Weather in Lvov now

+4 °C
Wind: west, 3 m/s
Humidity: 55 %
Pressure: 756 mm Hg
Average temperatures
November+11 °C+4 °C
December+6 °C-1 °C
January+2 °C-4 °C
February+7 °C-3 °C
March+12 °C+2 °C
April+18 °C+8 °C

Excursions in Lviv

Lviv Fortifications
Price: 150 UAH Shared
Duration: 3 hours
We traditionally treat old Lviv as a gem of architecture. But medieval Lviv presented a powerful fortress. In spite of the further Lviv development and subsequent losses, many elements of old Lviv fortifications have survived. One could see the fragments of the city walls and ground ramparts, the picturesque Powder tower, armories, powerful fortifications of the abbeys around Lviv. Constructions adjoining the ancient walls of Lviv, in particular the towers of Latin and Armenian cathedrals, the Korniakt tower – also had the defensive significance. The core of the defensive system of the city in the 19th c. comprised the magnificent city citadel. All these survived and restored Lviv fortifications present an important element of the unique architectural ensemble of the Lviv city centre and are of great importance for the fans of military history, architecture and battlefield tours. The tours are provided for the individual groups. The price of the tour for the group of 3-6 persons - 400 Ukrainian hryvna (in case the tour provided in English).
The traces of Russian emperors in Lviv
Price: 150 UAH Shared
Duration: 3 hours
During it's long and complicated history Lviv belonged to different countries neighboring with the Ukraine. But, besides a few months during WW1, Lviv was never included into the borders of the Great Moscow principality or Russian empire. At the same time the city had intensive economic relations and played a significant role in the history of this neighboring state. During the tour, in addition to the most well-known Lviv objects You will see beautiful palaces, abbeys, churches associated with the remarkable history of Old Russia and it's key figures - tzars, emperors, ambassadors, politicians, generals, writers, artists, scientists. You will hear about the amazing interplay of political events and personal fortunes. The tours are provided for individual groups. Total price of the tour for the group of 3 - 6 persons - 400 Ukrainian hryvna (in case the tour provided in English).
Price: 300 UAH Private
Duration: 3 hours
Lviv downtown spoke primarily in Polish or German in the medieval period. Ukrainians usually settled in the suburbs. Nevertheless, even in those days "not many Ruthenians, but a lot of Rus" were in Lviv. City walls, the palaces of gentry and the houses of burghers, cathedrals and monasteries were built oftenly by the Ukrainian hands and under significant influence of Ukrainian artistic and religious traditions. The fortune - a cruel and fair - decided so, that even in the most difficult times for the Ukraine, Galicia and Lviv preserved Ukrainian culture, language and traditions. It is aware, visiting numerous churches of Lviv - encient, Ukrainian by the spirit and embodiment; examining beautiful buildings of Ukrainian Modern; admiring the rich and unique exhibits of Lviv artistic and memorial museums belonging to Ukrainian heritage. The tour is provided for the group of 2-6 persons. The price of the tour - 400 uah.
Tour around Lviv
Прокатимся сквозь все исторические эпохи города на велоколесах. 70% маршрута - в тени самых уютных парков города. Поужинаем этнической домашней кухней в казацкой слободе. Увидим развалины замка 13 в., австрийская цитадель, бывшие бордели и казино, чистые источники...
Price: 500 UAH Private
Duration: 3 hours
Эти вопросы помогут вам сделать хорошее описание экскурсии: Напишите о деталях - Каков маршрут экскурсии? Напишите о нем настолько подробно, чтобы турист понял, что он увидит во время тура. - Что вы будете делать на экскурсии? Сделайте описание привлекательным: - Почему ваша экскурсия интересна? - В чем разница между вашей экскурсией и похожими на нее другими? - Почему пойти на экскурсию с вами путешественнику будет интереснее, чем самому гулять по городу с печатным путеводителем?
Art-museum SALO (museum of pork fat)
Price: 50 UAH Shared
Duration: 1 hour
Tour with an audio guide that retells about each exhibit! It also includes a tasting of 12 species of pork fat + drink of your choice (vodka / beer / juice). Also, you can order a tasting of SALO separately. Museum-restaurant SALO ("Salo" - is the pork fat in Ukrainian) is unique in the world. You couldn't see the same nowhere else. Restaurant "SALO" - a museum of the famous Ukrainian product where you can see exhibitions of contemporary art, artists and painters, as well as the installation of the largest in the world "Heart from SALO", which, by the way, listed ​​in the book of records of Ukraine. Also you can visit the author's gift boutique and buy something to remember. Now in a museum an exhibition "Zlob-art" ("Redneck-art") from the legendary Ukrainian modernist Semesyuk, Kolyada, Mann and others. It's about the unique cultural phenomenon - Ukrainian Gopnik! "Semechki", redneck, culture and its absence, the legendary 90-th and 00-th - it is a must see!
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