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Uspensky Cathedral, 1399

Zvenigorod (Russian: Звени́город) is an old town in Moscow Oblast, Russia. Population: 16,395 (2010 Census); 12,155 (2002 Census); 15,805 (1989 Census).


The community has existed since the 12th century, although its first written mention is dated 1338.[citation needed] The town's name is based either on a personal name (cf. Zvenislav, Zvenimir) or on a hydronym (cf. the Zvinech, Zvinyaka, Zveniga Rivers); the derivation from "town of ringing (bells)" is a folk etymology.

Zvenigorod rose to prominence in the late 14th century after it was bequeathed by Dmitry Donskoy to his second son Yuri, who founded his residence on the steep bank of the Moskva River. The local kremlin, called Gorodok, contains the only fully preserved example of 14th-century Muscovite architecture, the Assumption Cathedral (1399). The cathedral's interior features frescoes by Andrei Rublev.

Rozhdestvensky Cathedral in the Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery, 1405

Zvenigorod is primarily remembered for internecine wars waged by Yuri's sons for control of Moscow during the reign of their cousin Vasily II (1425–1462). After their party was defeated, the town was incorporated into the Grand Duchy of Moscow.

Zvenigorod was granted town rights in 1784.[citation needed] By the late 19th century, the town gained popularity among the intelligentsia as a fashionable banlieue of Moscow. Many extravagant dachas were built in the neighbourhood. Some of these house museums of Sergey Taneyev, Anton Chekhov, and Isaac Levitan.

Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery

Within the Savva-Storozhevsky Monastery

In 1398, Prince Yury asked St. Savva, one of the first disciples of Sergius of Radonezh, to go to Zvenigorod and to establish a monastery on the Storozhi Holm (Watching Hill). St. Savva of Storozhi was interred in the white stone cathedral of the Virgin's Nativity in 1407. This diminutive, roughly hewn church still stands, although its present-day exquisite look is the result of recent restoration. The frescoes in the altar date back to the 1420s, but the rest of interior was painted in 1656. A magnificent iconostasis in five tiers and the Stroganov-school heaven gates were installed in 1652.

In 1650, the monastery was chosen by Tsar Alexis as his suburban residence. In five years, they constructed a white-stone royal palace and a festive chamber for tsaritsa. The cloister was encircled with stone walls and towers, patterned after those of the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius. Particularly noteworthy is a large belfry, erected in four bays in 1650 and crowned with three tents and a clocktower. A church over the holy gates was consecrated to the Holy Trinity in 1652.

After the death of Feodor III, who spent most of his time there, the monastery declined. In May 1918, when the Bolsheviks tried to seize the relics of St. Savva, several persons were shot dead. In 1985, the cloister was assigned to the Danilov Monastery in Moscow. St. Savva's relics were returned to the monastery in 1998.

Administrative and municipal status

Within the framework of administrative divisions, it is incorporated as Zvenigorod Town Under Oblast Jurisdiction—an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts. As a municipal division, Zvenigorod Town Under Oblast Jurisdiction is incorporated as Zvenigorod Urban Okrug.

International relations

Twin towns — Sister cities

Zvenigorod is twinned with:

  • Belarus Mogilev, Belarus (2006)
  • Italy Tropea, Italy (2013)

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Day Trip to Zvenigorod: Discover Russian Countryside
Enjoy a full day private tour (for you only) departing from your Moscow hotel to the ancient town of Zvenigorod We are going to enjoy our day at countryside: will start from your hotel and will visit a few nice churches, museums, classic estates and many more. The highlight of our tour is St. Savva Storozhevsky monastery, a 700 years old, which experienced a lot of ups and lows in its life. We will try russian Kvass with some local pastries and later will stop for lunch. And last but not least - a classiс Russian tea ceremony! Wow
Price: 14500 RUB Private
Duration: 9 hours
Meet your guide at the lobby of your hotel early morning, at 7am and then set off for a full day countryside trip. We will drive approximately 50 miles (80 km) towards the ancient town of Zvenigorod. This is one of the oldest towns in the Moscow Region and has beautiful landscapes on the Moscow river. * On our way we will visit a few old churches, visit the medieval center of Zvenigorod and will finally reach the XIV century monastery (St. Savva Storozhevsky), where we will research surroundings, visit temples and explore local history and art exibitions. Along the way, you will have a chance to try a famous Russian Summer drink, called kvas (if your trip is during the summertime) with famous Russian pastries called pirozhki. Before lunch we will take a short walk around the town and then you will have a break for lunch at a nice cafe. After lunch you we are going to Russian museum of dessert to enjoy the stories about some classic Local desserts whlie sipping tea at the Russian tea ceremony The final stop of the day is a Ershovo estate, a gorgeous place to walk around and enjoy the nature. You will be dropped off at your hotel around 6pm at the conclusion of your tour. Feel free to ask questions and your guide will share some useful information and suggestions on what to do and to see best in Moscow.


