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Kazan Cathedral in Saint Petersburg


Kazan Cathedral
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Kazan Cathedral or Kazanskiy Kafedralniy Sobor (Russian: Каза́нский кафедра́льный собо́р), also known as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan, is a cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church on the Nevsky Prospekt in Saint Petersburg. It is dedicated to Our Lady of Kazan, probably the most venerated icon in Russia.


The construction was started in 1801 and continued for ten years while being supervised by Alexander Sergeyevich Stroganov. Upon its completion in 1811, the new temple replaced the Church of Nativity of the Theotokos, which was disassembled when the Kazan Cathedral was consecrated.

It was modelled by Andrey Voronikhin after the St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. Some art historians assert that Emperor Paul intended to build a similar church on the other side of Nevsky Prospect that would mirror the Kazan Cathedral but his plans failed to materialize.[citation needed] Although the Russian Orthodox Church strongly disapproved of the plans to create a replica of a Catholic basilica in Russia's then capital, several courtiers supported Voronikhin's Empire Style design.

After Napoleon invaded Russia in 1812, and the commander-in-chief Mikhail Kutuzov asked Our Lady of Kazan for help, the church's purpose was to be altered. The Patriotic War over, the cathedral was perceived primarily as a memorial to the Russian victory against Napoleon. Kutuzov himself was interred in the cathedral in 1813; and Alexander Pushkin wrote celebrated lines meditating over his sepulchre. In 1815, keys to seventeen cities and eight fortresses were brought by the victorious Russian army from Europe and placed in the cathedral's sacristy. In 1837, Boris Orlovsky designed two bronze statues of Kutuzov and Barclay de Tolly in front of the cathedral.

In 1876, the Kazan demonstration, the first political demonstration in Russia, took place in front of the church. After the Russian Revolution of 1917, the cathedral was closed. In 1932 it was reopened as the pro-Marxist "Museum of the History of Religion and Atheism." Services were resumed in 1992, and four years later the cathedral was returned to the Russian Orthodox Church. Now it is the mother cathedral of the metropolis of St. Petersburg.

The cathedral's interior, with its numerous columns, echoes the exterior colonnade and is reminiscent of a palatial hall, being 69 metres in length and 62 metres in height. The interior features numerous sculptures and icons created by the best Russian artists of the day. A wrought iron grille separating the cathedral from a small square behind it is sometimes cited as one of the finest ever created.

The cathedral's huge bronze doors are one of three copies of the original doors of the Baptistry in Florence, Italy (the other two are in San Francisco and on the Baptistry itself).

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С Рождеством Христовым и Новым 2013 годом! Merry Christmas and Happy New 2013 Year!Inside the Kazansky cathedralKazan CathedralKazan CathedralКазанский соборЯ  Луч света - raggio di luce Санкт-Петербург.Kazan CathedralKazan CathedralКазанский собор. Kazansky cathedral.Санкт-Петербург. Казанский собор. Памятник М.И. КутузовуКолоннада Казанского собораКолоннада Казанского собораСАНКТ-ПЕТЕРБУРГ. Казанский собор (фрагмент). / Saint Petersburg.Double colonnade.kazan cathedral ( st petersburg)Rusia, S. Petersburgo, Catedral KasanКолоннада Казанского собора. Colonnade of Kazan Cathedral.Казанский соборКазанский соборKazan Cathedral through the columns, St.Petersburg RUSСанкт - Петербург 26. 07. 2008. kazaniya @Казанский соборСанкт - Петербург 26. 07. 2008. kazaniya @Санкт - Петербург 26. 07. 2008. kazaniya @Rusia, S. Petersburgo, Catedral KasanSan Pietroburgo, portici della Cattedrale della Madonna di KazanКазанский соборSan Petersburgo_2335 © (Foto_Seb)Rusia, S. Petersburgo, Catedral KasanВесенний ракурс :)Казанский соборМойкаСанкт - Петербург 26. 07. 2008. kazaniya @Outside columns of Kazan Cathedral, St.Petersburg RUSСАНКТ-ПЕТЕРБУРГ. Памятник Барклаю де Толли. / Saint Petersburg. Monument to Barclay de Tolly.купол Казанского собораСПб. Казанский соборCathedral of Our Lady of Kazan

