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January-4 °C-12 °C
February0 °C-10 °C
March+3 °C-6 °C
April+12 °C+2 °C




Suzdal (Russian: Суздаль; IPA: [ˈsuzdəlʲ]) is a town and the administrative center of Suzdalsky District in Vladimir Oblast, Russia, located on the Kamenka River, 26 kilometers (16 mi) north of the city of Vladimir, the administrative center of the oblast. Population: 10,535 (2010 Census); 11,357 (2002 Census); 12,063 (1989 Census).


The history of the town dates back to at least the year 1024 For centuries it functioned as the capital of several Russian principalities. According to O.N.Trubachyov the name of the town comes from the old Slavic verb to create (съзьдати) which also means clay-built. It forms part of the Golden Ring. It was chartered in 1777.[citation needed]

After a decline in political importance, the town rose in prominence as a religious center with numerous monasteries and a remarkable ratio of churches to citizens: at one point, forty churches for four hundred families. Today, the town operates as an important tourist center, featuring many fine examples of old Russian architecture—most of them churches and monasteries. Walking through the town, one might get the feeling that every third building is a church. Although having over ten thousand residents, Suzdal still retains a rural look with streams and meadows everywhere and chicken and livestock a common sight on the streets, some of which remain unpaved. This juxtaposition of stunning medieval architecture with its pastoral setting lends Suzdal a picturesque charm and in the summer artists and easels are a common sight.


In March, the Suzdal tourist center is home to the Open Russian Festival of Animated Film. The Cathedral of the Nativity in Suzdal is one of the eight White Monuments of Vladimir and Suzdal, a World Heritage Site.


  • Wooden Church of St. Nicholas. This church was built in Glotovo in 1766 and was moved to Suzdal in 1960 to be part of a museum of wooden architecture. The church is elevated off the ground about a story high from when it was moved across the country. This church is made out of all wood and represents the close relationship between wood and stone architecture and how precise the Russians were while building this back in 1766.
Barns on stilts, the Museum of Wooden Masterpieces, Suzdal
  • St. John the Baptist Church. This church was built in 1720, at the same time that the St. Nicholas church was built, although the difference between the types of architecture of the two churches is quite remarkable. Whereas the St. Nicholas Church is all wooden, the St. John Church is made out of white plastered walls with wooden supports.
  • The St. Alexander Convent. This church was built in 1240 by an unknown architect. It is said that the princesses of Suzdal, Mariya and Agrippina, were buried here in the 14th century.
  • Convent of Intercession. The convent was founded in 1364. In its center stands the cathedral of the Intercession; it was an add-on built in 1518 financed by Moscow knaz (king) Basil The Third.. The interior of the cathedral has no paintings or stained glass, it is simply plain white stone walls all around. The church was and still is one of the richest convents in Russia. The convent is the home of many nuns and is also the burial vault for twenty nuns of noble birth. Connected to the white stoned wall cathedral is an art museum which can be toured. There are many paintings but none in the cathedral itself. This building is filled with arches and art created in the 16th and 17th century.
Convent of the Intercession

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Kremlin of church of NativityСтена Кремля Ночью Зимойcity of Suzdalcity of Suzdalcity of SuzdalSUZDAL. CremlinoSuzdalСуздальский Кремль.Архиерейские палатыСуздальский Кремль (Suzdal' Kremlin)SuzdalСуздальский Кремль (Suzdal' Kremlin)Kremlin of SuzdalSuzdal, KremlinРождественский соборСуздаль. Осень.Church of the NativityСоборная колокольня. Суздальский Кремль.Рождественский Собор Суздальского Кремля (Rojdestvenskyi Cathedral Of The Suzdal' Kremlin)Собор Рождества Пресвятой Богородицы в Кремле.Suzdal.Russia. Суздальский Кремль (Suzdal' Kremlin)House #23 on Kremlevskaya street►Суздаль. Никольская церковь (1766 г.) из села ГлотовоСоборная колокольня (1635).Суздольский Кремляsuzdal教堂内的古典风情►Суздаль. Архиерейские палаты Суздальского КремляPorchЛев на резных воротах. Собор Рождества Пресвятой Богородицы. Суздальский кремль. Суздаль. Владимирская обл. Август 2013.никольская церковьНикольская церковь \ Church of St. NicholasСуздаль. Деревянная Никольская церковьСуздаль. Колокольня рождественского собораForensic facial reconstruction of prince Yaroslav I the Wise by Mikhail GerasimovDutch type tiled stove in the Cross Chamber of Bishops Chambers of Suzdal KremlinDomes of Cathedral of the Nativity of the TheotokosIconostasis and dome of cathedral of the Nativity of the TheotokosCathedral of the Nativity in the KremlinСуздаль. Рождественский соборNear the Kremlin of Suzdal...Суздаль, вид на Кремль с Ильинского луга. Russia, Suzdal, panoramic view of the Suzdal Kremlin from the Ilinsky meadow.

