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Museum-estate "Little Boat of Peter the Great" in Pereslavl-Zalessky


Museum-estate "Little Boat of Peter the Great" 

Museum-estate "Botik of Peter I" (Little boat of Peter the Great) is a museum in the village of Veskovo, on the hill Gremyach near Pereslavl where exposed Botik "Fortuna". A branch of Pereslavl Museum-reserve. Claims to be the oldest provincial Museum in Russia.

Amusing flotilla

In 1692, Peter I laid on the hill Gremyach near the village of Veskovo the shipyard, which built the rooks amusing flotilla to sail the Pleshcheyev lake.

The flotilla was launched on 1 may 1692. For this celebration came toy army, to greet the birth of the Russian fleet. Near the Palace, to the left, they staged a small rise, then putting their guns, themselves lined up in order of battle, and only waited for the first movement of a new fleet to meet him with a volley of weapons. Place, arranged them, from that time called "Gremyach", from the thunder of the guns, as they say, the villagers Veskova of which were fired during the descent of the flotilla in the lake.

The grounds of the Museum

The first provincial Museum was opened in the estate boat in 1803. In a deliberately built Boat house was erected, the only surviving ship of an amusing flotilla — boat "Fortuna", and around the anchors, rudders and masts from other ships. Honored guests at the ceremony were rich Pereslavl landowner S. P. Svin'in and Vladimir Governor I. M. Dolgorukov, who read their own poems on occasion. Description the opening ceremony contained in the Dolgorukov memoirs:

Early in the morning all the spiritual ranks and Archimandrite of the Nikitsky monastery are gathered in a rural Church near the city lake, and there before mass publicly read the decree of Peter the great about storage, it ships, and then sung by this great founder of the most extensive in Europe of the Kingdom of eternal memory. I was transported mentally over a hundred years ago, my imagination was in full swing, and my heart trembled with joy that brought me the Lord of all the worlds to fulfill this Patriotic enterprise. Spiritual ceremonies were followed by secular gratification and a great feast in tents. Glasses completed the feast, as usual, and the turned fun overall. The weather favored the occasion. The sun until evening its rays illuminated an inscription in gold letters on the pediment is inscribed: "Peter the 1st hard Pereslavl". Light waves of the lake, barely driven thin by the wind, ran to the shore of the Cape and Gremyachiy, washing the steps of the building, as if they worshipped the monument someone once wore.

In 1842 were erected near the stone barracks with the services for the premises of three sailors.

The opening of the monument

17 Aug 1850 Grand Dukes Nikolai and Mikhail Nikolaevich, during the passage through Pereslavl, when you see the remnants of the fleet, remaining in the village Vescovi, laid the first stones in the base of the monument to Peter I.

In the summer of 1852 was arranged arch. With its outer side — the inscription on the iron Board gilded with the words: "erected 1852"; on the inner side, to the boat, an inscription in Slavic letters: "the consecrated 1852 Aug 17 days." On top of this arch decoration from naval fittings.

The monument to Peter I designed by architect P. C., Campioni and opened on 17 August 1852. At the opening ceremony of a granite obelisk brought together people from Pereslavl and the surrounding villages, they came to visit from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Vladimir and other cities. The celebration was attended by the 4th battalion of Uglich Jaeger regiment and battery 2nd battery 16th artillery brigade, and from the Navy Department — adjutant Lieutenant Prince A. I. Golitsyn.

The monument is decorated with inscriptions:

  • (From Boat house) was Laid by Princes Grand Dukes Nikolai and Mikhail Nikolayevich, 1850, August 17, the review Ih Imperial Highnesses stored here ostatkov the former fleet of the Emperor Peter the 1st.
  • (From Pereslavl) Should vam Berechi the remains of ships, yachts and galleys, and Buda lower, shall be recovered on the VAS and on the descendants of vashay, thou slighted this Ordinance. Peter. In Pereslavl, unto the 7th day of Feb 1722.
  • (Lake side) Otkryty on August 17, 1852.
  • (West side), 1847, January 27-day of His Imperial Majesty the Sovereign Emperor Nikolai Pavlovich on Vladimir nobility expressed a desire and willingness to purchase purchase, Veskovo village deigned to honor the Highest nobility opinion: "that this act is worthy of the feelings of the nobility of Vladimir as His Majesty always understood it".

Assessment of the Soviet writer M. M. Prishvina, this monument — "a miserable marble paperweight".

Visit rulers

  • 17 Aug 1850 Grand Dukes Nikolai and Mikhail Nikolaevich laid the first stone in the base of the monument to Peter I in the estate of the boat, adjacent to the village of Veskovo.
  • August 13, 1858 the estate Botik was visited by the Emperor Alexander and Empress Maria Alexandrovna, Grand Duchess Maria and crown Prince Karl of Wurttemberg.
  • 23 may, 1913, Emperor Nicholas II visited the estate of a small boat in the village of Veskovo, Botik surveyed of Emperor Peter I, went down to the Pleshcheyev lake, and then "dine in the tea room of the manor".

White Palace

White Palace in the early XX century

White Palace founded in 1853 as a building for receptions, dinner parties, balls. The Palace was built on voluntary donations. That the house was not idle, Pereslavl nobles and merchants staged here pereslavskaya Assembly". In the summer here going fans of card games and dancing.

After the great October socialist revolution in the White Palace opened a geographical station of Moscow state University. In the years 1925-1926 here lived and worked the writer Mikhail Prishvin. In the late twenties in the house was visited by Kukryniksy. In 1937 there was opened a rest home for workers of Pereslavl factories.. In the years of the great Patriotic war the Palace was transferred from besieged Leningrad two orphanages. The fate of the besieged children, their life in the estate, Prishvin, who lived at the same time near the village Usolye (now part Kupanskoe) dedicated loop "tales of the Leningrad children" (another name - "the Stories about the beautiful mother").

The composition of the estate

  • the monument to Peter I (opened on 2 August 1992, the authors — sculptor A. D. groom, architect V. Sitnichenko)
  • the obelisk to Peter I (opened August 17, 1852)
  • Boat house
  • watch
  • rotunda
  • White Palace
  • Triumphal gate

Photo (33)

Ботик. Музей "Ботик Петра I". 1803 г.РотондаБотик. Белый дворец, 1853 гБотик. Музей "Ботик Петра I".  (дворовая сторона)Ботик. Ротонда (середина XIX века)пос. Ботик Памятник Петру ВеликомуБелый дворец Петра ПервогоAnchors - ЯкоряПетру ВеликомуБотный дом \ Botik MuseumЗдание Ботика Петра ПервогоБелый дворец \ The White PalaceБотный дом \ Botik MuseumВид на озер с  холма музея "Ботик Петра"Памятник Петру Великому на месте строительства первой флотилии \ Monument to Peter the Great on the site of construction of the first fleetКассовый павильон \ Ticket officeПетру ВеликомуПетру ВеликомуПетру ВеликомуМузей-усадьба "Ботик Петра I"Оружие флотаЯдрен батон и другое. Противокорабельная крылатая ракета П-5. Ракета 5В24 ЗРК С-125 «Нева». Ядерная баллистическая ракета подводных лодок Р-27. Музей "Ботик Петра I". Переславский р-н. Ярославская обл. Август 2013Озеро, БотикЗабытое оружие ВМФЭкспозиция ПВОPleshcheevo Lake (near Botik Museum)Переславль-Залесский.Вид на Плещеево озеро с БотикаОружие флотаБотик ПетраОружие флотакабинет Петра I

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