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Talashkino estate museum in Smolensk


At the beginning of XX century Talashkino was a notable artistic center. Famous people came here

Talashkino estate museum 

Talashkino - historical-artistic reserve, the centre of art crafts of the late XIX — early XX century. Fabulous mansion in the Smolensk region.


In 1893 Tenishevs acquired the estate at Princess Ekaterina Konstantinovna Svyatopolk-Chetvertinskaya, childhood friend of Maria Tenisheva. This house unfortunately has not survived, only regular park remains. Together with the former owner's estate, Princess Tenisheva did Talashkino center of the enlightenment and the revival of traditional folk art culture.

In 1894 Tenisheva bought from the bankrupt landowner Krasnyanskiy hamlet Floynovo, 2 kilometers from Talashkino to establish an agricultural school. The school has changed Floynovo in a kind of school campus with a fruit garden, a lake with a dam and baths. Teachers were invited. In addition to reading and writing were taught crafts: joinery, carving and painting on wood, metal embossing, ceramics, dyeing and embroidery. Music educators taught to play the balalaika and other folk instruments. For the creation of the orchestra was invited professional musician, graduate of St. Petersburg Conservatory, member of orchestra ща folk instruments V.  lidin.

Princess Tenisheva

Maria Tenisheva, organizer Talashkino art center, played a big role in Russian art of the late XIX — early XX century. Scope of activity is comparable to the work of S. I. Mamontov, who organized the Abramtsevo near Moscow. Maria Tenisheva had a great artistic taste, felt and loved art.

Tenisheva collected watercolors, objects of ancient art, studied painting and enamel, was familiar with the artists Repin, Vasnetsov, Vrubel, Roerich, Malyutin, Benoit, Nesterov, Korovin, Polenov, sculptor Trubetskoy, composers Andreev and Stravinsky, and many other great artists of that time. They stayed and worked in the estate of the Princess. They were invented drawings for a variety of paintings of balalaika, furniture and interiors. In carpentry, carved, embroidery and ceramic workshops were attracted more than 2,000 people from 50 villages. Since 1900 the workshops were led by the artist S. V. Malyutin, author of the painting is the first Russian nested dolls.

The Museum complex Talashkino - Flyonovo includes:

  • "Teremok" — wooden house, decorated with colorful carvings based on Russian folk tales. It is built in 1901 by architect and artist S. V. Malyutin in pseudo-Russian style. 

    "...The roof is beautifully raises over patterned window frames, painted in many colours; like the fantastic necklaces are full on dark logs are various ornaments: cornices, bas-reliefs, curls of monstrous flowers, strange swans with flowing tails, bast "sun", wavy strands all kinds of lace, stripes, stars, squares," wrote about "Teremok" critic S. K. Makovsky.

Фасад талашкинского Теремка

  • Church of the Descent of the Holy spirit in Floynovo built by joint project S. V. Malyutin, M. K. Tenisheva and I. Barshchevsky (1900-1905). From 1908 to 1914 N. K. Roerich worked on its decoration. Unfortunately, the paintings were lost, preserved only sketches of them, but we can admire the Roerich mosaic "Vernicle" on the facade.

Talashkino estate museum - фото 2

  • The school.

Talashkino estate museum - фото 3

  • Carved gates.

Talashkino estate museum - фото 4

  • The monument to Princess M. K. Tenisheva.

Talashkino estate museum - фото 5


Until 1914 Talashkino was a significant center of Russian artistic life. Products of Talashkino masters successfully sold not only in Russia but also in Paris, Berlin, Prague. The life-work of Tenisheva became part of Russian culture.

Phone.: (4812)36-15-05

By bus:

From Smolensk city bus No. 130 and No. 104 to the stop Talashkino.

By car:

С Минского шоссе свернуть на магистраль А-141 Смоленск-Рославль , Талашкино находится примерно в 18км. от Смоленска. После Талашкина будет указатель "Фленово 4". Дальше по указателям. В самом Талашкино можно не останавливаться, все музеи во Фленове.

From Minsk highway turn to road A-141 Smolensk-Roslavl, Talashkino is about 18km from Smolensk. Pass Talashkino, then there is a sign "Flyonovo 4". Do not stop in Talashkino, all museum are in Flyonovo.