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18.06.2017 Nina
Always a pleasure to visit for a short holiday. The mead (medovuha) is amazing!!!!! And prepared locally. Plus loads of churches and monasteries to see.
16.07.2016 Dmitriy
Quiet city. A lot of tourists) high-rise Buildings there. Entrance to almost all the temples and monasteries paid!
13.06.2016 Pavel
Let's just say, if you are an elderly tourist from China, then most likely you'll love it here.
10.05.2016 Natalya
Best Museum under the open sky in Russia
10.05.2016 Alexey
Mead hussar!
10.01.2016 Olga
Winter is magical and the people are nice and happy eyes and breathe and General
05.08.2015 Alexey
This is awesome... this would be day two or three here to stay
23.06.2015 Vladimir
Tale and no archies
03.02.2015 Aleksandra
The most favorite city of the Golden ring! Want to relax from the bustle and feel of the old days-go here! Mead,unspoiled ancient and wonderful nature with a lot of churches!
02.03.2014 Olka
Comrades illiterate tourists who call the city of Suzdal - Suzdal, burn in hell. Suzdal - masculine, don't believe me - believe me read.ru
19.01.2014 Olka
If you need a private guide, there is a pair of numbers: +79157799668 Valery or +79107766722 Irina. The main tourist office is in the center, Lenin str., 57, phone +74923120602.
19.01.2014 Olka
You can call the taxi by phone +74923121313, +74923120634, +74923120585 there to learn about the tariffs. On the cards of the tariffs inside the vehicles, they are inflated by 2-3 times.
08.01.2014 Umit
Gorgeous place. You can feel like in Russia literally. Must see!
04.01.2014 Evgeniy
A bunch of wooden houses and structures! This is great!
14.10.2013 ?Irina?
Come here for all Mead)
28.09.2013 Kirill
do not buy a Mead... not good... better to take from apiaries
28.08.2013 Pavel
There's an explanation for why such a concentration of churches? Why so many built?
07.07.2013 Evgeniy
"Suzdal" from Sanskrit - fertile land. The black soil around
07.06.2013 Foursquare
Suzdal is the administrative centre of the Suzdal district of Vladimir region. Situated on the river Kamenka, a tributary of the river Nerl, 26 km from Vladimir. The public 10 535 people. Founded around 999.
02.06.2013 Evgeniy
It is really a Paradise for photographer, and lover of the simple Russian food, Antiques, Mead, silence.
17.05.2013 Sergey
A wonderful city, a real atmosphere of the province of beginning of XIX century. You can Park almost anywhere, despite the signs. The roads are not so good. Mead competition.
05.04.2013 Ann
The wonderful city of churches)
02.03.2013 Julia
Provincial tiny gorodochek. Churches and cathedrals at every step as well as boots with candies and Mead! :)
02.02.2013 Evvvv
A great city,everywhere the atmosphere of antiquity and Russian spirit. The cafe is very tasty pancakes, Mead Umm... you Can shoot a crossbow, sleigh rides, admire the ancient temple) relax!
06.01.2013 Alexey
I think that the city clean the roads or what?
05.01.2013 Introozzo
A wonderful spiritual city in Russia, heart of the Orthodox believers, the whole city breathes the atmosphere of antiquity and piety
20.12.2012 Anya
Beautiful city. It is worth to visit all the places that you have enough time and also just to walk the streets. If you can eat at the monastery -impressions are very positive
29.09.2012 Vasiliy
About Mead. Just need to know where it should buy. A good Mead can try salmon and coffee. Real - in the refectory in the Christmas monastery.
27.02.2012 Anna
Don't buy the drink for retail space at street stalls - will spoil all impression of this wonderful beverage!
07.01.2012 Denis
Try sbiten! Yummy! Perfectly warm!
27.06.2011 Kirill
Spiritual place... a Paradise for a photographer :)) but Mead is not very...
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