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Muranovo estate museum


Poet Fyodor Tyutchev estate museum

Muranovo estate museum 

Museum complex "Estate Muranovo of Feodor Tyutchev" includes:

  • The main mansion,
  • Outbuilding and kitchen
  • The weatherstrip tool
  • Kucharsky,
  • Glacier
  • The house Church of the Saviour.

The Museum has one of the richest collection of furniture in Russia, a large variety of fine materials, a library of more than 9000 books. There are guided tours, temporary exhibitions in the museum.

How to get there by public transport:

By the train from Moscow Yaroslavl station to the station Ashukinsky, then by bus No. 34 to the stop "Museum Muranovo"


The Museum is open daily, except Monday and last Friday of the month (cleaning day) from 10.00 to 18.00. The ticket office is open until 16.30.


Усадьба Тютчевых.

27 июля 2006 г. в музее произошел пожар.

Режим работы: ежедневно с 10:00 до 18:00, касса - до 16:30; в субботу - до 21:00; понедельник - выходной.

Тел.: +7 (496) 531-87-37, (496) 531-81-80

Факс: +7 (496) 531-87-37


Source: Wikimapia

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МурановоМурановоМурановоМурановоМурановоМурановоМузей-усадьба Мураново (музей Ф. И. Тютчева) МурановоМурановоМурановоМурановоМурановоТеремокМурановоМурановоУсадьба Мураново (до пожара)Усадьба Тютчевых МурановоМузей-усадьба Мураново (музей Ф. И. Тютчева) Музей-усадьба Мураново (музей Ф. И. Тютчева) Музей-усадьба Мураново (музей Ф. И. Тютчева) Музей-усадьба Мураново (музей Ф. И. Тютчева) Музей-усадьба Мураново (музей Ф. И. Тютчева) Музей-усадьба Мураново (музей Ф. И. Тютчева) Музей-усадьба Мураново (музей Ф. И. Тютчева) МурановоМурановоМурановоТютчевские пейзажи в МурановоМурановоMuranovo museumМураново. Тютчевские холмы.Музей-усадьба Мураново (музей Ф. И. Тютчева) Музей-усадьба Мураново (музей Ф. И. Тютчева) МурановоМогила ТютчеваМурановоВид со стороны усадьбы на прудMuronovoМураново летом.около магазинаБаня в Мураново.МурановоWWII Obelisk in Muranovo, July-2009Muranovo, Panorama, July-2009Пруд

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Street view


tourist photo
16.09.2016 Lidia
Очень красивые места!
tourist photo
01.09.2016 Pavel
Find in this HOMESTEAD only cons:
1) the Territory is very small, almost nowhere to walk
2) the Territory noblegarden - many buildings in poor condition, sidewalks are almost there. No, flower beds, etc.
3) because almost nowhere to walk, then wait for the 2 hour tour had no desire.
4) Expensive price (to pay separately for each floor at very democratic prices)
Of the advantages of the Avenue of oaks...
18.07.2016 Natasha
Spent a lovely day at the manor Muranovo 17.07.2016. A wonderful Museum, the magic tour, which was conducted by Alexander Sakhno. Wonderful place, people who love their work, poetic atmosphere. Unforgettable! Will definitely come back!
tourist photo
27.06.2016 Vasiliy
Small estate, it is a pity the house is allowed only with a guide. The entrance to the grounds of the estate are paid (50p). If you do not enter the house, then the manor itself is of little interest (Abramtsevo made a big impression), but if you walk on a hot summer day in the shade of Linden alley.
tourist photo
20.06.2016 Aleksey
Manor and Park in good condition, Museum quality is very pleasing exposure.
Easy to drive, before the estate ample free Parking.
To get to the manor house only by guided tour, we had to wait for her start for about an hour.
Manor Park is small but cute.
17.06.2016 mariya
A good estate, a beautiful Park. The entrance to the Central manor house only with a guide, but too expensive trips, but often what is comfortable. The Park entrance is 50 rubles,godly. But inspection of the Park will take no more than an hour,the area is not large. The Park is Nice for photo shoots,a very stylish place of your time,flowerbeds and lawns - all watched over..

