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Flooded Belfry in Kalyazin


The symbol of Kalyazin

Flooded Belfry 

The bell tower of the St. Nicholas Cathedral is the main sight of Kalyazin, Uglich reservoir flooded along with most of the old town shopping area, old Holy Trinity monastery, streets and settlements. Now it alone is reflected in the waters of the Volga, becoming a symbol of the Volga and the town of Kalyazin.

Flooded Belfry - фото 1

The Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Nikolo-Zhabenskiy convent was built in 1694, and the classic bell tower in five tiers and a height of 70 meters one hundred years later, in the years 1794-1800. The tower was built by the peasants of Colonel Vasily Ushakov, the owner of the village Nikitsky.

In 1930-th, according to the Volgostroy project, it was decided to arrange a power plant in the Volga water area, which planned to flood large areas of fields, meadows and along with them the settlements. The old town of Kalyazin was in a flood zone, the cathedral was demolished, the bell tower miraculously survived. After Uglich Reservoir has flooded the town, the bell tower decided not to disassemble and leave as a lighthouse.

Flooded Belfry - фото 2

By the beginning of the war the level of the reservoir has reached the project level and the base of the bell tower took a 7-meter layer of water, almost one and a half stories. Uglich HPP was built by prisoners. This HPP is the one fueled electricity to Moscow in the most difficult years of 1941-42.

In Soviet times, for the bell tower to the wall did not collapse, it has been diking - sprinkled on the ground around the building, so get a small island. Now the islet kursisruyut Pleasure boat with tourists, floating past the huge white mnogopalubnye liners. In winter, you can go to the bell tower on the ice. The reconstruction is not conducted.

Flooded Belfry - фото 3

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Flooded Belfry - photo 1Flooded Belfry - photo 2Flooded Belfry - photo 3Flooded Belfry - photo 4Flooded Belfry - photo 5Kalyazin`s belfryКолокольня собора Николая Чудотворца ("Like road, but without the beginning and the end, like to a temple, but only one belltower... Russia".)Kalyazin Flooded Bell TowerКолокольня на ВолгеЗатопленная Колокольня 3Калязин. Затопленная колокольняThe bell tower of Kalyazin storage pondКолокольня Никольского собораКолокольня...КалязинРадиотелескоп РТ-64 центра космической связиВид от Колокольни на спуск к ВолгеKalyazin towerКалязин, колокольня Никольского собораОколо колокольниKalyazinГород Калязин.Колокольня Никольского собора (1796-1800)

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12.10.2017 Tim
Must visit place around Moscow. The village was flooded while ago. Tower is on small island 100 meter away from shore.
13.01.2017 Mike
One of the couple of places that you can see in Kalyazin. In the summer there carry on Motorboats in the winter you can walk across the ice
12.11.2016 Mikhail
The only cultural site in the town. 15-20 mins is more than enough to explore and take a picture.
11.11.2016 Sergey
Of course the bell tower! From city left with virtually nothing, a few buildings of the 19th century, all next to the water tower. Before it was the center of the city, much as main street goes under the water. Friendly, honest people, I felt a bit tired from the hustle and bustle around. The road to Cascina requires attention, pits and potholes. To visit: definitely!
04.11.2016 Maksim
For the view of the bell tower protruding from the water should stop in Kalyazin. This is awesome, but more to watch the city nothing. In winter you can reach the bell on the ice.
26.07.2016 Alex
The bell tower is what allows the Oceans to stand out from many of the same cities. To restore it is not necessary, but to maintain in decent condition is necessary. All the legends and history - the additional flow of tourists, which can and should make money.
10.07.2016 Ivan
Not allowed inside, but without it swim does not particularly make sense. For the boat I want 500 p. you Can swim yourself, but only if a good swimmer — to paddle 200 meters.
You can kill two birds with one stone, taking with him an air mattress or some kind of crocodile )
 Not bad
21.06.2016 Yozhik
Tours do not take quite the view of one eye (binoculars for example). A story (about the Church, reservoir) read in Wikipedia. Pictures do not ppnl sailed
18.06.2016 Kirill
Beautiful and unusual, a mixture of power of religious institutions and technological progress.
16.05.2016 igor
Sad, depressed, in the city of nothing to do. Half an hour to the bell tower enough. Apparently the local authorities appeal depends.
Another thing Uglich! The town is neat and tidy, is something to see!
 Not bad
30.03.2016 Aleksey
The belfry of St. Nicholas Cathedral is not just a monument of history and architecture of the old Orthodox Russia, which disappeared under the yoke of the godless "dictatorship of the proletariat" and forever filled the silent waters of the Uglich reservoir, but truly a monument to the courage of the Russian people in opposition to "the Prince of this world". Many of us admire the political decisions tov. Stalin, who managed in the shortest possible time during the so-called industrialization to transform the country from agrarian to industrial, but at the sight of such towers and the widespread desolation of the old provincial towns on the banks of the Volga You will be shock and awe and, perhaps, You differently will be to assess the "achievements" of our Soviet past, which, unfortunately, always followed the loss of our national identity and true Russian culture.
06.03.2016 Anna
very impressive! and combined with the delicate colours of the sunset just eyes tear impossible ?
02.02.2016 Kraz
Very beautiful place
18.11.2015 Andrey
Nothing special. Near the shore of an island with a bell tower. Local excursions are offered by boat, but look again is nothing special.
17.11.2015 Sergey
Beautiful and quiet place, nice beach, where there is a break on the shore.
20.10.2015 Polina
I live in Kalyazin and want others to see this beauty??
18.08.2015 Elena
So it is nothing special. To see, to photograph. On the boat to the bell tower to come
23.07.2015 Nataliya
I live in kaliazin the Oia, the bell tower was cool there but in the city we so dirty horror : (
24.11.2014 Aleksey
On the ice prior to the Bell tower!
08.08.2014 Alexandra
The bell tower can be reached: offer certain routes. But you can negotiate just swimming back and a little walk. She to the entrance closed.
24.07.2014 K
Ride on the boat on three routes. 250R/person, 500 rubles/person, 750r/people are Different length. At the end of each visit, 10min by inspection of the bell tower. On the shores Souvenirs. Magnets 50- $ 100 for 1 PC.
12.06.2014 Timofey
The observation deck offers a stunning view
21.04.2014 Dmitriy
150/person. Beautiful! But horror as dirty ( broken bottles and all that jazz) and this year more and Volga left 50 meters
10.03.2014 Semyon
Come at night with fireworks
10.03.2014 Nastya
perhaps this is the only why you can stop in Kalyazin
07.01.2014 Mary
Very nice)) now you can by foot across the ice to go))
03.11.2013 Lilia
The bell tower survived due to the fact that she wanted to make a lighthouse. For the 250R. person ride on a motor boat around it.
22.09.2013 Svt
Ride on the boat, give jackets, that was not cold!
30.06.2013 Alex
Just to sit at sunset
08.06.2013 Sergey
10 minutes around the bell tower on the boat - 250 rubles per person
19.01.2013 Cosmo277
Here the most beautiful place in Kalyazin!
28.03.2012 Evgeny
In the winter you can save on the boat:) Captain obvious visited this place:)
12.02.2012 Olga
Finally managed to walk to the bell tower! Thank you frost :)
27.08.2011 Denis
Motorboat on the shore will bring you to the bell tower
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