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Kislovodsk National Park


Kislovodsk National Park
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22.04.2017 Andrey
It is better to see! Words can not convey!
09.01.2017 garbage
Wonderful place! The truth of the claimed roses not so much..
12.12.2016 Mikayel
A not so rich collection of roses
 Not bad
28.09.2016 Elya
Well!Many types of plants, quite well maintained.Million tracks that each walk is introduced with a new area of the Park!Too bad that there is no signage along the routes (with the exception of the stations of the path)
22.09.2016 Juliko
Great huge Park. Similar to a real forest? Pretty clean and incredibly beautiful. There is a cable car to the top and many Hiking trails. I recommend to visit)
01.09.2016 Demis
Was a great weather that day. The sun was shining and it was slightly raining. Excellent smell of roses and wonderful place has raised my mood ))
25.08.2016 Asya
Incredible beauty? All very neat and beautiful! A great place for walking??
05.08.2016 Pavel
Loved it! Quite a lot of beautiful roses of different varieties! I advise everyone to go!
29.07.2016 Zhenya
The beauty and purity , a great track.
12.07.2016 Danil
Definitely take a stroll here and climb to the observation platform. The valley is very beautiful. By the way, she looks great with the rope, which is also located in the Park.
29.05.2016 Alexey
Great Park with benches and men playing backgammon
18.05.2016 Aleksandr
This is the best Park in Russia and not only
12.05.2016 Elen
What can I say, one word Paradise! Russia can be proud of!
13.04.2016 Anastasiya
If you go to the opposite side of the Park from the Narzan gallery( in the direction of the café Glass. Stream), tap the toes and clap the center of the site, paved with stone. Listen to the unique sound
04.03.2016 Alena
Very well maintained, beautiful.. the View of the city from the impressive height of.. to Go and don't give up!))))
28.02.2016 M.
A very beautiful place even though that was in February and rose did not exist!)) everything is clean, tidy, tile, track, lookout, trees)) pride for the country, when such beauty watch)
03.11.2015 Irina
A pleasant place for a stroll, it is a pity the roses have faded
24.10.2015 Karina
One of the best places on the CMS. A very large area, you can walk every weekend and still not get bored and will want to return and walk on new paths.
14.09.2015 Holy
Incredible beauty
31.08.2015 Andrei
Tuhlovato for Aug.
24.08.2015 Humay
Total relax :)
11.08.2015 Ayten
Filled with people of the streets to hidden trails, from the café to the inconspicuous shops, from treatment leading up to the galleries - it has everything
11.08.2015 Ayten
Park where you can walk for hours, with the release of up in the nooks of the forest, to the cozy cafes, down to the river, where everyone will find a spot for everyone
08.08.2015 Maria
Orange roses smell amazing! Aroma is sweet and rich, I want to lock him in a bottle and take with them... ?
02.08.2015 N
The top looks better than near
23.07.2015 Konstantin
From Narzan gallery to go on the river Olkhovka to the bridge of the "Lady's Caprice", the stairs rise to tracts of Pine hill.
19.07.2015 Arevik
? walk
14.07.2015 Aleksandr
Be sure to climb the stairs at least once on the Big Saddle
12.07.2015 Anton
Amazing Park! Sometimes well-kept, sometimes abandoned, but everywhere is clean. Have a place to walk, sit and eat. Elevation changes, ropeway, Valley of the Roses - interesting and beautiful places.
04.07.2015 Aleksandr
Expensive. Delicious.
12.05.2015 Efimova
Excellent Park for walks, cosy, well-kept. Tit pecking with his hands. Just pull out the hand with seeds and see for yourself! Cute cafes, shops, river. Beauty! ???
02.05.2015 Veronika
Huge! Lots of trails, very good for walks and for Jogging
02.05.2015 Veronika
To get hard, but the broken flower garden and the Park is very beautiful.
12.03.2015 Dmitriy
A lot of roses. ;)
21.02.2015 Yura
Wonderful air, the beautiful architecture of the buildings of the post-revolutionary era!
12.02.2015 Elena
Gorgeous place! Beautiful nature,there are all conditions for a pleasant ride!
30.12.2014 Dmitriy
Very nice. Walk and breathe. There are many cafes with delicious food.
12.10.2014 Valeriy
Awesome atmosphere and the combination of natural beauty with the Spa serenity
29.08.2014 Tatyana
It's so beautiful that words cannot describe! Valley surrounded by a beautiful forest, in the distance are the mountains. Silence, clean air.
23.08.2014 Yuliya
Lots of benches and treadmills) wonderful air
20.08.2014 Zhenya
Great place, Kislovodsk on the palm
21.07.2014 Gilyanochka
Find a table on the terrace and looking at holidaymakers!-:)
06.07.2014 Mawka
The Ordzhonikidze sanatorium is closed to through traffic. Taxi arrives to the bottom, and then shlakbaum. To travel only by bus 21. And then uphill, uphill, uphill..
23.06.2014 Oleg
From the Narzan gallery walk uphill about 3 km! But you can take a taxi or bus to reach the San. Ordzhonikidze and through its territory pass directly to the Valley of Roses (the passage to a sanatorium is free to 19: 00)
03.01.2014 Dean
Very beautiful during the flowering of roses. In the middle of the climb is a beautiful observation deck.
04.11.2013 Magomedrasul
Close to Olympic training center.
13.10.2013 Andrey
In Kislovodsk Park and throughout the city, wonderful air! ?
20.09.2013 Olga
Beautiful Park, lovely clean air
21.07.2013 Yaroslav
Take your time and feet - be sure to visit and grab a couple of sausages local.
14.07.2013 Vanya
The eternal hunt for squirrels which organizovyvayut every day vacationers with a mad desire to feed them.
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