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Kazan Kremlin


Kazan Kremlin
Photo from wikipedia.org [CC BY-SA 3.0]

The Kazan Kremlin (Russian: Казанский Кремль; Tatar Cyrillic: Казан кирмәне, Latin: Qazan kirmäne) is the chief historic citadel of Tatarstan, situated in the city of Kazan. It was built at the behest of Ivan the Terrible on the ruins of the former castle of Kazan khans. It was declared a World Heritage Site in 2000.


Annunciation Cathedral (1561-62)

The Kazan Kremlin includes many old buildings, the oldest of which is the Annunciation Cathedral (1554-62), the only 16th-century Russian church to have six piers and five apses. Like many of Kazan's buildings of the period, it is constructed of local pale sandstone rather than of brick. The renowned Pskov architects Postnik Yakovlev and Ivan Shirjay (called Barma) were invited by the Tzar to rebuild Kazan Kremlin in stone. The cathedral bell tower was erected in five tiers at the urging of Ivan the Terrible and was scored to resemble the Ivan the Great Belltower in Moscow, but was pulled down by the Soviets in 1930.

The most conspicuous landmark of the Kazan Kremlin is the leaning Söyembikä Tower, which probably goes back to the reign of Peter the Great. A well-known legend connects the tower with the last queen of Kazan. Another recognizable architectural feature is the Spasskaya Tower, which anchors the southern end of the Kremlin and serves as the main entrance to the Kremlin.

The Spasskaya Tower is named after the Spassky Monastery, which used to be located nearby. Among the monastery's buildings were the Church of St. Nicholas (1560s, four piers) and the Cathedral of the Saviour's Transfiguration (1590s, six piers). They were destroyed by the Communists during Joseph Stalin's rule.

Also of interest are snow-white towers and walls, erected in the 16th and 17th centuries but later renovated; the Qol-Şärif mosque, recently rebuilt inside the citadel; and the Governor's House (1843-53), designed by Konstantin Thon, now the Palace of the President of Tatarstan. The Palace is believed to be located on the site of former Khan's palace. Tucked between Presidential Palace and Söyembikä Tower is the palace church built on the foundation of medieval mosque.

Northern wall of the Kremlin contains another gated tower - Secret Tower, so named because it used to house a secret water supply well. This tower allows pedestrian access to Kremlin, but vehicle access is restricted to emergencies only.

Recent events

The opening of the biggest mosque in Europe, the Qolşärif Mosque, was held in Kazan on June 24, 2005. Roughly 17,000 people gathered for the celebration. Delegations from forty countries attended the event. The facility was reconstructed on the site where presumably Kazan Khanate's principal mosque had been standing before 1552. Speaking at the ceremony, Tatarstan President Mintimer Shaeymiev said "the Qolşärif mosque is a new symbol of Kazan and Tatarstan... a bridge connecting... our past and future."

The decree on restoring the Qolşärif mosque (1995) also ordered the restoration of the Annunciation Cathedral in the Kazan Kremlin which had been taken away from Orthodox Christians after the Russian Revolution. On July 21, 2005, the feast day of the holy icon "Theotokos of Kazan", in the presence of the crowd of 10,000 pilgrims, Patriarch Alexius II and Mintimer Shaeymiev placed at the newly restored Annunciation Cathedral the holiest copy of the long-lost icon, which had been returned to Russia by Pope John Paul II shortly before his death.

In 2005 the first stage of the Kazan Metro also included a station Kreml whose exits are right next to the Kremlin.


