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Izborsk Fortress


Izborsk Fortress 

Izborsk fortress - the monument of defensive architecture of the North-West of Russia XIV - XVII centuries. It is a six imposing towers and high ramparts. All towers have their own architectural features. In the most famous tower, the Onion, it's possible to enter in and go upstairs to the observation deck. Here are scenic views of the old Izborsk. The Onion Tower was first built, in 1330, for the construction of five additional towers and fortified walls it took a whole century.

Natural-landscape Museum-reserve is amazingly beautiful for its views. Izborsk valley free of later buildings and has retained substantially the same form as 700 years ago. At the foot of the fortress hill, on the Western slope of the izborsko-Mal'skaya valley, beat the springs out of the earth - Slovenian sources or the sources of the Twelve apostles. Passing through the layers of sand, clay, limestone, water is filtered and cleaned. Slovenian water in the sources quite hard and contains many dissolved salts, the salinity is 200 — 340 mg/l.

Legends say that the sources have healing and cleansing properties. Among them there are sources of health, love, wealth, happiness, strength. All together they merge in the River of life

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Izborsk Fortress - photo 1Izborsk Fortress - photo 2Izborsk Fortress - photo 3Izborsk Fortress - photo 4Izborsk Fortress - photo 5Izborsk Fortress - photo 6Izborsk Fortress - photo 7Izborsk Fortress - photo 8Izborsk Fortress - photo 9Izborsk Fortress - photo 10Izborsk Fortress - photo 11Izborsky fortress.Izborsky fortress.Izborsky fortress.г. Изборск, старая крепость..Izborsky fortress.Никольский соборBelltowerТемнушкаIzborsk. Market square.Башня Вышкаг. Изборск..Izborsky fortress.IzborskIzborskИзборск, башня ТемнушкаИзборск/ Izborsk. RussiaИзборск. Колокольня Никольского собора. Осень 2011Изборск/ Izborsk. RussiaИзборск. Работы по восстановлению крепости на фоне грозового неба. Осень 2011Башня РябиновкаИзборск, башня ВышкаИзборская крепостьКаменные стражиг. Изборск, старая крепость..Тайный ходКаменный крест перед храмом св. Сергия Радонежского и Никандра у южной стены Изборской крепости (The cross in front of the Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh at the south wall of the Izborsk Fortress)Saint Nicholas church in the Fortress. IzborskIzborskНикольский соборБашня Луковка

