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Assumption Church in Klin


The most ancient architectural monument of the Klin town

Assumption Church
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The exact time of construction is unknown. There is a legend that it was founded in 1572 in memory of residents who died at the hands of the guardsmen.

In the middle of the XVI century on this place was the convent of the Assumption, and the Church was a Cathedral temple of the monastery, which was abolished in 1761.

In the early 1960-ies the Church was set to be demolished. Moscow architects have made up the document for this according to which the monument supposedly rebuilt in the XIX century that is not valuable to the history. In 1963 by the request of Peter Baranovsky the monument was taken into account by architect Nikolay Sveshnikov. In 1963-1966 under his leadership, on the basis of scientific research of the monument, carried out the restoration, which mainly consisted of the release of the original items from the late veneer and the strengthening of structural elements. All lost original parts and components recovered from surviving tail sections.


The Church of the Assumption was a small domed structure on four corner pillars with arches. In the first half of the XIX century the Church was enlarged with a refectory and bell tower. At the same time the southern and Northern facades of the Church received a classical porticoes to the Western European style. The entire building made in a simple Provencal style. Over the dome put an extra neck with a small cupola.

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Клин. Церковь Успения пресвятой богородицы. Октябрь 2011г.Успенский соборKLINЗвонницаЧасовня Феодоровской иконы Божией Матери при мещанской богадельнеЗвонницаУспенский собор/Assumption CathedralКлин. Звонница Успенской церкви. Октябрь 2011г.ул.РабочаяКлин.Колокол звонницы Успенской церкви.Звонница

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Address: Papivina street, 16A


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The oldest Cathedral of the Wedge, now restaurerede.
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