To get his way from the station Yaroslavl Ashukinskaya directions by bus to the village of Muranovo( stop to the left through the woods about 100m away if you look in the direction of Moscow), a Park facing the bus stop,but the main entrance have to around to the left on the road.)
tourist photo
15.04.2016 Stepan
Everything is very expensive. 540 rubles a ticket. Toilet surcharge
tourist photo
09.04.2016 Dobraya
A bit of a strange place. But I think that is the norm
tourist photo
08.04.2016 Jane
Wonderful Museum complex. Entry prices are cheap. Taken all together, the Park and the tour. In the left area of 300-400 rubles. In comparison, for example, Abramtsevo (800 p.) is 2 times cheaper. There are benefits. Discounts for students. Guide - dear good woman, says with warmth. No trips to the Museum of not only the Park area. Part of the territory still belongs to the descendants of Tyutchev, and they live there.
tourist photo
27.01.2016 Juli
Beautiful place
tourist photo
18.10.2015 Alina
A wonderful buffet with dishes from the 19th century
tourist photo
09.10.2015 Evgeniy
A very beautiful place. Friendly staff.
tourist photo
30.08.2015 Elizaveta
One of the days enjoyed.Old house, family stories,pictures,letters.Park
16.08.2015 Ekaterina
15.08 we were at the bottom of a jam! It was very interesting, and were treated to a jam, sang songs, played live music! Had a wonderful time, next year come again)?
tourist photo
24.07.2015 Olga
Buffet in the Barn on weekdays not working. The estate is well preserved. The entrance to the house with a guide - 210 p., (will not regret), entrance in territory - 50 p.
tourist photo
18.07.2015 Olga
Beautifully preserved estate Baratynsky, later passed to Shakespeare. The entrance to the house with a guide - 210 R. Entrance - 50 R.
tourist photo
04.07.2015 Nadezhda
Wonderful place! Tasty food in the cafe
02.07.2015 Natalya
tourist photo
29.03.2015 Vlad
To the poet Tutchev has very little, relatively friendly staff at the Museum, a small exhibition of them, a simple excursion with intimate details of the tenants. The area is small. Strange place.
tourist photo
29.03.2015 Dmitriy
Well that support museums. Where is Congress on the weekend
tourist photo
13.09.2014 Anna
A barn - delicious homemade cakes and tea. But there is nothing more to buy :)
tourist photo
25.08.2014 Natalia
Little sweetheart manor. But frankly, nothing much to see. The entrance to the main house only with a guide and at certain hours.
tourist photo
13.08.2014 Kseniya
Peace and quiet
tourist photo
06.08.2014 Ekaterina
Unfortunately a lot of people who pass to the Museum free of charge through the entrance from the Church, bypassing the main entrance where there is cash. It's a shame.
tourist photo
12.06.2014 Anastasia
A very beautiful place. Especially in Sunny weather!
tourist photo
07.06.2014 Anton
Money they cut from the weddings shamelessly. 2000 for photography is too much
tourist photo
03.01.2014 Tina
Open until 16-30. Closes too early.
tourist photo
14.10.2013 Rustam
Entrance fee, but you can go for free from the temple! )
tourist photo
13.10.2013 Katerina
Great place! Second floor after the fire is planned to open by 2014-th year
tourist photo
17.08.2013 Lyudmila
Worth a go if you have the desire to walk in nature, it is simply perfect if traveling with children immediately gather food-drink, to Muranovo to buy nowhere.
tourist photo
03.08.2013 Ivan
Very beautiful view of the lake and fields. Always cold water, a lot of keys.
tourist photo
16.03.2013 Evgeny
Great master class in ceramics!
tourist photo
28.08.2012 Eugene
Y U NO build all in one native style????! lit eclectic...
tourist photo
18.06.2012 Khuzina
The ticket office closes at 17:00, when visitors stop hurting. At 17:30 all kicks the guard, shouting:"free the territory!"- although officially all open until 18:00
tourist photo
05.05.2012 Olga
Go to the spring, the signs 300 m from the house.
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