Excursions in Barcelona

We walk through the most beautiful places of Barcelona
Price: 0 руб. Private
Duration: 2.5 hours
Barcelona-city with full of life. The city, which captures the spirit of the city that captivates with its beauty that enchants and unique. The town where you want to be photographed incessantly, remembering every moment of it. I suggest you Photo Tour (photowalk) to the most beautiful places of Barcelona and interestno. In which you will see not only the beauty of this fascinating city, but also become part of it. We begin our walk to the square. Catalunya. Walk on the most popular boulevard of La Rambla and plunge into its unique atmosphere. Be sure to find ourselves in a mysterious, but extremely beautiful Gothic quarter. King visited the Square and more. You can also choose a photo session in the Park Guell, Mount Munzhuik in any of your favorite places in Barcelona and around the city. Cardiac photos after our walk preserve and prolong the delightful, gentle and joyful moments you spent in this city. We can also advance to discuss not only the direction but also the theme, place and style of filming, if you have any special requests. Shortly after you get treated photowalk photos via file sharing or other convenient means of transferring your photos.