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The State Tretyakov Gallery (Russian: Государственная Третьяковская Галерея, Gosudarstvennaya Tretyâkovskaya Galereya; abbreviated ГТГ, GTG) is an art gallery in Moscow, Russia, the foremost depository of Russian fine art in the world.

The gallery's history starts in 1856 when the Moscow merchant Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov acquired works by Russian artists of his day with the aim of creating a collection, which might later grow into a museum of national art. In 1892, Tretyakov presented his already famous collection of approximately 2,000 works (1,362 paintings, 526 drawings, and 9 sculptures) to the Russian nation.

The façade of the gallery building was designed by the painter Viktor Vasnetsov in a peculiar Russian fairy-tale style. It was built in 1902–04 to the south from the Moscow Kremlin. During the 20th century, the gallery expanded to several neighboring buildings, including the 17th-century church of St. Nicholas in Tolmachi.

The collection contains more than 130,000 exhibits, ranging from Theotokos of Vladimir and Andrei Rublev's Trinity to the monumental Composition VII by Wassily Kandinsky and the Black Square by Kazimir Malevich.

In 1977 the Gallery kept a significant part of the George Costakis collection.

In May 2012, the Tretyakov Art Gallery played host to the prestigious FIDE World Chess Championship between Viswanathan Anand and Boris Gelfand as the organizers felt the event would promote both chess and art at the same time.


Pavel Tretyakov started collecting art in the middle of 1850. The founding year of the Tretyakov Gallery is considered to be 1856, when Pavel Tretyakov purchased two paintings of Russian artists: "Temptation” by N.G. Schilder and "Skirmish with Finnish Smugglers” by V.G. Kudyakov, although earlier in 1854-1855, he bought 11 graphic sheets and 9 pictures of old Dutch masters. In 1867 the "Moscow City Gallery of Pavel and Sergei Tretyakov" was opened. The Gallery’s collection consisted of 1,276 paintings, 471 sculptures and 10 drawings of Russian artists, as well as 84 paintings by foreign masters.

In August 1892 Pavel presented his art Gallery to the city of Moscow as a gift. In the Gallery’s collection at this time, there were 1,287 paintings and 518 graphic works of the Russian school, 75 paintings and 8 drawings of European schools, 15 sculptures and a collection of icons. The official opening of the museum called the "Moscow City Gallery of Pavel and Sergei Tretyakov." Took place on August 15, 1893.

The Gallery was located in a mansion that the Tretykov family purchased in 1851. As the Tretyakov collection of art grew, the residential part of the mansion filled with art and it became necessary to make additions to the mansion in order to store and display the works of art. The additions to the mansion were made in 1873, 1882, 1885, 1892 and finally in 1902-1904, when there was the famous facade, designed in 1900-1903 by architect V. Bashkirov from the drawings of the artist Viktor Vasnetsov. Construction of the famous façade was managed by the architect A.M. Kalmykov.

In early 1913, the Moscow City Duma elected Igor Grabar as a trustee of the Tretyakov Gallery.

On June 3, 1918, The Tretyakov Gallery was declared owned by Russian Federated Soviet Republic and was named the State Tretyakov Gallery. Igor Grabar was again appointed director of the museum. With Grabar’s active participation in the same year, the State Museum Fund was created, which up until 1927 remained one of the most important sources of replenishment of the Gallery's collection.

In 1926 architect and academician A.V. Shchusev became the director of the Gallery. In the following year the Gallery acquired the neighboring house on Maly Tolmachevsky Lane (the house was the former home of the merchant Sokolikov). After restructuring in 1928, it housed the Gallery administration, academic departments, library, manuscripts department, and the funds and graphics staffs. Later, in 1985-1994, an administrative building was built from the design of architect A.L. Bernstein with 2 floors and height equal to that of the exposition halls.

In 1928 serious renovations were made to the Gallery to provide heating and ventilation. In 1929 electricity was installed.

In 1929 the church St. Nicholas in Tolmachi was closed, and in 1932 the building was given to the Gallery and became a storage facility for paintings and sculptures. Later, the church was connected to the exposition halls and a top floor was built which was specially designed for exhibiting a painting by A.A. Ivanov "The Appearance of Christ to the People" (1837-1857). A transition space was built between rooms located on either side of the main staircase. This ensured the continuity of the view of exposure. The Gallery began to develop a new concept of accommodating exhibits.

In 1936, a new two floor building was constructed which is located on the north side of the main building – it is known as the "Schusevsky” building. These halls were first used for exhibitions, and since 1940 have been included in the main route of exposure.

