Weather in Pyatigorsk now

-2 °C
Wind: south-east, 4 m/s
Humidity: 100 %
Pressure: 756 mm Hg
Average temperatures
January+2 °C-5 °C
February+7 °C-4 °C
March+12 °C0 °C
April+19 °C+5 °C
May+23 °C+11 °C
June+28 °C+15 °C

Grotto of Lermontov in Pyatigorsk


Grotto of Lermontov
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PyatigorskPyatigorskКофейня Гукасова. ПятигорскЛермонтовская галерея. ПятигорскPyatigorsk (in the south of Russia. North Caucasus.)DSCN5033IMG_4921IMG_4902IMG_4934IMG_4930IMG_4949DSCN5034DSCN5035Спасский собор и гора Машук. ПятигорскDSCN5036DSCN5103PyatigorskDSCN5107View from Mashuk, PyatigorskУказатели городов на горе Машук. ПятигорскФуникулёр на гору Машук. ПятигорскНа вершине горы Машук. ПятигорскТелевышка на горе Машук. ПятигорскГора Бештау. ПятигорскНа горизонте - гора Эльбрус. ПятигорскDSCN5024DSCN5025DSCN5027DSCN5026DSCN5028

Street view


22.04.2017 Andrey
History in one place!
20.04.2017 Igor
Very nice Park, great place for walks
21.12.2016 Vladimir
Honor this historic place
22.11.2016 Sergey
Historical places of the Russian scale.
25.07.2016 S
Famous place,where Lermontov wrote....
08.09.2015 Artem
Expected more, but again worth a visit
07.07.2015 Anastasiya
Beautiful place with a wonderful view of the city:)
26.04.2015 Yuliya
27.06.2013 Victoria
And what is desire?))
26.06.2013 Vadim
Beautiful view of the historic part of the city, excellent air, make a wish and it will surely come in this wonderful place!
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