The museum

  • open daily from 10.00 to 17.00,
  • the ticket office closes 30 minutes earlier
  • day off – Monday,
  • cleaning day - last Thursday of the month




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Talashkino estate museum - photo 1Фасад талашкинского ТеремкаTalashkino estate museum - photo 3Talashkino estate museum - photo 4Talashkino estate museum - photo 5Talashkino estate museum - photo 6Talashkino estate museum - photo 7Talashkino estate museum - photo 8Talashkino estate museum - photo 9Talashkino estate museum - photo 10Talashkino estate museum - photo 11Talashkino estate museum - photo 12Talashkino estate museum - photo 13Talashkino estate museum - photo 14Talashkino estate museum - photo 15Talashkino estate museum - photo 16Talashkino estate museum - photo 17Talashkino estate museum - photo 18Talashkino estate museum - photo 19Talashkino estate museum - photo 20Фленово. Церковь Святого Духа. Усыпальница князя В.Н.Тенишева. Художник Н.К.Рерих.Усадьба кн. Тенишевой. Теремок (1901 г.). The Manor of Prince Tenisheva.The Mansion (1901 ).ФленовоУсадьба кн. Тенишевой. Теремок (1901 г.). The Manor of Prince Tenisheva.The Mansion (1901 ).Церковь во имя Святого ДухаФленово. Сельская школа кн. М. К. Тенишевой. Flenovo. Rural school princess Tenisheva.Фленово. Храм Духа. Усыпальница князя В.Н.Тенишева.Фленово.Усадьба княгини М.К.Тенишевой. Теремок.ФлёновоХрам Святого ДухаХрам Святого ДухаЦерковьХрам Духа усыпальница князя В.Н.Тенишева. художник Н.К.Рерих 1900-1904 г.Теремок

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22.08.2017 Mihail
17.07.2017 Smol
Beautiful Temple, sorry that is not valid....
09.07.2017 Oleg
Can learn from M. K. Tenisheva our modern "wallets"! The concern about the future of the people and not their own short-term well-being.
09.07.2017 Samsung
Codeshare place. Gorgeous surroundings. Well raspolojen material of the Museum exhibition!!!
08.07.2017 Vadim
A unique Museum. Super exposure. Cows workers with the king in the pond daily bath, that milk was tasty. The school and scholarships to the peasants, the theatre and museums, a library and lectures on effective techniques of farming, beekeeping etc. In the factory kindergarten and school. And 70 years was one of ignorance. About today nothing to say.. many thanks to the employees for work with archives and exhibits.
28.06.2017 Oleg
Beautiful place
02.04.2017 Andrey
Mixed feelings. School for the peasants and landscape of the five points. The attics - the pseudo-Russian style. The structure called "the temple of the spirit" is irrelevant to Orthodoxy has not
 Not bad
26.03.2017 Mikhael
It is interesting to walk around, close to the city.
15.10.2016 Smol
Interesting and beautiful place)
Be sure to visit))
23.08.2016 Dmitry
Didn't expect it to be so interesting. First learned about Tenisheva. So much for the nobles... And crafts school, famous for including the world.
21.08.2016 Ivan
All is well
03.08.2016 Annncooper@mail.ru
Thanks to this place I learned about an interesting cheloveke - M. Tenisheva! The Church was closed for restoration (walls) on Their own - Smolensk bus station, ed.130 to Flenovo leaves at 9, 15, 17 hours. To drive 40-50 min To nearest.point - of Talashkino Smolensk ed.104 runs every 20-30 minutes, but to go to Flenovo really far! In Flenovo of the bus schedule there is! But you can ask about the nearest ed.a local, or ask the campers to give you a ride. Last Thursday of month - Sanitary day!
30.07.2016 Maksim
Interesting place, but the positive impression formed at first sight, immediately dissipates when I see the broken Windows and walls stained. And this is a historic building. The place looks like abandoned. I was in the winter, maybe in summer, then hurry up. Overall a very pleasant atmosphere of antiquity.
28.05.2016 RUSlan
08.03.2016 V.
Bow to M. K. Tenisheva a must Place to visit.
08.03.2016 V.
Inside is interesting, outside is nice.
08.12.2015 Aleksandr
16.10.2015 Grishin
A wonderful place where you can plunge into the world of the ancestors.
27.09.2015 Tatyana
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