From the first days of the Great War, the Gallery personnel began dismantling the exhibition - as well as those of other museums in Moscow, in preparation for evacuating during time of war. Paintings were rolled on wooden shafts, covered with tissue paper, placed in boxes, and sheathed with waterproof material. In the middle of the summer of 1941 the train of 17 wagons traveled from Moscow and brought the collection to Novosibirsk. The Gallery was not reopened in Moscow until May 17, 1945 upon the conclusion of the Great War.

In 1956, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Tretyakov Gallery, the Alexander Ivanov Hall was completed.

From 1980-1992, the director of the Tretyakov Gallery was Y.K. Korolev. Because of the increased number of visitors, Korolev was actively engaged in expanding the area of exposition. In 1983, construction work began to expand the Gallery. In 1985 the Depository - a repository of works of art and restoration workshops – was commissioned. In 1986 renovations began on the main building of the Tretyakov Gallery. The architects I.M. Vinogradsky, G.V. Astafev, B.A. Klimov and others were retained to perform this project. In 1989, on the south side of the main building, a new building was designed and constructed to house a conference hall, a computer and information center, children's studio and exhibition halls. The building was named the "Corps of Engineers", because it housed engineering systems and services.

From 1986 to 1995, the Tretyakov Gallery in Lavrushinsky Lane was closed to visitors to accommodate a major renovation project to the building. At the time, the only museum in the exhibition area of this decade was the building on the Crimean Val, 10, which in 1985 was merged with the Tretyakov Gallery.

Gallery of modern art

In 1985, the Tretyakov Gallery was administratively merged with a gallery of contemporary art, housed in a large modern building along the Garden Ring, immediately south of the Crimean Bridge. The grounds of this branch of the museum contain a collection of Socialist Realism sculpture, including such highlights as Yevgeny Vuchetich's iconic statue of "Iron Felix" (which was removed from Lubyanka Square in 1991), the "Swords Into Plowshares" sculpture representing a nude worker forging a plough out of a sword, and the "Young Russia" monument. Nearby is Zurab Tsereteli's 86-metre-tall statue of Peter the Great, one of the tallest outdoor statues in the world.

Near the Gallery of modern art there is a sculpture garden called "the graveyard of fallen monuments" that displays statues of former Soviet Union that were relocated.

There are certain plans to demolish the gallery constructed in the late Soviet modernism style, though the public opinion is strongly against them.

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Третьяковская галерея100918-021 MOSCU. GALERIA TRETIAKOVТретьяковская галереяПамятник Павлу Михайловичу Третьякову, основателю Третьяковской галереи.Третьяковская галерея - главный входMoscou  La galerie TretyakovТретьяковская галереяMosca 2010 - Galleria di Stato Tretyakov - particolare della facciata Третьяковская галереяНОЧНАЯ ТРЕТЬЯКОВКА


Entrance ticket to the Tretyakov Gallery with an open date
History & Architecture
The State Tretyakov Gallery has one of the largest collections of Russian fine art in the world. The exposition in the main building "Russian Painting of the 11th - early 20th century" (Lavrushinsky Lane, 10) is part of the All-Russian Museum Association "The State Tretyakov Gallery", founded in 1986
Price: 1085 ₽ Shared
Duration: 0 hours
The purchase of an e-ticket will allow you to avoid long lines at the ticket offices of the State Tretyakov Gallery. The ticket can be used within 30 days from the date of issue. The entrance ticket will allow you to visit the main exposition located in the main building of the State Tretyakov Gallery at the address: Moscow, Lavrushinsky per. 10 for one day. In the order there must be at least 1 paid ticket. Only you can not place an order for a free ticket.

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday at 10:00-18:00, Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 10:00-21:00