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01.08.2016 Olga
25.07.2016 Ma
when you go inside the cathedral there is a spiritual atmosphere that it moves you , and you can be there for hours and think...
25.07.2016 Ma
Stunning!Beautiful architecture!You'll see some orthodox traditions,people go to light candles and pray.women don't have to cover their head to go in,but I think it's better to bring a scarf with you!
12.07.2016 Sergey
Majestic,acting Kazan Cathedral with its great Shrine of the Icon of Kazan mother of God!!!
10.07.2016 Ksenia
Beauty! Sorry that the columns are enclosed
08.07.2016 Alex
One of the most monumental and impressive structures in the city
06.07.2016 natalive
03.07.2016 Lizaveta
you should go inside! although he and outside majestic and beautiful.
15.06.2016 Valentin
The magnificent architecture! Everyone should see atleast once!
04.06.2016 Vika
02.06.2016 Reena
30.05.2016 Sergey
You can watch endlessly!
26.05.2016 Oleg
I love this place )))
19.05.2016 Tatiana
Unchanged. Majestic. Noble. No matter how many there are, inside or out, there is still a mystical feeling. Tourist friendly place.
16.05.2016 Anechka
Impressive place)
01.05.2016 Arthur
The biggest church of the city. Huge and impressive!
21.04.2016 Anna
Admission is free, photography is prohibited
11.04.2016 Natalie
Not too grandiose, but more comfortable and attractive.
28.03.2016 Neriyus
Such structures can never be given in the use of ROC. Great little square with a fountain. Next always surrounded Peter I and Catherine :)
16.03.2016 Asia
Majestic, beautiful Cathedral, free entry
10.03.2016 Andrey
I have long wanted to visit this place, not opisem beautiful.
08.03.2016 Yulya
The Wonderful Cathedral. My favorite ??
05.03.2016 Larisa
A Holy place!
04.03.2016 Lenochka
Always admire his greatness... go Past is not possible, you always want to hang around on the benches near the fountain)
29.02.2016 Maria
To service catch
20.02.2016 Ksenel
A beautiful creation. Holy place
20.02.2016 _Nataliya
A beautiful architectural monument, a beautiful view. However, the religious orientation of its spoils
14.02.2016 Vladimir
Lord, have mercy on us sinners! The Lord will forgive!
28.01.2016 Dona
Amazing. Must see and visit.
18.01.2016 Anastasia
Beautiful! And the acting. Christmas and holidays are very crowded, but worth it - excellent service, beautiful icons?? inside, I know "let the whole world wait"
08.01.2016 Lisa
as a believer, not a connoisseur of art will say, there is something to see, and most importantly where to sit and relax absolutely free
07.01.2016 Tanya
Beautiful ,tourists tip the entrance is free :)))
29.12.2015 Mike
In the walls of the Cathedral is the original icon of Kazan mother of God - our isalternate. Do not miss her and she will help You!
29.12.2015 Mike
One of the most beautiful monuments in St. Petersburg and my favorite Church. Beautiful at any time of the year, during the day and in any weather!
26.12.2015 Alexander
It is a Majestic Cathedral! Often the queue for the candles
15.11.2015 German
13.11.2015 Jorge
absolutely stunning!!! One of the most beautiful churches in the world
02.11.2015 Sasha
Cathedral city is incredibly huge. Favorite place!
20.09.2015 Larissa
Big central church, great architecture... Should be better taken care of
23.08.2015 Josh
Women don't have to cover their head to go in, but I think it is recommended. If you need a head scarf, you can pick one up outside for 150rub
13.08.2015 mhs
It a very beautiful cathedral where people still pray there. There are prople wearing Russian old custum in front who take picture with you for 300 Rubles!
03.07.2015 Katya
Majestic and mighty-the Kazan Cathedral,so it is worth a call,be sure to visit the observation deck and sit by the fountain.
14.06.2015 Alice
The majestic temple! Turn to the icon of big...
10.06.2015 Karina
Good highlight
05.05.2015 Mariya
These walls and ceilings can be admired for hours..
28.04.2015 Ong
Beautiful church & humble peoples
13.04.2015 veronika
This place is amazing! Incredibly beautiful and powerful Cathedral! Here is a copy of the Holy Plasticy
30.03.2015 Klava
Guys, for Kazan is the "perfect" Parking price 5000/hour, the tow truck ! ? Park here carefully ?
10.03.2015 Hisokak
Here you can see the shroud.
06.02.2015 Vitaly
Come back when service goes.
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