Essentuki Local History Museum named after V. Shpakovsky in Yessentuki


Essentuki Local History Museum named after V. Shpakovsky
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All days except Monday at 10:00-18:00


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27.01.2017 Alexey
Small Museum, interesting things there, but urgently needed restoration of the building and renovation of the exhibition
 Not bad
tourist photo
12.01.2017 Nika
Very cool pictures!!
tourist photo
21.12.2016 SABR
Very glad I visited this fascinating Museum! Huge respect to all those who contributed to this!
tourist photo
09.11.2016 Gennadi
The excellent Museum. The history of the city presented. I do not regret that looked here.
tourist photo
07.04.2015 Bogdan
Great Museum about stanicu the Yessentukskaya.
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