02.01.2018 Edo
A great variety of Russian master pieces, and an incredible amount of paintings. It just misses a bit of explanations in English, but they can be obtained from the audio guides
26.12.2017 Sergei
The Exposition is good, almost for Creative People who Stay in art. But the luggage room Manager were not kind and try to make nazi insult for foreign Tourist.
06.12.2017 KHOSRO
It's fabioules with more than 60 hall with unique painting, ticket was 500 rubels and you need at least 2 hours to see all.
04.12.2017 Raffaello
Tretyakov gallery is one of the most recommended art galleries in Moscow filled of Russian artists.
The tour starts from the first floor with a lot of styles of paintings, Gogol, Tolstoj, Puskin, “Three heroes” , “The Apparition of Christ to the people ".. make Russians proud; historically important, but with questionable artistic value.
Contrary, the ground floor is completely dedicated to Russian icons, this is the most important collection of Russian icons in the whole country for quality and quantity.
The cost of the ticket is 500 rubles, plus 500 rubles for the audio guide (350 rubles for Russian audio guide). The main exhibits took me 2/3 hours
The staff inside the museum don`t speak English, it's a shame.
02.11.2017 David
Audioguide is great....except it starts in Room 54 before taking you to Room 2! After that, perfectly sensible...and fabulous!
29.10.2017 Boris
Super rich area. You can 4-5 hours to look at everything. One stage for icons. Another for paintings. Wonderful !
27.10.2017 Tom
Very interesting gallery if you would like to see the work of many Russian painters
30.09.2017 Big
I never would have expected to be captivated like this by Russian classicism. Absolutely beautiful!

Clearly recommended to visit!
21.09.2017 Nik
As one of the most recommended art galleries in Moscow filled with Russian talent, it's a shame that some staff inside the museum don't cater for tourists by not speaking English.

