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Khmelita - Estate of Griboyedov Family


Khmelita - Estate of Griboyedov Family 

Khmelita is the oldest manorial estate in Smolensk province, which survived until our days. Presumably the XVIII century. Known as the ancestral estate of Griboedovs. The famous playwright, composer and diplomat Alexander Griboyedov in childhood often spent summers at the home of his uncle A. F. Griboyedov, now in a family house is a Museum of Griboyedov. In the estate except stone manor house with four wings was a huge park with numerous alleys, flower gardens, stud farm, stables. In the house an extensive library, paintings, home theater. The favorites of the aristocratic society gathered to balls here.

The Khmelita miraculously spared and civil, and Domestic war. A fatal blow was inflicted on the estate in 1954. Here was a school, the collective farm office and warehouse. On the floor of the palace were dried linden bast. Because of neglect the palace was burnt down. Peasants dismantled burnt bricks for household needs.

In 1967, the famous restorer P. D. Baranovsky and his disciples V. E. Kulakov and M. M. Yermolaev has carried out a comprehensive restoration of the monument in the (alleged) original forms of the mid-eighteenth century.

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10.12.2016 Vitte
The guide tells really cool stories, well-kept Park and the beautiful frosty sunshine.
24.11.2016 Mihail
11.11.2016 Andrey
16.09.2014 Veronika
Griboyedov was here as a child several times. During the war the manor was looted, remained only walls. Now it is a Museum of aristocratic life.
27.08.2014 Galina
A beautiful mansion, but there is a feeling of neglect. The Park entrance is by ticket only 40 rubles, then in the ticket office sold a few Souvenirs. Not been to museums. It would be necessary to put everything in order and entice the tourists!
13.08.2014 Andrey
Running everything: the pond is not clean, the paths overgrown, the estate fell into disrepair. This place needs a host and a new approach
02.06.2013 Olga
For the General development it is useful to walk
08.05.2013 Caltrop
With a mind slightly dilapidated Museum
12.04.2012 Andrey
Near the estate there is a hotel with 10 rooms, located in the former cheese.
12.04.2012 Andrey
Very beautiful classic Russian estate with a large Park and lake.
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