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Kubinka Tank Museum


Kubinka Tank Museum 

One of the biggest museums in the world of armored vehicles and weapons. Founded in 1938 as the Museum of military vehicles. Military equipment is presented in 7 hangars:

Hangar 1: the Soviet heavy tanks and self-propelled guns;

Hangar 2: Soviet medium tanks and assault guns;

Hangar 3: Soviet light tanks, tracked armored personnel carriers, amphibious tanks and crank at their base, armoured vehicles and armament of airborne troops;

Hangar 4: Soviet armored vehicles, armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles.

Hangar 5: USA tech and UK

Hangar 6: armored vehicles of Nazi Germany

Hangar 7: armoured fighting vehicles of France, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Japan and China

There are unique exhibits: a super-heavy tank "mouse" (ger. "Maus"),

Kubinka Tank Museum - фото 1

600-mm self-propelled mortar "Karl" and "Object 279".

To get there: On the Minsk highway to Kubinka, turn around on the bridge, turn right at the tank-memorial

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Kubinka Tank Museum - photo 1Kubinka Tank Museum - photo 2ПБ-4танкtankmuseumКубинка. Танковый музейКубинка. Танковый музейтанкиКубинка. Танковый музейMilitary-historical museum of  armored vehicles and armament of Main auto-tank directorate of Defense ministry of Russian FederationChapel of Dmitry Donskoy in Tank Museum, May-2009Centurion Mk 3Панорама при входеМузей бронетанковой техникиПамятник танкистам (2008)Часовня Димитрия Донского (2008)

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Website: www.mbtvt.ru
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 10:00-17:00, Saturday, Sunday at 10:00-18:00


25.01.2018 snkparty1
No need to say anything. You come here and you worship. This is the place that you can show off to your friend for the rest of your life...
18.01.2018 Ab
I was there with some Russian friends. The place is pretty unique with so many tanks, hundreds I guess. There, are Russian, British, German and American tanks and more. They span about all of the 20th century. Some of them are used a lot in WW II movies. Nice to see them up close here. We spent about two hours here. There's also plenty of souvenirs to buy, a restaurant, toilets and abundant parking place.
24.12.2017 The
Tanks! Anyone who loves them has to go!!
01.12.2017 Dorian
Great museum with tanks in great condition. It is quite far so it takes some planning to visit it fro Moscow but it is worth it. The whole complex (with Patriot Park, shooting range etc) takes whole day to visit so take it into consideration.
23.08.2017 Andrey
One of the biggest tank museums in the western hemisphere. With many unique machines the museum will be breathtaking to all tank lovers.

Sadly the German pavilion had been recently relocated to another location, however the Maus and some other machines are still there.

Please note that nothing is in English (including people) and getting to this place on public transport might prove tricky. And well, the quality of everything is quite sketchy. Make sure you go with someone who speaks russian, otherwise these f***ers will scam you into paying three times the actual ticket price.

Ps, beware of cafeteria food
 Not bad
22.08.2017 Jing
Best tank exhibits in the world in terms of their collections. Out of the way though, and would recommend guide if you don't speak Russian.
06.07.2017 Samiul
Very rich in tanks but communication is very bad only by taxi and private cars
12.03.2017 A
one if the best tank museums in the world; mostly covers ww2 era and soviet vehicles
13.01.2017 Vladislav
Fantastic Museum for fans of armored vehicles. Many rare exhibits, which were previously only seen in documentary footage Chronicles Yes the pages of thematic books and magazines - and the existence of certain and did not know!
03.01.2017 Andrey
We liked it! The Parking lot is big, easy access. The Museum is interesting. There is a cafe.
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