Photo (26)

PICT0028Tatarstan, Kazan: il cremlino con la moschea e la chiesaThe walls of the Kazan KremlinКазанский КремльКазань Кремль Historic and Architectural Complex of the Kazan KremlinБлаговещенский соборБлаговещенский соборКупола. Благовещенский соборДревняя парковка...Казанский кремль. Спасская башняСветильник мечети Кул Шариф. Казанский Кремль.КремльHistoric and Architectural Complex of the Kazan KremlinСтроившие Кремль...Градостроители...Sheykmana side-streetГлавный  вход в мечеть Кул ШарифКремль.Kazan.Kul-Sarif's reflectionIn Kazan Kremlin, november 2009Мечеть Кул-ШарифКорпус Юнкерского училища. Казанский Кремль.Мечеть Кул Шариф. Казанский Кремль.странная статуя"воин"  # "warrior"Архиерейский дом

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Street view


04.01.2018 Petr
Watch the pavement. The places of missing buildings are marked in a different colour.
20.12.2017 Jacopo
Spectacular place with beautiful buildings. It's possible visit them (except the president's residential)
16.12.2017 Emil
Very interesting place and the top sight to see in Kazan. Very few of the museums have info in English though. The Mosque was the coolest place.
12.12.2017 Frans
Impresive place, great moskee. looks like a citi in the citi. A place to visit when in the area.
07.12.2017 Joseph
Really interesting and historic grounds to explore. I visited at night after two days of snow and enjoyed seeing everything with snow. The mosque is especially impressive to visit - very beautiful and majestic. The views from the top of the walls are also well worth the visit. There were guides available (Russian and English) even at night. Very happy to have visited.
22.11.2017 Sebastian
There is no doubt, it's the soul of kazan. The kazan's "Kremlin" (кремль from the translation of the Russian "fortress") is the one of the most important part of the historical center of the city as in every important City in Russia. Its white walls look good in winter and summer and it have a nice architecture and a lot of mysteries inside. Who can think, from inside this walls some centuries ago the Khan dynasty ruled all the Russian territory?. It's very interesting and is open 24/7, you should be there if you will say that you where in kazan ?. One recommendation! You should be there in the night and in the morning!.
25.10.2017 Daniel
Incredible place! They graciously allow visitors into the mosque, which is absolutely breathtaking.
15.10.2017 Zoran
Old citadel, just like the one in Moscow, but this one is Kazan's own.

