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This article is about the city in Thailand. For the province in northern Thailand, see Uttaradit Province.

The original name of Mueang district, Uttaradit, was Bang Pho. This district was under the control of Phi Chai district, Pitsanulok precinct. Later, it was established as Uttaradit Province and Bang Pho District became the capital district. It was changed to mueang district recently. The district is the seat of government and the center of economic activity of Uttaradit Province. Uttaradit is 483 km north of Bangkok.


The district is surrounded by the following districts:

  • North – Den Chai District (Phrae Province) and Tah Pla District.
  • East – Tah Pla and Thong San Khan districts.
  • South – Thong San Khan and Tron districts.
  • West – Lab Lae District.


In the past, Mueang District was called "Bang Pho Tah It". It grew rapidly due to its harbor for communication and trading. King Rama V ordered the capital moved from Phi Chai District to Muang District. Next, in the reign of King Rama VI, the king ordered the incorporation of Mueang District into Uttaradit Province.

Local administration

Mueang Uttaradit District has 18 sub-districts:

  • Mueang Uttaradit municipality includes all of Tah It District.
  • Baan Dhan Nah Kham municipality includes some of Baan Dhan Na Kham District.
  • Wang Ka Phee municipality includes all of Wang Ka Phee District.
  • Baan Koh municipality includes all of Baan Koh District.
  • Pha Juk municipality includes all of Pha Juk District.
  • Kung Ta Phao municipality includes all of Kung Ta Phao District.
  • Nam Rit municipality includes all of Nam Rit District.
  • Hard Kruad municipality includes all of Hard Kruad District.
  • Pha Sao municipality includes all of Pha Sao District.
  • Ngiew Ngam municipality includes all of Nigew Ngam District.
  • Baan Dhan Na Kham sub-municipality includes all outside Baan Dhan Na Kham District.
  • Wang Din sub-municipality includes all of Wang Din sub-district.
  • San Tor sub-municipality includes all of San Tor sub-district.
  • Hard Ngiew sub-municipality includes all of Hard Ngiew sub-district.
  • Khun Fang sub-municipality includes a of Khun Fang sub-district.
  • Tum Chalang sub-municipality includes all of Tum Chang sub-district.
  • Tar Sao municipality includes all of Tar Sao District.


Uttaradit is served by a station on the State Railway of Thailand. The nearest airport is at Phitsanulok.


The Wat Tha Thanon temple in Uttaradit is home to a historic Luang Phor Phet Buddha image dating back to the 13th century.

Tourist attractions

Photo (18)

Uttaradit in the CityUttaradit Municipal Fresh Food Market 2Uttaradit Municipal Fresh Food Market 3Uttaradit in the CityWat Thathanon Gate Uttaradit Railway Station Uttaradit Railway Station Uttaradit Railway StationUttaradit Railway StationMain Hall in UttaraditพระยาพิชัยดาบหักUttaradit street view Uttaradit street view Uttaradit: Market placeร้าน นีโอ พิซซ่าUttaradit City Hall, Uttaradit Thailand ศาลากลางจังหวัดอุตรดิตถ์Tha It,Muang Auttaradit,Uttaradit,ท่าอิฐ,อุตรดิตถ์อนุสาวรีย์พระยาพิชัยดาบหัก,สนามกีฬาพระยาพิชัยดาบหัก,อุตรดิตถ์,Uttaradit

Street view


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