Valday Iversky Monastery


Valday Iversky Monastery 

Valday Iversky monastery was founded in 1653 by Patriarch Nikon on the model of the Athonite Iviron monastery. The monastery is located on an island in the middle of picturesque Valday lake, in 3 km from the town of Valday.

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During the disgrace of Nikon all his monasteries: the Iversky Valdai, Godfather Onega and Resurrection new Jerusalem were closed. They admitted created "not by the statutes of the Holy Fathers", the land had been taken into the Treasury, and the construction stopped. В1668 year the conviction was overturned.

Assumption Cathedral - the main temple of the monastery is considered one of the largest buildings of the XVII century in Russia. Ancient painting of the Dormition Cathedral to the present day has not been preserved.

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Valday Iversky Monastery - photo 1Монастырский огород.Валдайский Иверский Святоозерский Богородицкий мужской монастырьВалдай. Церковь Богоявления Господня Иверского монастыря.Иверский монастырь 3Иверский монастырьValdayИверский монастырь 6Иверский Успенский монастырь на Валдайском озереСкитская башня. Валдайский Иверский Святоозерский Богородицкий мужской монастырь.Valday. Russia. The Iversky monastery/ Валдай. Иверский монастырьВнутренний дворИверский Монастырь в инфракрасном светеСкитская башня XVIII В.Валдайский Иверский Монастырь. Июль 2012

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15.10.2016 Giovanni Manigrasso
Beautiful ancient monastery placed on a semi-island in the lake. Everything around is water and wild nature. Usually crowded of peregrines and it worth to visit and enjoy.
19.09.2016 Dmitriy Fomin
Very picturesque and beautiful place. The air is filled with the clergy. Clean water.
02.09.2016 Sunny Jr
Very nice and well maintained.
07.08.2016 Artem Sidorov
This place is amazing! If you eat in St. Petersburg from Moscow do not take the hour and a liter of gasoline.
02.06.2016 Denis Terentev
I very very liked it
27.04.2016 Aleksey
Very beautiful place and at night, too, because the monastery is illuminated.
09.04.2016 Anatoly Kraynikov
Fantastically beautiful monastery. I stop here every time ro route from Moscow to St. Petersburg. And don't forget the sources on the lake - you can water with a dial.
17.11.2015 Aleksandr Voevodskiy
Very beautiful in any time of the year.
20.09.2015 Andrey
Very quiet and peaceful place, beautiful nature around.
12.09.2015 Andrey
Very nice. The lake water is crystal clear.
14.07.2015 Sofya
24.06.2015 Aleksandr
Was here in September 2007. Very beautiful place, gorgeous lake and nature. The monastery is almost restored, I remember it almost destroyed...
15.06.2015 Lika Kivalina
The monastery is worth a visit and it is located in a very beautiful place. We pre-booked a tour of the monastery Pilgrimage through the Center of the monastery, but with the tour being railroaded without warning, we found out when she arrived at the appointed time. So, if you want to explore the monastery with a guide, make it through the Valdai branch of the Novgorod Museum.
14.05.2015 Tatyana???
Miracles happen here!?
12.05.2015 Tatyana???
The stunning beauty of the place!Pure, cleaned, for women skirts and shawls are always there.
12.05.2015 Tatyana???
The first building completed in 1956.
22.04.2015 Anna
Such a nice peaceful place... And nature is fascinating.... Grace...
23.02.2015 Vladimir
Were in the service of the first day of lent
20.01.2015 Paul Makarychev
Great place, both by its beauty and energy. Be sure to visit if you are passing nearby, you will not regret, rest body and soul.
12.08.2014 Maksim Larin
Beautiful place on the island in the lake. Delight in nature.
27.03.2014 Elena Galkina
There simply super, I advise everyone to go there to see the real beauty!
22.03.2014 Alexander
And then sold gorgeous cakes!
12.10.2013 Ivan
Here is very good.
17.08.2013 Olya
Soothing nature. History. In the cells there is Wi-Fi.
01.07.2013 George
Beautiful places: the wonderful monastery, unusually clear water in the lakes, remembered from childhood. It was good to be back here in 25 years.
19.05.2013 Artyom
Putin swept in and the monastery was restored. Very beautiful and picturesque place.
11.05.2013 Irina
With blessings, you can visit the bell tower - be sure to take advantage of this opportunity, an unforgettable experience!!!
31.12.2012 Andrey
In the refectory there is a cool fat cat!
18.07.2012 Alexandra


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