A must see when in Kazan.
25.09.2017 rony
nice background view. I love the blue theme on the mosque.
19.08.2017 Arturo
I wanted to visit this place, a very attractive architecture..
10.08.2017 sara
Beautiful def it is place that you should stop by, if you are woman please come with pants or Long dress and pashmina/shall cuz to enter to the mosque you need to cover your hair. The architecture is just amazing.
26.07.2017 Julien
Very interesting place, especially for a foreigner like me. Seeing a church and a mosque so close is a good example of peaceful coexistence of religions. What's more, the Kremlin is elevated and offers a great panorama on the city of Kazan. One of the best places to start discovering the city.
20.07.2017 Hemant
The place is amazing..can spend full day without any doubt!!
01.07.2017 Paul
Good staff. Shower is kind of different with only half of the shower area closed off. So you have to take care not to spill while taking a shower.
 Not bad
24.06.2017 Charles
Nice spot to while away time and have a good view of the city
22.04.2017 Andrew
Well worth a walk around ... so much to see ... symbolism behind both a church and mosque within the kremlin is important. Mist infirmation in Russian and Tatar , but some in English .
28.08.2016 Shamil
Beautiful restored historical place. If you want to visit the Kazan Kremlin can on site to find very much interesting. There are museums, the Kul Sharif mosque, Suyumbike Tower, Annunciation Cathedral, Presidential Palace and many other things. To small souvenir shops.
24.08.2016 Elena
Beautiful place. compared to the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin, a small. But the beautiful view of the city from the observation deck of one of the towers makes you freeze spirit and enjoy open spaces. However the ascent and descent to the observation deck-to some extent testing, as an old wooden ladder almost 90°, some will be heavy.
23.08.2016 Alessandro
Great and historic place to visit. It is biggwr than the Moscow one.
11.08.2016 Vitaliy
Beautiful. Clean. There is something to see. It is felt that the authorities make efforts to form a high-quality cultural object. In the Kremlin there are rows of souvenir products. Although the same Souvenirs can be bought a little cheaper on the nearby Baumanskaya street.
01.08.2016 Timur
Very comfortable and beautiful place, I want to come back again and again! Availability in one place of so many attractions is underwhelming. Great view from the observation deck of the city allows you to make great pictures.
11.07.2016 Tatyana
Very nice, especially liked the night Kremlin, the sight awe-inspiring views of the city lights is breathtaking. Highly recommend to visit there twice, day and night.
26.06.2016 Lizaveta
Very beautiful, interesting place. Combines the history and some modern architectural designs. From the Kremlin wall you can see the whole city
25.06.2016 Syed
Wonderful place...
20.06.2016 Mariya
Insanely beautiful place. The combination of the two religions on the territory of the Kremlin. And you can go almost everywhere and all psmotret. Very pleasant atmosphere and the sun helped us enjoy the views of the Kremlin and Kazan
11.06.2016 Olga
So velington and beautiful! Visited the Kremlin in the evening, at sunset, after the rain. The measures fascinated and shocked. Huge aesthetic pleasure.
17.05.2016 Kate
Beautiful city, great food, and there is something to see
12.05.2016 Yana
Lovely place for a stroll. You can find a quiet place for the location and view from the mountains in Kazan good, especially in the evening.
10.05.2016 Leyla
A historical and cultural monument of Kazan with a rich history, which is a must visit every resident and guest of the city. Many attractions in one area guarantees You a lot of pleasant impressions from the visit.
10.05.2016 Pavel
It's cool. Loved it.
03.05.2016 Maric
The Kazan Kremlin, if not the biggest, but certainly one of the most beautiful and colorful. Here perfectly side by side a mosque and a Church.
On the territory of the Kremlin is a lot of interesting places from museums to observation decks. Also has its own leaning tower - tower, Siumbike.
Entrance to the territory of the Kremlin free.
01.05.2016 Vsevolod
Nice and clean. And everywhere you go. Comfort and peace of mind!
27.04.2016 Artur
Stunning views from this place. Very nice. History and pride.
21.04.2016 Ilya
Beautiful place. Clean, neat, interesting!
The administration works well and ensures cleanliness and convenience to travelers (schedules, infodesk, observation deck).
15.04.2016 Marco
Very nice place to visit. The white Kremlin is a must see if you are in Kazan.
05.04.2016 Stasya
Amazing place, free entrance. On site fits a mosque and an Orthodox Church, the burial places of the khans and even centuries-old buildings!
14.03.2016 Agung
Very interesting!! Insya Allah i'll visit the Mosque. Aamiin
12.03.2016 Oleg
Something like Astrakhan Kremlin, but with a lot of facilities inside
09.03.2016 Konstantin
Place to visit in Kazan. Admission is free. Architecture of all kinds. The most amazing mosque I've ever seen.
06.03.2016 Bogdan
Excellent and beautiful Kremlin
28.01.2016 Artem
You can go and from the Lenin dam. There next free to Park without the risk of being evacuated.
25.01.2016 Flore
Nuuu its just the Kremlin, although some sleek.
21.01.2016 Paco
Just beautiful here :) who doesn't agree , I bet :)
14.01.2016 Michael
One of the best historic Kremlin of Russia's regions. Kul-Sharif, the residence of the President of Tatarstan, museums - a must to visit in Kazan
07.01.2016 MrZombie
Very beautiful, something vaguely similar to the Moscow Kremlin
06.01.2016 Albert
Heart of the city. Amazing mosque, church, tower and beautiful panoramic views! MUST SEE!
01.01.2016 Shulga
Very nice! Especially in the winter, there are museums and places to walk. I recommend to visit in the evening!
29.12.2015 Jalil
Wonderful place . Every time when I'm there I will be pleased
02.12.2015 Austin
Having grown up in Kazan, I am biased, but after traveling to Moscow and St. Petersburg, I do think Kazan has one of the most beautiful and unique kremlins in Russia. It's right on the Kazanka River and has much to explore from the Russian Orthodox church to several museums to Europe's biggest mosque. If you need snacks, there are many little shops and food stands (If you go in the summer, try Russian ice cream from one of the stands).
29.11.2015 Stas
The mosque in the middle of the modern Kremlin. A strange combination.
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