Weather in Candripsh now

+14 °C
Wind: south-west, 1 m/s
Humidity: 76 %
Pressure: 757 mm Hg
Average temperatures
March+10 °C+1 °C
April+15 °C+4 °C
May+20 °C+10 °C
June+25 °C+16 °C
July+27 °C+17 °C
August+29 °C+16 °C




Gantiadi (Georgian: განთიადი [gɑntʰiɑdi] ( listen); Russian: Гантиади) or Tsandryphsh (Abkhaz: Цандрыҧшь; Russian: Цандрыпш), is an urban-type settlement on the Black Sea coast in Georgia, in the Gagra District of Abkhazia, 5 km from the Russian border.



Gantiadi in historical times, was known as Sauchi (Russian: Саучи). Then, until 1944 as Yermolov, after the Russian general Aleksey Petrovich Yermolov. From 1944 until 1991, the settlement was known as Gantiadi (Georgian: განთიადი, Russian: Гантиади), from the Georgian word for Dawn. After the 1992-93 war in Abkhazia, Gantiadi was renamed as Tsandrypsh by the de facto government, but the name Gantiadi is still used informally among Abkhazians and widely in other languages. The name Tsandrypsh derives from the princely family Tsanba.


Gantiadi is said to have been the historical capital of the principality of Saniga before the 6th century AD. It later became the capital of Sadzen.

Main sights

Tsandryphsh houses a 6th century Georgian Christian church. A personal residence of Joseph Stalin is also located here.[citation needed]

Tourist attractions

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Street view


05.08.2016 Natalya
A quiet place to relax. Beach with pebbles and clean water. Want fun and dancing, go to AMR at the beach. In all cafes to the score is added 10% of the check.
26.08.2014 Aleksandr
Large free beaches, sea, sun, and clean water.
08.06.2014 Aleksey
The name comes from Zanba -a feudal Lord who lived here , IPSI - estate.
30.08.2013 Ekaterina
Fast wi-fi. Delicious samsa and manti.
30.06.2013 Susanna
Elegant place to relax and get-togethers
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