Чемпионат мира по футболу FIFA 2018
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Stadium In Kaliningrad


The world Cup FIFA 2018

Stadium In Kaliningrad
Photo from www.crocusgroup.ru

Stadium in Kaliningrad is located on Oktyabrsky island in the center of Kaliningrad. The construction of the new stadium is scheduled for completion in 2017. A new arena will take 35 thousand spectators. The basis was taken the project of the sports complex "Allianz-Arena" Bavaria, which hosted the world Cup 2006.

The stadium will host on your lawn 4 matches. Game of the 2018 world Cup in Kaliningrad will be held:

  • 16 Jun
  • 22 Jun
  • 25 Jun
  • 28 Jun

After the end the 2018 world Cup arena will switch to the use of local team first division "Baltika". 10 thousand seats will be removed. Arena 25 thousand spectators is expected to hold matches and tournaments, including competitions in other sports.

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Street view


Как добраться до Стадиона Калининград

  • Автобус:   № 2, 5, 6, 24, 36 до ост. "ул.Театральная"
  • Маршрутное такси:   № 72 до ост. "ул.Театральная"
Address: Kaliningrad, Mira Ave., 8


05.08.2017 Yura
Cool stadium, I hope not to drown.
17.07.2017 Gennadiy
Very Grand building, especially in the vicinity.
13.07.2017 Nikolay
Nice, question, how long can stand for...
29.06.2017 Andrew
Monument cut. On one sand stole billions.
15.02.2017 Ilya
Gorgeous! So much sand I even the sea did not see!
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