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Flooded Belfry in Kalyazin


The symbol of Kalyazin

Flooded Belfry 

The bell tower of the St. Nicholas Cathedral is the main sight of Kalyazin, Uglich reservoir flooded along with most of the old town shopping area, old Holy Trinity monastery, streets and settlements. Now it alone is reflected in the waters of the Volga, becoming a symbol of the Volga and the town of Kalyazin.

Flooded Belfry - фото 1

The Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Nikolo-Zhabenskiy convent was built in 1694, and the classic bell tower in five tiers and a height of 70 meters one hundred years later, in the years 1794-1800. The tower was built by the peasants of Colonel Vasily Ushakov, the owner of the village Nikitsky.

In 1930-th, according to the Volgostroy project, it was decided to arrange a power plant in the Volga water area, which planned to flood large areas of fields, meadows and along with them the settlements. The old town of Kalyazin was in a flood zone, the cathedral was demolished, the bell tower miraculously survived. After Uglich Reservoir has flooded the town, the bell tower decided not to disassemble and leave as a lighthouse.

Flooded Belfry - фото 2

By the beginning of the war the level of the reservoir has reached the project level and the base of the bell tower took a 7-meter layer of water, almost one and a half stories. Uglich HPP was built by prisoners. This HPP is the one fueled electricity to Moscow in the most difficult years of 1941-42.

In Soviet times, for the bell tower to the wall did not collapse, it has been diking - sprinkled on the ground around the building, so get a small island. Now the islet kursisruyut Pleasure boat with tourists, floating past the huge white mnogopalubnye liners. In winter, you can go to the bell tower on the ice. The reconstruction is not conducted.

Flooded Belfry - фото 3

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