Average temperatures
March+24 °C+18 °C
April+25 °C+18 °C
May+30 °C+19 °C
June+31 °C+21 °C
July+34 °C+22 °C
August+35 °C+23 °C

Transfers to the hotel in Maspalomas from airport

Las Palmas Airport Gran Canaria → hotel00:2535 km from 49 $View
MicroMicro 49 $View
EconomyEconomy 49 $View
Minivan 4paxMinivan 4pax 51 $View
ComfortComfort 57 $View
Minibus 7paxMinibus 7pax 64 $View
Gran Canaria Port → hotel01:0065 km from 73 $View
EconomyEconomy 73 $View
MicroMicro 73 $View
Minivan 4paxMinivan 4pax 77 $View
ComfortComfort 88 $View
Minibus 7paxMinibus 7pax 95 $View