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Serednikovo Estate


One of the most famous places in Russia where Mikhail Lermontov lived

Serednikovo Estate 

Serednikovo Manor is a park and estate ensemble of the end XVIII— beginning of XIX century in the style of Russian classicism, is one of the most famous Lermontov places. the main part of the mansion complex began to be erected in 1775 during Senator Vsevolod Vsevolozhsky. A manor house with a belvedere, four two-storey wings joined to the main house with colonnades, greenhouses, horse and cattle yards were built. After the death of Vsevolzhsky estate resold several times.

In 1825 the estate was purchased by Dmitry A. Stolypin, the brother of the grandmother of Mikhail Lermontov Arsenyeva. The poet and his grandmother came for summer vacation in 1829-1832, here Lermontov met his first love. Here he wrote seven poems, two dramas and about a hundred poems.

In Soviet times the estate was nationalized. In 1925, in Serednikovo was opened a sanatorium for nervous patients. In the Autumn of 1941 near the manor house passed the turn of defence of Moscow; in the park are still traces of earthworks, the Germans failed to enter into the manor. In 1946, the manor housed a tuberculosis sanatorium "Mtsiry".

At the end of XX century the estate fell into disrepair. In 1992 year the estate was leased for 49 years of the Association "Lermontov heritage", headed by a relative of the poet along the lines of its cousin, also Mikhail Lermontov. There was a partial restoration of the manor complex. Restored interiors, cleared the park. The manor house can only be visited with a guided tour.

Near the central part of the mansion complex is the Church of St. Alexis. It was built in 1693 by the expense of Cherkassky, the owner of these lands.

Today the estate offers:

  • extensive excursion program
  • organizing and conducting holidays and celebrations
  • corporate events
  • birthdays
  • photography
  • active play

Nearby is Ghost town Piligrim Porto, which belongs to the estate Serednikovo.

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Усадьба СередниковоЗдание из комплекса конного двора усадьбыпаркпарк. сентябрьский вечерObelisk in the country estate "Serednikovo"Homestead Serednikovo ( Lermontov Home)Усадьба СередниковоCountry estate "Serednikovo"8 мартаУсадьба М. Ю. Лермонтова во Мцыри. Manor of M. Y. Lermontov in Mtsyri.Усадьба Середниково, 8 марта.СередникошкаMonument to Mikhail Lermontov by Anna Golubkina in the country estate "Serednikovo"Усадьба СередниковоПарк усадьбы СередниковоУсадьба СередниковоСередниково, скотный дворSerednikovoforest near  Serednikovo estateКомплекс конного двора усадьбы Середниково_1Усадьба Середниково - вид с парамоторавид на пруд от усадьбыMzyriусадьба Середняково , вид сбокуполукруглая колонадааллейкаПарк усадьбы Середниково

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29.11.2016 Rand
Love this place even if I can't say it's really must see. Anyway you can combine it with cinema town nearby.
16.10.2016 Cary
This is a beautiful Estate that is close to Moscow. Well worth a 1/2 day outing. Interesting history, original buildings and beautifully restored.
29.09.2016 Olga
I really like it I would like to go there ,but I live far away I'm very sorry I liked how the movie was filmed there a boarding school that was actually cool ))
08.09.2016 Yuriy
Incredibly beautiful historic miracle associated with such great people as Lermontov and Stolypin!
03.09.2016 Svetlana
Very nice, well maintained. Wonderful Park and pond.
30.08.2016 Di
Entrance 100 rubles, and nothing particularly interesting there! Better to go to the film location!
 Not bad
04.07.2016 polremont77
Beautiful manor house. A good, though small Park. A picturesque little pond. Cafe.
04.07.2016 Mariya
Very beautiful mansion, a good Park. Amazing guide!!!I recommend everyone to visit.
29.05.2016 Roman
The entrance to the Park is 75 a long way per person, children under 14 years stay free of charge
06.05.2016 Po6bI4
Very beautiful and cozy estate. If you want to understand Zen, then come on weekdays.
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