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Essentuki mud baths in Yessentuki


Essentuki mud baths
Photo from wikipedia.org

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Website: www.essbgl.ru
All days except Sunday at 09:00-13:00


14.04.2017 Aleksandr
The most beautiful place in the Philippines! And there is the best beautician!
23.01.2017 Anton
The building is beautiful. Effective treatments are available. Inexpensive
06.01.2017 Aleksey
Nothing has changed for decades. Soviet service which people used)
 Not bad
19.11.2016 Olga
Very respectable place. Inside unfortunately to visit was not necessary.
 Not bad
18.08.2016 Platon
Everything is cool. Just ... don't get to the session total of dirt in room #32. Not a nurse, but a monster. And all the other cool aunt!
19.02.2016 andrey
It is not just water is the source of one of the main main life chain-faith in yourself. Drink and believe. The water in Etowah our own,and not on sources.Believe and drink.
16.10.2015 Marta
The special atmosphere of a southern resort, the wonderful medicinal water, next to the territory of San Victoria with amazing landscaping.
24.08.2015 Tanyushka
Quite adequate price 7 re per liter of water
15.07.2015 Mariya
Natural mineral water, without dyes and preservatives )))
26.11.2014 Ruslan
True mineral water feel to immediately begin to act on the stomach. But not much to drink, and it is impossible.
06.09.2014 Fokeya
A beautiful place that was chosen by the old woman. They are here everywhere and always.But rush hour is, of course, before dinner, somewhere from 17.30.)Mineral water Essentuki,cool krencicki, marble niches.
21.08.2014 Andrey
Water is essential for diabetics)
18.06.2014 Alexander
The main thing is to drink water fresh
12.05.2014 Sergey
Hot spring is my favorite . always coming here ,drink 3 cups of hot water.
01.04.2014 Vladislav
Perhaps the best water in the world.......
23.09.2013 Demetrius
Charges Mature.
10.07.2013 Alexandra
Real water!
27.05.2013 Victor
People have flocked to "water") Channel resembles a large anthill)
11.05.2013 Viktor
Drink good water and be HEALTHY!!
05.05.2013 Soni
4 - delicious. New-ugly.
06.04.2013 Kirill
Stomach water is just super! :)
27.03.2013 Andrey
Upeysya water though and the toilet is not close:)
28.12.2012 Vasily
Forget about what you drink in bottles from the store, real Essentuki only here, and cannot keep in the tank.
20.10.2012 iKowalsky
Old-school source since the time of Lermontov.
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