Weather in Kislovodsk now

+12 °C
Wind: north-west, 3 m/s
Humidity: 54 %
Pressure: 759 mm Hg
Average temperatures
April+16 °C+3 °C
May+21 °C+8 °C
June+25 °C+12 °C
July+27 °C+14 °C
August+28 °C+12 °C
September+26 °C+9 °C

Kislovodsk National Park


Kislovodsk National Park
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Kislovodsk park20160708_163923Three colors of fall #кисловодск#vinci #кисловодск #roseKislovodsk parkRose valleyRose valleyКавказKislovodsk parkКавказAutumn in Kislovodskupload20160718_065315p20160618-115359Кавказp20160619-114237p20160619-114103FallКавказFallDans un parcDans un parcDans un parcp20160618-111023p20160628-075724p20160619-071303p20160619-071614p20160619-07182220160703_19335620160705_135142

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