Чемпионат мира по футболу FIFA 2018

Weather in Volgograd now

-9 °C
Wind: north-east, 6 m/s
Humidity: 92 %
Pressure: 759 mm Hg
Average temperatures
March+8 °C-2 °C
April+21 °C+7 °C
May+29 °C+16 °C
June+32 °C+21 °C
July+36 °C+23 °C
August+35 °C+21 °C

Volgograd Arena


Volgograd Arena
Photo from Stadiumguide.com

Volgograd Arena is a football stadium in Volgograd, Russia which is under construction. The stadium is one of the venues for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It will also host FC Rotor Volgograd. It will have a capacity of 45,568 spectators.


The Stadium will be built on site of the demolished Central Stadium, at the foot of the Mamayev Kurgan memorial complex, near the Volga River. The previous stadium was built in 1958, on the site of a former oil depot. This area was undeveloped, occupied by randomly distributed low-value buildings, warehouses, barracks and ravines. To save money it was proposed to make the stadium a compact, single object, which consisted of the podium at the 40 thousand spectators, a sports arena of the Olympic sample and two large sports complex with 10 different gyms. The complex included a swimming pool and riding school which was not built due to lack of funds.

2018 FIFA World Cup

Date Time Team #1 Res. Team #2 Round Attendance June 18, 2018 G3 – G4 Group G June 22, 2018 D4 – D2 Group D June 25, 2018 A2 – A3 Group A June 28, 2018 H4 – H1 Group H

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Russland Wolga FlusskreuzfahrtVolgogradМамаев Курган- Родина зовёт!Russland Wolga FlusskreuzfahrtVolgograd-1Volgograd-7Volgograd 2Russland Wolga FlusskreuzfahrtRussland Wolga FlusskreuzfahrtVolgograd 3Volgograd-2Volgograd 4Russland Wolga FlusskreuzfahrtRussland Wolga FlusskreuzfahrtVolgograd-3Russland Wolga FlusskreuzfahrtRussland Wolga FlusskreuzfahrtRussland Wolga FlusskreuzfahrtRussland Wolga FlusskreuzfahrtRussland Wolga FlusskreuzfahrtVolgograd 5Russland Wolga FlusskreuzfahrtVolgograd-4Всехсвятская церковь на Мамаевом курганеЗал воинской славы на Мамаевом курганеRussland Wolga FlusskreuzfahrtVolgograd-9Volgograd-8Родина МатьIMG_9329т

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02.12.2017 Saber
We will come soon and we will breaker England 3-0. Good luck to Russia, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Saudi Arabia...........See you
29.11.2017 TJN
Wow so nice
28.10.2017 Mamunur
Looking so beautiful
07.08.2017 Azamat
waiting for the world Cup in 2018)
02.08.2017 Artem
The Coolest Stadium will be in Russia! And already dostraivat.
05.07.2017 Petra
The new football stadium for the Fed. Cup 2018 is already taking shape (as of July 2017).
06.06.2017 Sergey
Renovating... let's See what will be built, then the estimate in full.
25.05.2017 vlad
I fitter-worker. My team and I built the main facade of this stadium,which in its essence is unique. The largest cable-stayed roof in Russia and counterparts in Europe there.
09.05.2017 Sasha
Is protection from drones. Next to him on the quadcopter will not take off. Nice stadium, hope to have time to finish.
15.08.2014 Albert
The stadium is old school, sorry reconstruction.
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