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12.11.2017 Jovan
Obilaskom Izborska i njegove tvrđave nastavio sam svoje hodočašće po mestima u kojima je u prošlosti stvarana Rusija. Tvrdjava je građena u XIV. veku. Sa ambijentom u kom se nalazi čini celinu spomenika koji svojom lepotom pleni pažnju posetilaca. Ovde je čuveni ruski knez i vojskovođa Aleksandar Nevski živeo, ratovao i stvarao Rusiju.
10.10.2017 Leon
Interesting historic place. Must visit in Izborsk
18.07.2017 Darya
If you like historic landscapes and fortresses, it is a place to go.
20.06.2017 Klaus
If you like Russia, this is a must. Fine and authentic restoration, have stayed there for more days and i come back every year.
14.01.2017 Artem
A very beautiful place. It is advisable to visit with a guide, many will tell you. Just to look will not be interesting I guess. One disappointed that the service there is no even toilets.
 Not bad
04.01.2017 Svetlana
The place is very beautiful , amazing views from the ramparts. All steeped in antiquity. Place 12 sources simply magical , and the swans are absolutely the manual, such beautiful and noble creatures. Izborsk fortress with history.
07.11.2016 Katrin
The Izborsk fortress is considered the beginning of the founding of the ancient city of Izborsk, first mentioned in the chronicle "Tale of bygone years". Izborsko strengthening many centuries defended the Western borders of Russia.
03.11.2016 Tikhon
The place is very interesting and historically important!
The ticket costs $ 100 (school - 30R).
But the tour is from 1000R to 3000r! The prices are crazy of course, better to take a guide...
Alas, the service at zero - no toilet no ☡
There is a cafe-Creperie.
If you go in Izborsk - are advised to take food with you.
14.10.2016 Pavel
Despite the harsh laconic architecture, the fortress is striking in its beauty. Pleasing to the eye, that everything you see on the way to the fortress does not conflict with her: houses of stone or wood which were in the 15th century, the road to it is paved with stone, and castle beautiful views of the Gorodishchenskoye lake, Truvor settlement, Slovenian keys. Izborsk is one of the few places that is beautiful in every respect!
15.09.2016 Konstantin
A great fortress, types, history. If you do not strive to reach a fortress a little further there is ample Parking. The hotels were full.
14.09.2016 Dmitriy
Amazing complex of fortifications. A visit to the fortress is sure to please both adults and children. There are a number of museums. Parking is small. Is where to eat. Enjoy the pristine ancient fortress.
18.07.2016 Alisa
Absolutely fantastic place. Here every stone, every hill, every grain of sand is soaked with ancient history. You are waiting for not only old buildings, but also incredible views from a great height. And not far from the fortress are the keys with clean water.
18.05.2016 Egor
Clean, tidy. It is evident that a monument of architecture Dating. Nearby there is a cafe/restaurant and hotel
12.05.2016 Nikita
The surrounding area is very picturesque. Locals say that the fortress after the restoration was too "coiffed".
01.05.2016 Kirill
16.04.2016 Sergey
The pride and grace of Russian history!
03.04.2016 Natalia
Not so long ago restored the fortress, you can climb the tower or walk along the underground passage . From the walls of the fortress offers a magnificent view of the Malsky valley
26.03.2016 Sergey
These walls remember much... Monumental!!!
24.03.2016 Nn
As if plunged into the story... Despite the poor quality repair work
17.03.2016 Yana
Be sure to visit!
09.03.2016 Tatyana
View from the tower. Nature. Everything is close by.
09.03.2016 Tatyana
Entrance 100 rubles children free. What to see: temple on the territory of the fortress, the walls, to climb one of the towers and the wall overlooking the surroundings.
20.01.2016 Natali
09.01.2016 Vadim
Interesting place. Take the audio guide, a map of the tour. the office and walk around the neighborhood.
06.01.2016 Yuliya
The beauty of ancient temple and fortress.
18.12.2015 Aleksandr
Izborsk is one of the oldest Russian cities. The most beautiful place. Fortress built in the 14th century a mandatory place to visit. The place of power.!!
10.12.2015 Yana
It is very beautiful, memorable place.
19.10.2015 Tanya
Powerful, ancient fortress is in excellent condition after reconstruction! You can walk the walls and climb the towers. Very authentic...entrance fee is 100 rubles), view of the lake and the hills is amazingly beautiful)
07.10.2015 Olesja
A visual history! Very good observation
14.09.2015 Anastasiya
12.09.2015 Timofey
Entrance to the territory of 50p per adult. On the wall you can climb now, so you can climb the tower, the tower offers a breathtaking view.
04.09.2015 Alla
Ancient Russian fortress
27.08.2015 Lera
Wonderful view from the observation deck
19.08.2015 Sergey
Here you need to be!
27.06.2015 Mike
In recent years, actively rekonstruiruet. There is something to see, but the source can pass in the bypass.
09.06.2015 Anastasiya
The Izborsk fortress. (Talaska tower and in the background tower the Tower).
03.10.2014 Alex
After all restoration is looking very well: and paths, and trees, and the fortress itself.
10.08.2014 Andrey
One of the most beautiful places in the Pskov region.
12.06.2014 Anna
18 after the offices are closed, and the entrance - no)
02.05.2014 Olya
The entrance to the fortress costs 50p. For adults, 30p. Students.
02.03.2014 Dmitry
The entrance to the tower - 40 rubles. The views are beautiful.
28.09.2013 Maks
View from the observation deck
19.08.2013 Veronika
On the way to the Slovenian keys sold very tasty corn. Do not buy Souvenirs, continue along the path to the key choice will be more.
12.08.2013 Anzhelika
Is considered the beginning of the founding of the ancient town of Izborsk, mentioned in the chronicle "Tale of bygone years". For many centuries defended the Western borders of Russia. Date of Foundation of the X-XII century, rebuilt in the XIII century.
09.07.2013 Dana
It is a pity that the interior of the fortress was not preserved (
20.05.2013 Artem
The fortress is in a state of reconstruction that can not but rejoice. If you're lucky, you can climb on the wall facing the lake have a stunning view
13.05.2013 Photolancer
Toilet looking at a pancake house, nearby souvenir tents. Pay toilet - 10 p
04.05.2013 Anatoly
The Fortress Of Izborsk
03.05.2013 Oksana
The entrance to the castle is paid, for a nominal amount of 20p, you will be able to pass. By the way, to visit the bathroom at a pancake house you will be able for 10p, the conclusion suggests itself!
02.06.2012 Stas
Good here!)
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