tourist photo
27.01.2017 Aleksandr
Tired Of Moscow!? Come to this city. It is calm and there are a lot of attractions
tourist photo
04.07.2016 Cornelius
Cute town in the Moscow region. In recent years, it is very put in order.
tourist photo
07.11.2014 @imhoha
The river moves and does not move
tourist photo
16.08.2014 Svetlana
Love to spend the weekend here!!!
tourist photo
09.08.2014 Vanechka
Love to be in this gorodochke, there lived my grandmother, know all tropinochke. A wonderfully serene place.
tourist photo
11.07.2014 Egor
Mead in the shops at the temple just excellent!
tourist photo
28.09.2013 ROlya
Love to be here!
tourist photo
29.08.2013 Aleksandr
Think about life!
tourist photo
15.08.2013 Lenochka
Here is the river Moskva, it is the purest part :)
tourist photo
10.08.2013 Artem
Wonderful piece of nature and history , not far from Moscow.
tourist photo
30.07.2013 Lisa
Do not take chances. GO. Healthier and more fun definitely will!
tourist photo
18.07.2013 Kristina
Hometown. There are places for rest, fountain and entertainment. This is nice.
tourist photo
07.07.2013 Tanya
The name "Zvenigorod" was probably brought by settlers from the southern Russian principalities, devastated during the Mongol invasion.
tourist photo
07.07.2013 Tanya
The first mention of Rostov refers к1339, in his spiritual letter of Moscow Prince Ivan Kalita will GORODSKOMU son: "And behold I give to his son Evanesenad".
tourist photo
29.06.2013 Alexander
Uncomfortable. The old quarters there, a lot of cars, few sidewalks and crossings. For walking is not suitable, the traces of ancient history to the naked eye are not visible. Avoid.
tourist photo
23.06.2013 Alisa
Nice town
tourist photo
22.06.2013 Ilya
There is a good track Enduro
tourist photo
10.06.2013 Nastka
A good city.There is a Park and a cinema.I would say very little Moscow
tourist photo
31.05.2013 Maria
Why is this city so many flower shops?
tourist photo
09.05.2013 asya
Amazing pickles they sell at the local market!
tourist photo
20.01.2013 Matilda
Awesome market - not worse Dorogomilovskaya, and even better)))
tourist photo
16.12.2012 Ir
Zvenigorod was originally inhabited mainly by Slavs-Vyatichi (Tatishchev believed Vyatichi are not Slavs and Sarmatians). The town was known in pre-Mongol time.
tourist photo
16.12.2012 Ir
Here was observed the highest population density"suburbs" in the pre-Mongol period. The settlement was a plural.fortified centers freemen, not under the power of the princes.
tourist photo
07.12.2012 Kirill
Very nice city with friendly and sociable people. A beautiful forest :)
tourist photo
05.11.2012 Foursquare
Zvenigorod — a town of regional subordination in the Moscow region. Located on the banks of the Moscow river, 30 km West of Moscow. Population - 17 270 people. Founded in 1152, the city since 1781.
tourist photo
27.08.2012 Komova
Beautiful city )))
tourist photo
05.06.2012 Ekaterina
Clean air, quiet, beautiful place to stay
tourist photo
02.06.2012 Katherine
The place is great✌ nature of the class, the birds are singing, and wanted the benefits of civilization go to the movies, go to the cafe. A generally better to play sports - fun and useful
tourist photo
18.03.2012 Nadisha
Here nothing to do at all (( most Moskvoyu
tourist photo
18.09.2011 Gretchen
It feels like it's not 3G, and 0.3 G
tourist photo
19.08.2011 Shumilov
Suponevo-2 there will be a kindergarten
tourist photo
06.08.2011 Maria
Very very pretty town
tourist photo
31.12.2010 Konstantin
Here is a very cute little non-Russian :)
tourist photo
06.09.2010 Andrey
The Golden ring Zvenigorod not get. Worse, he really is not getting, Yes.
tourist photo
08.07.2010 Dmitri
pretty little town on the Moskva-river, splendid landskapes, charming nature. Russian Golden Ring mezhdu prochim!)
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