Otherwise well spaced out with a lot of styles of paintings and sculptures to make Russians proud. You can see the whole place in just over an hour.
20.09.2017 Alex
It was a really good experience. With an audio guide just going over the main exhibits took me 4 hours. So there is plenty to see. With the ticket it is possible to leave the building go for a snack and come back to continue the tour.
19.09.2017 Katja
Allow at least 3 hours for visiting all rooms. Ticket is 500₽. Free WiFi in the main hall only (don't forget to put your phone on silent mode).
08.09.2017 Stavroula
Some of the staff were very grumpy. Some were great. Some interesting pieces but unless you go with a list of things to see you can spend too much time in here.
26.08.2017 Victor
Old device recording temperature and humidity.
08.08.2017 Tasha
The biggest art gallery of Russian art. Worth to visit.
26.06.2017 Giuseppe
Nice, clean, big, surprising famous paintings, excellent staff service, prepare the whole day for this visit.
25.06.2017 Maarte
Wonderful gallery. Not all texts are translated to English, but it doesn't matter. There is so much to see.
16.06.2017 Vladimir
A cultural pearl of old Moscow. Through centuries this place keep it's incredible heritage
11.06.2017 Ilya
Gallery is very big. It's impossible to describe how beautiful this place
04.06.2017 Al
One of the worst customer servise seen ever. The guard seems to work in a prison. Made me leave all kid's stuff including pampers and water in the cloakroom. Going here? Be prepared to suffer.
12.05.2017 Ilya
Must see museum is art in Russia
11.05.2017 JingoOfYorkshire
Wonderful collection of art. A large gallery, great for a rainy day in Moscow
11.05.2017 Alexander
One of the best art galleries in Russia well known all over the world. In these buildings you can find at up to 19th century and temporary exhibitions.
29.04.2017 Anton
Fabulous ancient Russian icons, very nice Russian impressionist Vrubel' expo and more. One of the best Russian art galleries if not the best. Ps "Russian museum" in st Petersburg also had amazing icon range
26.04.2017 Bert
Impressive collection of Russian paint art. Presented - mostly - by artist.
24.04.2017 Artemy
Very nice museum. Most of the famous Russian paintings are located here. I recommend it a lot!
10.04.2017 Merve
Get lost among Repin, Aivazovsky, Siskin, Kramskoy and many other important artists... Don't forget to see Dostoyevski's famous look we see in the books!
09.04.2017 Artemy
Privacy squared
07.04.2017 DashS
Great experience
23.03.2017 Babak
Wonderful gallery
12.02.2017 Dina
One of the best memories of Moscow. It's thanks to the wonderful guide (netrelease). The paintings were chosen saaaame known, but served with many unknown facts. For example Shishkin wrote only "morning in a pine forest", and bears other artist. The fee they divided. But the Tretyakov has removed the name of the second artist of a painting.... Just one the forest was very realistic, but....boring. Debunked my misconception that Ivanov wrote "one" picture. Two halls of the Tretyakov gallery proof. In the halls of the icons were almost furtively well worth the return.
08.02.2017 Ilya
The state Tretyakov gallery is among the largest museums in the world. Its popularity is almost legendary. To see her treasures, hundreds of thousands of people come every year in the quiet Lavrushinsky lane, is located in one of the oldest districts of Moscow, in Zamoskvorechye.
The state Tretyakov gallery - the national Museum of Russian fine arts of X - XX centuries. Situated in Moscow and bears name of its founder, Moscow merchant and textile manufacturer Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov.
The state Tretyakov gallery is the national Treasury of fine art which includes masterpieces created for more than a thousand years. By the decree of the President of the Russian Federation gallery is related to one of the most valuable objects of culture of our country.
The Tretyakov gallery is devoted exclusively to the national Russian art, those artists who contributed to the history of Russian art or been closely connected with it. This was conceived by the gallery of P. M. Tretyakov (1832-1898), that preserved it to the present day.
Founded in 1856. Opened to the public in 1893. Several rooms of the private collection of Pavel Tretyakov was first opened to visitors in 1874,
From 1893 - Moscow city art gallery named after Pavel Mikhailovich and Sergei Mikhailovich Tretyakov, 1918 - the State Tretyakov gallery, 1986 - all-Union Museum Association "State Tretyakov gallery", 1992 - present name.
The founder of the gallery was a Moscow merchant Pavel Tretyakov, whose collection of works of the Russian school became his life, and the creation of the public Museum of its meaning and justification. Being an avid collector, and in 1872 began construction of the first halls of the future of the gallery, attaching them to the house in Lavrushinsky lane, where he lived himself. Later, in 1902, the facade was reconstructed in the Russian style by the Russian artist V. M. Vasnetsov. In 1892 Tretyakov realized his dream gave gathered a collection and a collection of younger brother S. M. Tretyakov, Moscow as a gift. The Grand opening of the gallery took place on 16 may 1893
Initially the collection consisted of 1287 paintings, 518 drawings and 9 sculptures.
Currently the collection includes more than 100 thousand storage units. They are not only in the main exhibition in Lavrushinsky lane, but also indoors on the Crimean shaft, 10, the second part, which is a continuation of the first.
Ready to accept new exposure chamber of the XVII century and the eighteenth-century building in Lavrushinsky lane, adjacent to the main Museum building. Built a new building on the corner of Lavrushinsky lane and Kadashevskaya embankment. Now the historic core of the gallery is a beautiful ensemble with its remarkable centrepiece is a slender bell tower of the Church of St. Nicholas, the house Church gallery.
Located on two sites, separated from each other by several city blocks. This gives you the opportunity to present in one Museum the best works of the entire history of Russian art from the ancient period up to the creativity of our contemporary artists. In addition, the Tretyakov gallery has in its structure the arts Museum: the Museum-apartment AP.M. Vasnetsov house-Museum of V. M. Vasnetsov, the Museum-workshop of A. S. Golubkina, Museum-apartment of P. D. Korin house-Museum of N. With. Goncharova and M. F. Larionov
27.01.2017 Tasha
Great Museum!!! Very suitable for first visit kids. Went with the kids (4-6 years) from an art Studio, and knew in advance that will go into the hall of V. M. Vasnetsov prepared planchette and pencils for sketching. The tour has prepared itself and after a short stories sat down to draw. With what envy looked at us kids, just come on a tour! Children and their parents love it! After who wanted to, took audige - very detailed and interesting assistant Museum(I recommend, however still + 270 p.) It is a pity that tickets are so expensive (for adults), which for most makes it impossible to visit the Museum with families... Yes, and should come early - fewer people. Thank you to the servants halls
14.01.2017 Georgiy
Amazing art gallery, buy online tickets to avoid queues at the entrance
28.11.2016 Alex
It's very bad, stale air, staff with sour faces.
Negotov flooded from the very beginning. Pass jacket, babulka takes and immediately says "hanger 20p" I said in reply "you are quite brazen, the ticket is 400 rubles. more and shoulders". Word for word a little quarrel?, coat his wife decided not to pass, as did 90тр worth it. Go to exposure and directly from some toad-"here with outerwear no", sent it to tries. Walked perhaps two hours, no impressions, no only after two hours in the room rotten headache.

My opinion is a waste of money.
Watch intsiklopiyu home much more interesting.
10.11.2016 Roman
Big queue on the street, there is no information about what to do if you bought tickets via the Internet - do you have the right to skip queues or have to stand with everyone else? Foreigners, meanwhile, the rod queue.
After going inside is that you can't go to the Museum with a backpack, even with a compact! What is the reason for this is - is not clear. It is proposed to hand over the backpack for storage, but "the administration is not responsible for". That is, I'm a traveling freelancer, in my backpack of course there are valuable things, my working tool - laptop, tablet. And in the Tretyakov gallery can not afford to install lockers? I'm not talking about the fact that in July of this year I was in the Louvre, and quietly went to him with the same backpack!
The Louvre, Carl! Based on 60 years earlier than the Tretyakov gallery!

