see people Smoking(foreigners) on the territory of the monastery.
13.08.2014 Elenia
Quiet and peaceful
13.08.2014 Elena
Divinely calm atmosphere, like new, very clean and comfortable. Get peace and tranquility when walking here.
03.08.2014 Mike Jurasek
Architecturally masterful. The cemetery is very interesting. Burial plots of Chekov, Yeltsin, Raisha Gorbachev, Krushchev, Stalins second wife and more. A little bit of a haul to get there, but worth it. No fee for the cemetery
08.06.2014 Olga
The Grave Of Denis Davydov
02.06.2014 Stanislav
Not found then the wash, terrible service. If the arch is to shout loudly "hail Satan" is not only the desires associated with the family. But be careful - Christians have a bad sense of humor.
01.06.2014 Arkadiy
Ruined tower of the monastery. Ancient burials. This unusual monastery. Walk inside. But do not make noise. Plus on the other side of the pond place.
29.03.2014 Semen
A magical place ))))?????
27.01.2014 Aleks
If there is a God, why not?
10.12.2013 Irina
The first abbess was Elena Girl. Her grave is at the walls of Smolensk Cathedral. So, maybe this fact somehow influenced the name of the monastery. :)


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