According to the content is nothing special - a lot of halls with Orthodox icons - well, it's on the conscience of the owners of the gallery. Nice to see familiar pictures in school textbooks. Navigation through the halls limping, easy to get lost and pass by half exposure.
24.10.2016 Lars
The place is huge! It will take several hours to take it all in :)
16.09.2016 Aleksey
Was a Thursday in mid-September, no queues, the number of visitors in the room will not create discomfort for oznakomlenie with painting. The Chinese, too, were few. Was abilities using cash registers on the map of Visa difficulties is absolutely not made up. Passed things in the closet, and bags in a locker.All free. And passed in the halls for the sight of a fine collection of Russian art. The attitude exhibited exhibits will not show as it is a matter of taste and culture, but I will say that I was happy as a child the paintings are studied from reproductions in the school years. I think it was very useful for our modern student.
14.09.2016 Denis
Gallery itself is excellent. But the organization and the time did not like. At the entrance need to pass the backpack in a locker, and for the safety of things in it no one answers. Video surveillance cameras either. In our backpack was expensive equipment - a camera and a laptop. Said, do not want to take, lay out the backpack carry in your hands.
Keep in mind when planning a visit.
09.09.2016 Viacheslav
Great service, there are souvenir shops, cafes, restaurant, you can take the audio tour, but it is better to order the guide. Tickets cost 0 rubles, 150 rubles and 400 rubles. There's no cell service.
08.09.2016 Assaf
It's a nice central place to stay in room is comfortable food is good (breakfast and dinner) but if it only had a swimming pool this would be great but any way it's a good hotel
05.09.2016 Dmitriy
I like this place, but me also very angry and sorrowful that near the Kremlin in our "sorpresivamente" the time of a modern building. Even sadder it gets because these new buildings arrogantly come to the historic center of the capital thanks to the decision of the staff of the state Tretyakov gallery - the people who can not understand the high price of authenticity. The construction of the new building of the gallery inside the historic quarter is a sneaky "stab in the back" the old woman from the capital Moscow artistic intelligentsia!!!
31.08.2016 D
A lot of exhibits, but it is not like the paintings. First, many are under glass, and secondly hang in several rows. These two factors, plus the glaring light from the transparent roof makes the piece almost unreadable, actually have to look closely to understand what the artist painted. Well, it's freezing in the halls, in the cold season is not so noticeable, but in the summer, closer to the end of the exposure, it is possible to stiffen specifically.
18.08.2016 Aleksey
A great place for art lovers. Place of cult, so everyone knows that this is an art gallery. If you really want to "thoughtfully" (in quotes) look at the picture, then you should plan to spend at least a whole day, and if you want to carefully (without the quotes), then it can take a big part of your life. I can only say that the software on the terminal to purchase tickets - an example of how not to do software. Foreigners are unable to buy tickets without assistance, because there is no language selection. What can I say, done so illogical and tickets are divided into many categories so I've blunted when purchasing tickets. In the lobby on the way out you can buy a souvenir coin with the image of a painting by one of the famous artists.
12.08.2016 Natalya
What can I say, this place is must to visit in Moscow. A feast for the eyes, pleasure of the soul and the pride of the nation! Return to see all. At one time it is physically impossible to go around, if only briefly to watch. But unless there is then in this sense?
05.08.2016 Grigory
Wonderful Museum, but the paintings are behind glass and hanging in several rows, which is difficult not just to consider them, but to see what's actually written. In the toilets a running metronome is a little unnerving, and in the halls on the first floor in the freezing cold.
28.07.2016 Artyom
Please be strength and patience, if you decide to watch it all: personally, it took me the whole 6 hours. After visiting these places realize how underrated Russian cultural heritage.
13.07.2016 Nastya
I, as a person who graduated from art school, liked to visit here. Failed to review all of the pictures from too much. Will have to come to Moscow again))
03.07.2016 Xanti
Not so interesting. Old stylish rooms and staff... Quite rude! If you like religious art, there are better ones.
 Not bad
23.06.2016 Roman
The mass of new impressions each time, it is impossible to grasp the immensity and see everything at once. In a gallery you need to go often, even just for the mood.
21.06.2016 Elena
Amazing place! Words are superfluous. Tretyakov gallery - this is some emotion because of the history, masterpieces, talent and masters of their craft.
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